Lowenstein Sandler offers a full suite of legal services, with more than 300 lawyers in five U.S. offices coast to coast. The firm works across various sectors, including consumer and retail, investment funds, life sciences, manufacturing, private clients, private equity, technology and media, and venture capital. Given its particular emphases on investment funds, life sciences, and technology, entrepreneurial-minded attorneys will thrive here. The firm also has a thriving pro bono practice through the Lowenstein Center for Public Inte...

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Lowenstein Sandler is seeking smart candidates with top grades who will fit with the firm’s culture. Associates describe Lowenstein Sandler’s atmosphere as collegial, supportive, and friendly. The firm offers plenty of opportunities to socialize—from happy hours to holiday events to lunches. Partners are respectful and generous with their time in giving associates guidance, and associates are impressed with the transparency provided by those at the top. As with any large firm, hours can be demanding at times, but overall, associates at Lowenstein Sandler feel they have exceptional flexibility to shape their schedules and work from home as needed. They are also pleased with the firm’s market-level salaries. The firm offers various wellness perks, including on-site gyms in some offi...

About the Firm

With more than 300 attorneys, Lowenstein Sandler is a full-service firm with five domestic offices. The firm boasts dozens of practices and is particularly well known for its work with investment funds and in the life sciences and technology areas.

East Coast Roots

Lowenstein Sandler was founded in Newark, New Jersey, in 1961 by five lawyers, including prominent New Jersey attorney Alan V. Lowenstein. Today, the firm is one of the biggest in New Jersey, with more than 180 lawyers located in the Garden State. In fact, the firm is among the top 30 in Vault’s Mid-Atlantic ranking. The firm’s New York office is just as robust with a similar headcount, and these two East Coast locations house more than 85 percent of the firm’s attorneys. But the firm’s other three offices in California, DC,...

Associate Reviews

  • “The atmosphere is very collegial and collaborative, lawyers are frequently socializing and there are plenty of firm-organized social opportunities, such as happy hours, dinners and other team-building events.”
  • “Friendly atmosphere with a nice amount of opportunity to socialize (both in the firm and outside the firm).  The firm hosts periodic parties in the office as well as events outside of the office.”
  • “Attorneys socialize both in and outside the firm on a regular basis. There is a daily afternoon "snacks" break where all firm personnel have a chance to interact.”
  • “The firm has a very warm and friendly culture, which I believe respects people's outside needs to a greater extent than what I've heard from friends at other firms. The firm organizes many social events for attorneys to socialize with each other across various practice groups and levels of experience.”
  • “The firm holds annual meetings to discuss, in detail, firm performance and sends periodic updates throughout the year.  Promotions, new hires, accomplishments, and practice group updates are announced about once a month.”
  • “Partners seem to care about the well-being of their associates. I see partners spend an incredible amount of time training junior associates, which I don't think is common in most firms. I feel that the partners are generally transparent about internal processes within the firm. We have a review twice a year and supervising attorneys provide meaningful feedback during these reviews to ensure you are on the right track.”
  • “Partners communicate and value the associates.  [They] ask for input and allow associates to take on substantial roles within the firm. Transparency is on point: feedback [is] given and strengths/weaknesses [are] provided in [a] clear manner.”
  • “Reviews are done twice a year. The responses are anonymous and the review is delivered by a partner to whom you are assigned. I think that they do a good job explaining the rationale for whatever feedback they are providing. And I think that most people at the firm (reviewers and reviewees) take the process seriously.”
  • “Lowenstein tries to be as flexible as possible, considering the inherent constraints of lawyering. Sometimes the work has to get done, and we work long hours, but usually we can set our own schedule, work from home often, and actually enjoy life.”
  • “Always very busy, but superiors are reasonable about assigning work—we work long hours when necessary and regular hours whenever possible.”
  • “Firm is flexible on where and when you can work so long as deadlines are met and you are accessible. Partners always encourage speaking up if given too little or too much work.”
  • “The hours are demanding and ensuring you hit billables along with other requirements takes commitment and balancing. That being said, I believe it to be better than most.”
  • “I am very happy with my salary and bonus compared to peer firms.”
  • “The salaries offered in NJ are far beyond what other firms or area employers offer for similar experience. I've been offered a number of different roles since I've been at LS and the salary/bonus combo is usually no better than 70 percent to 80 percent what I can expect to make here in a normal year.”
  • “Base pay is at market, which is great. Bonus may be lower than other larger firms, but I am less certain how that plays out over the course of several years. That said, the expectations on hours are relatively lower compared to the largest firms.”
  • “I feel they find the balance of giving difficult work but with resources to help you succeed. This allows you to grow and develop your skills without being too overwhelmed.”
  • “The work is appropriate for my level and I have had some unique experiences being responsible for matters at an early stage in my career. Partners here seek out opportunities for associates.”
  • “As a junior associate in the Corporate group, I am given the opportunity to draft a wide array of transactional documents and communicate with clients directly.”
  • “The work I have been assigned to date has overwhelmingly been substantive, challenging and meaningful. The partners I work with almost always take the time to explain the bigger picture of each transaction as well as take the time to walk me through my role.”
  • “The firm has fitness centers at the NY and NJ offices. I use the NY office's fitness center frequently. The firm also has incentives for individuals maintain healthier lifestyles (i.e., reimbursing individuals for expenses associated with weight loss, etc.).”
  • “A free hotline you can call for anonymous mental health counseling who will also act as a concierge and connect you with someone locally, if requested.”
  • “This is an area the firm is working on and is starting to create programs.”
  • “The partners at the firm seem genuinely interested [and] invested in the success of the associates. Many are happy to provide mentoring and there are firm programs to help you grow and mature in your career.”
  • “We participated in a week of training before beginning at the firm, and have a pretty robust peer-to-peer mentoring program (where the firm even reimburses for lunches you have with your mentor).”
  • “The firm hosts a tremendous number of CLEs across its practice groups. Moreover, they are quick to reimburse attorneys who elect to seek out CLE opportunities outside the firm. Mentorship occurs in formal and informal ways. As a first year, you are assigned two mentor type individuals (one is generally a mid-level associate and the other a partner). Depending on your practice group the formal mentorship can become a big part of your internal network or something that is really just on paper. In my personal experience, the opportunity for informal mentorship has been great as attorneys are generally very generous with their time.”
  • “The firm provides ample training, mentoring and sponsorship, both formally and informally. There are trainings with respect to substantive law, networking, soft skills, and CLEs.”
  • “I think that partner is a realistic goal for people. It's not an easy path, but it seems possible. I think that there are counsel and senior counsel type roles available as well, particularly for people with unique skill sets/practice areas. I'm in NJ and there are a number of companies in this area that seem very willing to hire from LS.”
  • “Promotion to partnership is realistic and I think those that deserve it have a good chance of making partner. We do have a ‘senior counsel’ non-partner role and a few people in that position. I think our firm is well-positioned to provide associates with opportunities to go in-house at clients and other companies. Everyone I know who has left has been able to go in-house.”
  • “Partnership is realistic, more realistic depending on group.  I'm not convinced big law life is for me, despite how happy I am with Lowenstein.  A ton of associates leave for in-house positions at our clients, usually pharma companies or financial companies.  We also have ties with the USAO, so that is another common exit move.”
  • “Highly committed to this work. It is highlighted by upper levels of management and new opportunities are presented often.”
  • “I have worked on assisting name changes for transgender individuals in NJ through TLDEF. I have also worked on the Rising Tide program with NYC to help startup businesses.”
  • “There are constantly pro bono opportunities at the firm. I helped research and edit a brief last month to help a child get asylum in the United States. I am about to start a brief advocating for the rights of a specific homeless population.”
  • “We have a dedicated pro bono partner, pro bono work counts towards bonus hours (but not the regular billable hours), and the firm is constantly publicizing its pro bono relationships and cases to the lawyers here.”
  • “I do not think you could find a place more receptive and effective at fosters diversity and promoting the diversity of ideas.”
  • “The firm has very active affinity and minority groups, such as the Women's Initiative Network, Diversity Leadership Network and LGBTQ+ Alliance Network, all of which discuss and address relevant issues with respect to minorities, [people with] disabilities, and other groups.”
  • “This is not a diverse industry, particularly at the top of the hierarchy, but you do see the recognition from the top that this is an issue and there are initiatives in place to address it at this firm.”

Why Work Here

Lowenstein Sandler is a national law firm with over 350 lawyers based in New York, Palo Alto, New Jersey, Utah, and Washington, D.C. The firm represents leaders in virtually every sector of the global economy, with particular emphasis on investment funds, life sciences, and technology. Recognized for its entrepreneurial spirit and high standard of client service, the firm is committed to the interests of its clients, colleagues, and communities.  

The firm’s practices areas include investment management, M&A, venture capital, bankruptcy, litigation, and insurance recovery. Lowenstein dedicates thousands of pro bono hours annually to matters concerning civil rights, criminal justice, housing, and immigration. Its leadership is committed to employees’ personal development, support, and mentorship and to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.

Getting Hired Here


  • “I think that LS is looking for people that are committed, smart, and genuinely decent to be around. The firm fosters a collegial atmosphere, and whether someone can get along with others is important. In addition, I think that in NJ, commitment to the area is important as well. We want people that want to be in Roseland.”
  • “The firm values fit on par with credentials. If you have an interview with the firm study the firm's principles and show an entrepreneurial spirit within the interview to align with the candidate that is going to stand out.”
  • “Strong focus on grades and sophisticated experience from prior firms. They do not hire just anyone, but personality and pragmatic approach are key as well.

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