With more than 1,800 lawyers across 14 offices, Goodwin has established itself as a global legal name. The firm boasts particular strength in corporate law and real estate, among other areas. Candidates seeking a highly transparent firm that prioritizes associate development will likely feel at home at Goodwin.

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2022)

1.5K - 2K


No. of Partners Named (2021)



Featured Rankings

Vault Law 100


No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2022)



No. of Summer Associates (2022)

163 total (150 2Ls; 13 1Ls)


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Vault Verdict

The verdict is in: It’s good to be at Goodwin. Associates can’t speak highly enough about Goodwin’s culture, which they describe as welcoming, laid back, fun, collegial, social—you name it. Some of this can be attributed to the firm’s hiring criteria; while academics and work experience are important, interviewers also hone in on a candidate’s personality, interpersonal skills, and working style. As a result, the people at Goodwin genuinely like and respect each other, both in and outside of the office. The good feelings aren’t just among associates, who describe their relationships with partners in glowing terms. Goodwin partners are said to treat associates more like peers than subordinates, taking a deep interest in associate development and providing respectful feedback and su...

Firm's Response

Growth. Performance. Managing risk. Success in today’s high-tech economy means addressing increasingly complex issues faster and more efficiently amid rapid change. Making the right decisions in this environment requires strategic counsel from a legal advisor who not only knows how laws are evolving around the world, but also has a deep un...

About the Firm

Founded more than a century ago, Goodwin has grown to more than 1,800 lawyers in 14 offices throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The firm has adopted what it calls a “capital-meets-innovation platform” through which the firm advises both innovators and investors in the financial, private equity, real estate, technology, and life sciences industries.

Ethics First

In 1912, Harvard classmates Robert Goodwin and Joseph Procter ran into each other in the street and decided to start a law practice together, opening Goodwin & Procter later that year. Two years later, the founders helped a sardine packing company issue preferred stock but later discovered the company financials were fabricated. They took out a $30,000 loan to buy back all outstanding shares at face value and establis...

Associate Reviews


  • “Our culture is our pride. It's an important factor that drew me to the firm and its continued role in my day-to-day happiness cannot be overstated. My colleagues are genuinely good people with whom I enjoy interacting. I find that the people I work with care about my career and about me generally. The atmosphere is collegial. People treat others as human beings regardless of title.”
  • “My colleagues at Goodwin are fantastic to work with—friendly, relaxed, thoughtful, and smart. In a nutshell, Goodwin lawyers take their work very seriously, but do not take themselves too seriously. There are more than enough opportunities for lawyers to socialize together, through firm-planned and firm-sponsored events, but there is also no pressure to socialize outside of normal working hours. Everyone is very understanding towards those who prefer to go home to their families and maintain work-life boundaries.”
  • “We have innovative clients and I think that translates to the firm itself. Goodwin is very collegial, and suggestions as to how to innovate and improve are always well taken. It is a place where people are rightly proud to work, but I don't think there are many overly large egos here.” 
  • “Goodwin emphasizes the importance of its culture, and it's not just talk. People genuinely care about each other and Goodwin hires folks who will contribute to the firm's open and welcoming culture. As a lateral, I am so impressed with how down-to-earth the partners are, and how much they care about associate and staff wellbeing.”

Why Work Here

At Goodwin, we partner with our clients to practice law with integrity, ingenuity, agility, and ambition. Our 1,400 lawyers across the United States, Europe, and Asia excel at complex transactions, high-stakes litigation and world-class advisory services in the technology, life sciences, real estate, private equity, and financial industries. Our unique combination of deep experience serving both the innovators and investors in a rapidly changing, technology-driven economy sets us apart.

Diversity at Goodwin

"Goodwin is committed to promoting diversity in our firm and the legal profession, as well as fostering an inclusive environment in which each attorney and staff member has the opportunity to excel and thrive. Diversity and inclusion are core values at Goodwin, and we believe that they make us stronger as a firm, as a provider of legal services and as an employer. It's also a matter of justice. We believe that equity demands a diverse workforce and legal profession, and as the first AmLaw 100 law firm led by a woman, we have a lengthy track..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “We are looking for people who will be a good fit in our culture—someone who will work hard, be kind to others, and think creatively about solutions for clients. In my experience on the hiring committee, we have steadily widened our range of ‘target’ schools, and I wouldn't characterize Goodwin as primarily targeting Ivy League schools (or even T-14). That said, a candidate at a lower-ranking school really needs to show strong academic credentials, and pre-law school work experience is always a plus.”
  • “For lateral candidates, of course, the criteria are a bit different and focus on experience. For law school candidates, the firm considers traditional factors—though the interviewers are no longer provided the grades for candidates—such as law school,  grades, journal/moot court, clerkship, work experience, diversity, personality, etc. We use focused interviewing.” 
  • “I think Goodwin emphasizes personality, ability to learn, and willingness to work hard in its hiring decisions. Goodwin offers training and guidance for those who interview candidates.”
  • “The firm is looking for smart, humble, team players who want to work on cutting edge issues and can take ownership early.”