Headquartered in Dallas, it’s no surprise the culture at Haynes Boone is as supportive and social as its Southern roots. With friendly colleagues and invested partners, associates get top-notch legal experience at a firm where they feel welcome.

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2022)

500 - 750


No. of Partners Named (2022)



Featured Rankings

Vault Law 100


No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2021)



No. of Summer Associates (2022)

58 total (32 2Ls; 26 1Ls)


Base Salary

1st year: $215,000

Vault Verdict

Haynes Boone embodies a Texas vibe, with a warm and friendly atmosphere that feels like a “small family.” The firm’s hiring process looks beyond law school and grades to find candidates who are nice, down-to-earth, and team players. Associates rave about the firm’s culture, describing it as “special” and filled with “fun” people who genuinely care about each other. Socializing might not be a top priority, but associates appreciate the firm’s deep respect for work-life balance. Partners invest deeply in associates, providing both substantive work and substantive feedback, and will go to bat for associates. Management is relatively transparent in most respects. Hours are normal for BigLaw, although the lack of a centralized assignment system means work is not always evenly distribut...

About the Firm

 From its roots in Dallas-area corporate securities law, Haynes Boone has expanded to 18 offices across the U.S. and abroad. Although much of its bread and butter remains with the Texas corporate scene, Haynes Boone has used its presence in Shanghai and Mexico City to profit from Chinese and Latin American energy deals and international trade. 

Like Teacher, Like Student

With $1,600 and a handful of small clients, Richard Haynes opened a solo law office in Dallas in 1964 while moonlighting as a securities law seminar teacher at Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law. Michael Boone joined Haynes’ office when he graduated in 1967, after impressing Haynes as a student in his classroom; the firm became Haynes and Boone, LLP three years later. Over the next few decades...

Associate Reviews

  • “Haynes Boone has a special culture that is marked by warmth and collegiality. Attorneys and staff take a genuine interest in each another's lives. People know their colleagues' spouses' names, how many kids they have, what kinds of pets they have, and where they live. Firm-sponsored social events are common, as are informal get-togethers outside of the office.”
  • “The firm's culture is very underrated in the market. For being a market-paying BigLaw firm, the entire firm has a collaborative approach and a group of lawyers who genuinely care about each other's well-being outside of the office. Weekend work is only expected when absolutely necessary, and each partner cares that their associates are taking their vacation time and resting during slower periods. The firm should get more recognition on its level of work-life balance. The Texas roots definitely have something to do with it. Partners do not apply pressure on associates, but rather serve as members of the team to work together to get assignments and deals completed.” 
  • “Everyone is very nice and actually friendly. It's not stuffy or pretentious. People are generally very warm and even fun.” 
  • “The firm feels like a small family. I interact with a few of my fellow associates outside of the office and other attorneys (partners, associates, etc.) are always happy to join if we have an unplanned happy hour or event.”

Why Work Here


After 44 years of success, our commitment to excellence remains our utmost priority.  We are built on a foundation of strength that enables us to continually be a top-tier law firm of international scope and global capabilities.


The scope of business is becoming increasingly focused on international corporate transactions, financing and partnerships.  Haynes and Boone maintains operating principals founded on teamwork, a healthy working environment and a strong work ethic, which allow us to seamlessly serve clients across time zones, borders and boundaries.

Diversity at Haynes and Boone, LLP

"OUR VISION OF SUCCESS Excellence in diversity and inclusion is a Haynes and Boone core value. We recruit the best and the brightest and seek to attract, retain, and promote individuals who reflect the global marketplace, our clients, and the communities we serve. We strive to create an environment in which each individual at every level has the opportunity to succeed professionally, regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, national origin, parental status, race, religion, sexual..."

Getting Hired Here


  • “I love how our firm does not preclude candidates just because they didn't go to certain law schools. We take a holistic approach towards our hiring that looks beyond grades (although candidates we hire tend to usually have stellar grades). The most important factors we look for are someone who is nice and willing to be a team player. The firm is full of nice people overall and any hire that could change that balance could be very toxic to the culture, so we are significantly keen to prioritize personality in our hiring efforts.” 
  • “The firm is looking for smart, down-to-earth people who work hard but also have a life outside of work. We are not looking to burn out associates, so anyone looking to bill insane hours need not apply. We value people for who they are. Fun and outgoing individuals will thrive at [HB]. Work experience is very valuable. The firm has a good pipeline at SMU, UT, and UVA. We would like to have a better pipeline at Wash U and Vandy. The firm provides training for those attorneys who are involved in the interview process.” 
  • “Good performance at a top law school or excellent performance at a mid-level law school or regional school is expected. But most of all, we're looking for people with good attitudes who are ready to learn and be a part of a team.” 
  • “The firm is broadening its recruiting process to attract top talent. The firm is not afraid to hire a student from a lower-ranked law school if they are a good fit with the culture.” 

Perks & Benefits