With an eye toward continuous growth, Fox Rothschild has been slowly expanding over the years. The firm has established itself in certain niche industries, including cannabis and media and entertainment. Associates looking for a firm to grow with long term should look no further than Fox Rothschild. Fox Rothschild is a well-established player in the business, corporate and securities, entertainment, intellectual property, labor and employment, employee benefits, real estate, creditors’ rights, litigation, and estates law fields. In add...

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Fox Rothschild is a collaborative firm, and associates feel the firm is invested in their development. Partners take their roles as mentors seriously and are open to associates’ questions and in building connections with the associates. There is a decent level of transparency at the firm—from firm finances to promotion—though some wish there had been more insight into certain decisions made during the pandemic. Hours can be unpredictable, but many find their workload to be manageable and appreciate the flexibility they have. Many wish compensation met the top of the market, but there is also a sense that the work-life balance afforded by the firm is a good trade-off. Associates are trusted with taking on more and more responsibility as they grow in their careers, and associates re...

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Fox Rothschild has grown to a 950-lawyer national law firm by attracting bright and creative attorneys and legal professionals who know how to deliver. We provide a national stage and equip our legal talent with the platform to nurture innovation and drive client success. Our clients—individuals, public and private companies, nonprofits, s...

About the Firm

With nearly 950 attorneys practicing across 27 offices coast to coast and serving clients in various industries, Fox Rothschild doesn’t put all of its eggs in one basket. And as the firm continues to grow, it is building an impressive client list along the way.

Hailing from the City of Brotherly Love

Fox Rothschild was founded in Philadelphia in 1907. Over the last decade, the firm has expanded to several new regions through mergers and lateral moves across the country, opening offices in Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, and elsewhere. In 2018, the firm welcomed 130 attorneys in six offices throughout the Southeast (North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia) through a merger with Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP—the largest combination to date in firm history. Fox Rothschild’...

Associate Reviews

  • Small office feel with BigLaw resources—everyone genuinely cares about my development as an attorney (as opposed to just seeing me as billable hours).”
  • The law firm is extremely professional, and I have found that almost every person makes an effort to interact with the utmost respect for one another. Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19 and remote working over the last year, the firm has made an immense effort to make everyone feel connected.”
  • Since COVID, there has been no in-person social events. However, lawyers and staffs have regularly met and socialized via WebEx. The day-to-day atmosphere is pretty relaxed.”
  • Hardworking, loyal, collaborative.”
  • The partners in my office are generally wonderful. The partners I have worked with are eager to teach and instruct, patient in answering questions, and seem genuinely interested in making me a better attorney. The associate/partner relationship in the firm is a good one, thanks in part to a strong Office Managing Partner, who finds it important to support associates and fosters opportunities for a good relationship between associates and partners.”
  • Partners treat associates as mentees and with respect. Partners reach out to associates to build connections and relationships. Firm is transparent in finances, internal promotion, and performance reviews. Management could have been more transparent on [COVID-related] austerity measures as they developed.”
  • Partners are very respectful of associates, both in day-to-day interactions and generally when it comes to associates' need to balance work with family/life obligations. The firm is reasonably transparent with decision-making and performance reviews. Reviews for senior associates are annual.”
  • In my own experience, I have had nothing but positive relationships with partners. Each partner that I have worked with has been a mentor to me in their own way. They are always open to questions and provide constructive feedback. …”
  • For a first year, I have a good work flow. The only difficulty is predicting day to day work flow.”
  • Work ebbs and flows. I probably work too much, but the bonus structure incentivizes more hours billed, and I feel I've been compensated fairly.”
  • Plenty of work and great flexibility in terms of where to work.”
  • I have had enough work since I started. When I do ask for more work, I always get it. I feel supported and that our billable hour requirement is reasonable.”
  • I believe I am compensated fairly and the bonus program offers a good incentive for those who work additional hours. I think the firm's compensation scale is probably lower than average for similarly sized firms, but the culture is also a bit more relaxed, which is a good and fair tradeoff, in my view.”
  • Salary is still under market which would be okay if billable requirement was less. The bonus structure is entirely based on hours billed and also under market. That said, the firm has taken steps to bring salaries up to market and has represented it will continue to do so over the course of this year.”
  • Compensation seems fair, but the bonus structure leaves room for improvement.
  • As a first/second year associate, I find that I am tasked primarily with research assignments which I find is a great opportunity for me to learn more about my practice area. But, the partners also make sure I receive the opportunities I want and have participated in drafting of substantive legal documents, investigations, and will be participating in a couple of trials by the end of the year. The variety of assignments keeps the job from becoming boring.”
  • Even as a second year, I am trusted with substantive work assignments, such as preparing ancillary documents for large M&A transactions. I am also entrusted with dealing with clients on a day-to-day corporate governance basis.”
  • Work is challenging and broad based. We work with large and small clients, which gives you the opportunity to grow as an attorney.”
  • I am given great autonomy.”
  • I thought the firm did a great job with the remote work environment, and they have been upgrading the firm's systems, which have led to significant improvements.”
  • The firm's technology is generally solid and working from home has been fairly seamless. We have an excellent staff of IT professionals.”
  • We can easily work from home, but there is no stipend. So, it can be costly to initially set up your at home work station.”
  • The firm pushes health and wellness incentives regularly. We use Vitality which rewards employees for eating healthy and exercising.”
  • The firm has a Fox Fit and Well program that promotes exercise, healthy sleeping patterns, and mental health. The firm also offers an opportunity to enroll in a similar program called Vitality which offers similar initiatives. Before COVID, the firm's Fox Fit and Well program also would offer healthy breakfasts once a month in the office.”
  • The firm seems to really care about associates' wellbeing during these difficult times. Partners regularly call to check in and make sure I'm doing well and feel supported. …”
  • Fox offers and requires several training programs within each practice area. There have been great opportunities taught in-house to only other Fox associates including a multi-day Transactional Bootcamp, teaching practical basics not learned in law school including how a deal works, negotiation, reading and editing contracts, etc. There are department specific training opportunities, again all offered in house. …”
  • First- and second-year Associates are paired with a mentor. We are asked to meet with mentors for about 50 hours a year and the firm even allocates a budget so that mentors and mentees have an opportunity to engage with each other outside of the workplace. The mentoring hours are considered, at least for the associates, as ‘billable’ provided that the associate has met his or her billing requirement for the year and this all factors into the billing bonus.”
  • We have regular in-house litigation training (via WebEx) and also mentoring program including diversity mentoring program.”
  • Promotion to partnership here seems like a realistic goal. Exit opportunities are excellent, as attorneys who leave land high-profile government positions or prestigious in-house jobs.”
  • The firm really invests in its associates and wants them to have a home at the firm. This is not a firm of burn out culture and attrition.”
  • I believe I am on track career wise. I would like to make partner one day but that is down the road. The partnership process is very transparent and the firm often holds meetings to discuss how to prepare as you get closer to applying.”
  • Up to 50 hours count toward billable target. Once [your] billable target is hit, [you] can count an additional 50 toward hours for bonus credit.”
  • My firm has a solid commitment to pro bono work. I typically have several pro bono cases involving children in the foster care system active at any one time.”
  • Pro bono work is encouraged and counts towards your billable requirement. Fox Minneapolis regularly staffs volunteer clinics that assist low income individuals with housing or conciliation court issues.”
  • “… I helped a small organization apply for tax-exempt status as a pro bono project.”
  • With its hire of a Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer and rollout of mentorship and recruitment programs aimed at diverse attorneys, I feel confident in saying that Fox is making an effort to be a welcoming place to diverse attorneys.”
  • Firm has emphasized hiring diverse candidates, including [via] its 1L fellowship program. Supports pro bono credit for work with the Black community.”
  • The firm offers bonus-hour credit for certain diversity-related initiatives. I'd like to see more recruitment, promotion, and retention of lawyers of color in particular, as well as women.”

Why Work Here

Diversity at Fox Rothschild LLP

"Fox Rothschild celebrates diversity in the workplace. Our attorneys and staff value the opportunity to work with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures and viewpoints. A diverse workplace makes us able to better understand our clients and enhances our workplace experience at the firm. As a leader in the legal and business community, we are proud of and committed to ensuring diversity and opportunity throughout all levels of the firm. In the delivery of legal services, we are able to bring all of our experience, culture, education and rich..."

Getting Hired Here

  • There is a good range of backgrounds that get hired by the firm; it's certainly not all Ivy League and equivalents, which I think makes the firm stronger.”
  • Candidates who excel will be entrepreneurs [and] individuals who have developed relationships in the industry of practice.”
  • Fox is seeking candidates of the highest caliber and its recruiting process is becoming increasingly selective. Candidates are typically in the top 10% of their class, have journal experience, and for lateral positions, have prior work experience from prestigious firms. The firm provides resources for associates who interview candidates, including useful information about the firm, the resumes and profiles of candidates, and interview guidelines.”
  • I think the firm is selective but they make their hiring decisions reasonably. While school and grades are important, they also take into consideration more practical indicators of success like previous work experience and personality.”
  • Why they are interested in the firm. The areas of law they are interested in. What they look for in a summer program.”
  • Why Fox? Why [this practice area]? Strength and weakness.”
  • We try to ask open ended questions and give candidates opportunities to highlight their analytical skills.”
  • Fox routinely acquires smaller firms though mergers and has it down to a science. There is a fully integrated training program for all laterals. Individual laterals are also given mentors to help them integrate.”
  • They are very good at giving laterals every opportunity to get integrated into the firm.”
  • Fox paired me with … a peer mentor as well as an informal network of partners who provide valuable guidance and are interested in my success.”

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