At just over 50 attorneys, Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery is an intellectual property firm with a global reach. Fitch Even clients hail from around the world and are a diverse bunch. Client include individuals, small business, start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, universities, hospitals, venture capital firms, and research institutions. Originating from the Windy City, the firm now has five offices coast-to-coast. The firm also has a strategic alliance with Wood IP LLC, a minority- and veteran-owned IP firm in Washington,...

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Fitch Even seeks candidates who they see succeeding at the firm long term—cultural fit is important, as are technical background and writing skills. Candidates should also be able to discuss their ties to the Chicago area. Lawyers at the firm are a social bunch, getting together for monthly social lunches in the firm’s Town Hall and spending time outside of work hours too. Partners are encouraging and invested in associate growth and success, and associates rave about transparency offered from the top. There is a billable-hours target of 1,900 hours, which associates feel is reasonable, and while hours can ebb and flow, associates appreciate the flexibility afforded them. While the firm embraces work-life balance, it doesn’t offer many formal wellness initiatives, which associates...

About the Firm

At just over 50 attorneys, Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery is an intellectual property firm with a global reach. Originating from the Windy City, the firm now has five offices coast-to-coast.

Chicago’s Oldest

Fitch Even was founded as a general practice firm in Chicago in 1859, making it the oldest continuously operating law firm in Chicago. Originally named Goodwin, Larned & Goodwin after its three founders, the firm underwent a series of name changes throughout the decades and landed on its current iteration in 1983. Today, the firm has expanded beyond its Chicago roots to set up shop in Washington, DC; San Diego; Los Angeles; and San Luis Obispo.

IP Experts in Every Industry

Fitch Even is an IP firm throu...

Associate Reviews

  • The firm has a very professional environment, but also strives to maintain a relaxed work environment. Each month, there is a social lunch where food is catered and attorneys can socialize in the ‘Town Hall’ (or eating area). Attorneys, and especially the associates, regularly gather informally for drinks after work either in the Town Hall or at a local establishment.”
  • Fitch Even has a great culture. Lawyers socialize every one or two weeks. The firm has social lunches every month and has social events for the holidays. Additionally, the attorneys will sometimes get together around 5/5:30 on Fridays and hang out.”
  • The firm has a growing group of young and ambitious associates. We socialize a couple of times a month. Hard work pays the greatest dividends at Fitch. There are ample opportunities for interesting and varied work, even as a new associate. The partners take a genuine interest in the associates. The [firm] holds social events once or twice a month and hosts a [holiday] party each year.”
  • The partners of the firm both individually and collectively treat associates very well. The firm is also transparent regarding performance, finances and promotion. Reviews are performed annually, by conference call, and are transparent.”
  • Formal reviews are yearly. There are informal meetings with your mentor periodically throughout the year. In general, I would say the partnership strives to be transparent, and works mindfully to treat the associates well.”
  • The partners really value the associates, their work, and their opinions. They ask if you have time before they assign you a project. They are very good about saying ‘thank you,’ telling you what you did well, and giving constructive criticism on how to improve. The firm will answer questions on the firm's performance and finances. The firm is clear on what it values regarding promotion and associate performance. Yearly reviews are conducted with the partners the associate works with. There are also informal reviews with an assigned mentor.”
  • The firm is very flexible regarding when and where attorneys work. The firm also provides adequate work to make billable targets.”
  • I think the number of hours worked is just right. There are periods where the firm is very busy and other periods where the firm is slow, just like anywhere else.”
  • The annual billing requirement is 1,900 hours. Generally, business development, training, marketing, and pro bono hours all factor into that requirement, but aren't weighted equivalent to normal billable hours.”
  • The salary is less than some peer firms, but overall, compared to the minimum billable requirement, and with the bonus for exceeding that requirement, the compensation is very good overall.”
  • I [feel] that the compensation was more than fair, even if slightly below market. The bonuses more than make up for it, and the billable-hour requirement isn't as insane as [at] BigLaw firms.”
  • Compensation is competitive. Bonuses are based on your billable hours, efficiency, and the effort and value you give to the firm.”
  • I primarily do work on patent preparation and prosecution matters, as well as clearance opinion work. The partners are very good about giving you work at your level. The partners often give me work that is challenging as a new associate, but are very willing to answer any questions and walk me through any issues I have in completing the tasks.”
  • I actually believe that I am assigned work more substantive than other attorneys I know at my level. I find the work both challenging and stimulating.”
  • I spend the majority of my time on substantive legal work that is interesting and appropriate and/or advanced for my level. I have drafted district court and court of appeal pleadings and motions, taken and defended depositions, and drafted settlement agreements.”
  • I believe this [is] one area that the firm could improve on.”
  • The firm promotes a work-life balance. They do not want to make attorneys work too much or burn out. …”
  • It would be nice to have a discount with some gyms in the area, but overall, the firm keeps people feeling mentally healthy. In particular, there is a meditation room, and it is pretty easy to work out if you want given the firm’s flexibility with hours (e.g., I can leave at 1 to work out, come back at 2 or 3, and work until 7 or 8 instead of working until 6).”
  • We are each assigned a mentor, and many partners will advise you in addition to that. We have a full-fledged training program with new courses every few weeks, and the firm recently sponsored a deposition workshop for us.”
  • The firm has an almost weekly patent prosecution training program for associates. The firm also has a litigation training program that meets about once a month for a couple hours. There is no shortage of training at this firm.”
  • The partners give opportunities to learn new skills and are open to questions. There is a formal training program, and the firm encourages associates to participate in other training opportunities.”
  • Promotion to partner is very realistic if you are hitting the minimum hour requirement and showing professional development. Most of the partners at the firm began working there after law school and have never left.”
  • Partner is definitely an option. If not, many alumni have gone on to work in-house for clients and other companies.”
  • Partnership is a realistic opportunity, and there is a place for senior associates. The firm provides valuable experiences that can be leveraged in-house or at other firms.”


  • The firm is open to pro bono work and some partners will talk about it occasionally, but it isn't really promoted by the firm.”
  • I believe they are committed to pro bono work; however, it could be more pronouncedly advocated.”
  • The women attorneys in the firm have lunch together about once a month and are really good at mentoring and supporting one another. There are women in leadership positions in the firm, and the firm has a good parental leave policy and good flexibility, which many of the attorneys (male and female) that have children take advantage of. The firm hires and is respectful to racial minorities, LGBTQ+ individuals, and individuals with disabilities.”
  • I think from my observation, I believe they try to be as diverse as they can.”

Getting Hired Here

  • The firm reviews applicants for those they believe would be a fit with the firm culture. The firm considers every summer associate or associate as an investment since they genuinely hope that each new hire will be with the firm for a very long time. Accordingly, they spend a lot of time and money training associates. Generally the firm hires from Chicago or Illinois law schools but not exclusively.”
  • The firm is looking [for] attorneys that have a strong technical background, excellent legal writing skills, and the ability to interact with clients. The firm often hires from Chicago Kent and the University of Illinois.”
  • “Nothing difficult or tricky. They more ask questions to see if you would be a good fit with the firm, i.e., are you a nice person that we want to work with for many years. Honestly, [in] my interviews they more explained what their areas of practice were and asked questions about my education and interests. No oddball or even classic interview questions like ‘Why should we hire you?’"
  • “[The firms asks,] Why do you want to be in Chicago? Do you have ties to Chicago?”
  • “I had a lot of relevant work experience. The questions were focused on that; the remainder of the questions seemed to focus on figuring out who I am as a person.”