With its headquarters in Ohio, Frost Brown Todd serves clients from 15 offices across the U.S. Among its practice strengths are bankruptcy, corporate, environmental law, labor and employment, litigation, and real estate. The firm’s comprehensive list of practice areas extends into some unique niches like equine law, union avoidance and social media. Frost Brown Todd has a wide-ranging client list that includes finance firms, insurance companies, media firms and health care providers. Big-name clients have included...

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Total No. Attorneys (2022)

500 - 750


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Base Salary

Varies by office; see firm website for complete list of first year...


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About the Firm

Frost Brown Todd serves regional and international clients from its offices in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia. The firm houses more than 40 practice areas, from traditional departments such as litigation, government relations, and mergers and acquisitions, to more niche specialties, like cryptocurrency and data privacy.


In a 2000 "merger of equals," Louisville-based Brown Todd & Heyburn joined practices with Frost & Jacobs, a Cincinnati-based firm (which had served as a former home for Jerry Springer in his days as a lawyer.) The merger helped FBT become the first Midwest firm to land on the National Law Journal's rankings of the 100 largest law firms. (The firm has called ...

Diversity at Frost Brown Todd LLC

"Our Commitment • Finalized and communicated our firm-wide strategic plan, which contains specific goals that focus on diversity, including an increase in the number of diverse attorneys. • Employed a Director of Diversity & Inclusion since 2006, who has a billable requirement of zero, and reports our diversity metrics to our Executive Committee and to the entire membership quarterly. This ensures that the diversity goals in our strategic plan are visible and measured. • Hired a Diversity &..."

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