Attorney Development: Educational Programming

Fried Frank understands that the individual success and growth of its attorneys directly correlate to the overall performance of the Firm. As a result, the Firm supports all facets of attorney development through its Professional Development and Attorney Resources Departments.

Substantive and professional skills programs are offered on an ongoing basis with an additional focus on transition points in an attorney’s career path. For example, comprehensive orientation programs are held for summer associates and new associates. First-year associates receive foundational trainings throughout their first year at the Firm, and, mid-level and senior associates each attend two-day programs to develop skills they will need to successfully serve clients at their next career level. In addition, education at Fried Frank includes firm-wide, cross-departmental programs for attorneys of all levels to improve essential professional skills and department-specific training programs focused on substantive practice skills. Annually, we offer approximately 200 internal and external training programs.

We recognize that individuals often want access to educational material outside these formal training programs. For that reason, we also provide a variety of practice-specific and professional skills programs in an e-learning format that can be accessed whenever and wherever needed. 

Attorney Development: Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and coaching also are key elements for attorney development. The Fried Frank Partner Advisor Program provides a formal mentoring structure whereby partners can further provide the support and guidance associates need to maximize their potential. Participation in the Partner Advisor Program is open to all associates at the Firm. Shortly after starting at the Firm, first-year associates participate in partner-led mentoring circles and meet monthly to discuss chapters of books assigned by practice area. The Firm also offers an Associate Advisor Program through which associates mentor other associates. This program personalizes the Fried Frank experience for attorneys and provides them with ongoing support.

In addition to external coaching, the Firm also provides an internal advisor to assist with career development and planning.

Attorney Development: Feedback

Associates receive formal feedback through the Firm’s comprehensive annual review process.  Fried Frank believes everyone in the Firm needs feedback to continue to develop professionally and be at their very best. Therefore, partners also receive formal feedback on a regular basis from their peers and those they supervise.

Fellowship/Externship Opportunities

Fried Frank litigation associates have the opportunity to extern at Her Justice as staff attorneys in its New York headquarters. Her Justice is dedicated to providing legal services to low-income women and victims of domestic violence and other crimes and inequities in the areas of matrimonial, family, and immigration law. Participants can expect to garner significant litigation experience, including motion practice and trial practice, during the externship.

Fried Frank also offers two unique fellowship opportunities for select junior-level attorneys. Fellows spend two years working in Fried Frank’s litigation department, followed by two years with either the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. or the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Fried Frank fellows may have the opportunity to return to Fried Frank after their fellowships. All of our Fellows have pursued interesting and exciting legal careers, and several of our prior fellows can be found in high-level positions at LDF and MALDEF.


Fried Frank regularly makes secondment arrangements with clients under which associates are assigned to work in-house with a Firm client for anywhere from 4 to 12 months. This arrangement offers lawyers an extraordinary platform through which they can improve their legal skills, enhance their relationships with clients, and gain a new perspective on legal practice. Fried Frank associates have been seconded to a variety of institutions, ranging from premier investment banks to Fortune 100 companies.

Firm Involvement

Associates are encouraged to involve themselves in firm life. Associates may participate in a variety of different committees: Attorney Development, Associates, Technology, Associate Relations, and Diversity and Inclusion, as well as various employee resources groups.

Teamwork at Fried Frank

Fried Frank believes great teams are required to deliver excellence and client value. As a result, all firm personnel are provided learning and development opportunities. Business services professionals receive ongoing training and regular feedback.

Wellness at Fried Frank

The Firm has developed a Firm-wide wellness program, “Living Well at Fried Frank.” The program builds on the Firm’s current investment in wellness and incorporates a variety of new programs and offerings to support the Firm’s commitment to the ABA Wellness Pledge. Wellness initiatives will focus on Mind, Body, and Self: mental well-being, physical health, and work/life integration. This is both a top-down and a grass roots effort at Fried Frank. It takes all hands to maintain a thriving and healthy attorney and business services population.   

Reflected in our rankings as a top five firm in various categories related to attorney development, the Firm’s development programs prepare our attorneys and business services professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel both within and outside of the Firm.

Please reach out to the Firm’s Director of Professional Development ( with any questions concerning professional development at the Firm.