Foley & Lardner handles a wide range of business matters, and the majority of the firm’s major clients come from the automotive, energy, health care, life sciences, and technology fields. The firm is selective in who it brings aboard—maintaining the firm’s friendly culture is a must. Associates feel valued here, with willing partner mentors and an in-house attorney coach on standby to help with issues and career advice.

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Total No. Attorneys (2021)

1K - 1.5K


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Vault Law 100


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No. of Summer Associates (2021)

67 total (58 2Ls; 9 1Ls)


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Vault Verdict

Foley & Lardner is choosy—whether from a top national or regional school, candidates must demonstrate that they are personable, ready for a challenge, and genuinely interested in the firm. Foley takes pride in its close-knit culture where associates often form real friendships and partners treat them as valued colleagues. Broadly, the firm is transparent about finances, promotions, and compensation, but the finer details are fuzzy to some. Most associates have no qualms about the 1,950-hour billable requirement, but some complain about workload discrepancies between offices. Bonuses are only paid out to those who meet the billable target. The pay scale overall is below market, but—with some regional variation—most associates are satisfied with their compensation. Associate...

About the Firm

While Foley & Lardner handles a wide range of business matters, the majority of the firm’s major clients come from the automotive, energy, health care, life sciences, and technology fields. With an excellent Health Care practice and a client roster boasting such corporate staples as Harley-Davidson and Hewlett-Packard, Milwaukee’s best has grown into an international operation while maintaining local allegiances. 

Milwaukee Couldn’t Hold ‘Em 

Foley & Lardner was founded in 1842 in Milwaukee, when Asahel Finch and William Pitt Lynde opened shop before the lakeside city had even paved its roads. More than a century passed before the firm established a presence outside Wisconsin, creating a DC branch as it became the first Badger State firm to establish an office...

Associate Reviews

  • “The firm's culture is generally formal, but warm and friendly.”
  • “The office pre-COVID was a very social place, and Foley prided itself on an ‘open door’ policy. My colleagues were all open to questions when I was starting out, and [I] miss the day-to-day interaction. Litigators would regularly have happy hours after work that were well attended by associates.”
  • “It is a close-knit office culture within a specific office, but there are certainly opportunities to meet and develop relationships with attorneys in other offices.”
  • “I really love the associates I work with, many of whom have become some of my closest friends. I think Foley is a great place to make friends and be social if you want to, but it is never forced upon you. It is a good balance that I appreciate.”

Diversity at Foley & Lardner LLP

"At Foley & Lardner, we encourage attorneys and professional staff to appreciate the values of inclusion, belonging, and diversity, and to take action to improve how we relate to each other and the opportunities we can create for everyone. The talents and perspectives of a diverse team help Foley better understand the global marketplace, deliver innovative and quality legal solutions, and foster a vibrant and fulfilling professional environment for all employees. Diversity and inclusion is woven into the fabric of the firm and is manifested..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “Like many firms, Foley considers quality of law school and grades. However, what I found as a 2L interviewing and helping with recruitment now, [is that] we often look beyond those factors for a candidate that fits best with the culture of our office (eager to learn and ready to help colleagues).”
  • “[We look for] a very well-rounded individual who not only excels academically, but socially as well.”
  • “Our firm is very competitive when it comes to recruiting—you have to have pristine academics to get an interview. We are looking for the best and brightest to serve our clients. The firm has a strong contingent from Midwestern law schools, given our strong presence in the area. Still, regional offices tend to hire from law schools in their areas. Our firm does have training for interviewing new candidates.”
  • “I think the firm looks for people with excellent grades, who attended high-quality schools, and who are interesting people. The Milwaukee office hires from both T20 schools and schools like the University of Minnesota, the University of Wisconsin, and Marquette University.”

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