Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery is an intellectual property firm with a global reach. Fitch Even clients hail from around the world and are a diverse bunch. Client include individuals, small business, start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, universities, hospitals, venture capital firms, and research institutions. Originating from the Windy City, the firm now has five offices coast-to-coast. The firm also has a strategic alliance with Wood IP LLC, a minority- and veteran-owned IP firm in Washington, DC. 

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2021)

1 - 50


No. of Partners Named (2021)



Featured Rankings

Top 150 Under 150


No. of Summer Associates (2021)

2 total (Both 2Ls)


Base Salary

Salary not disclosed.


No. of U.S. Offices


Vault Verdict

Fitch Even is looking for intelligence and an interest in intellectual property law, and has designed an interview process to ensure the best outcome for the firm and candidate. The firm makes regular efforts to promote socializing between attorneys, and has a friendly, collaborative environment day-to-day. Associates feel valued by partners, and transparency at the firm is excellent—the managing partner holds semi-annual meetings with associates to discuss firm issues. Formal training includes an intellectual property associate training program, a litigation skills course, and a deposition bootcamp, and associates are paired with mentors to help navigate firm life. Workloads are high enough to meet the billable-hour requirement, but overall reasonable, with flexibility on where a...

About the Firm

Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery is an intellectual property firm with a global reach. Originating in the Windy City, the firm has five offices coast-to-coast.

Chicago’s Oldest

Fitch Even was founded as a general practice firm in Chicago in 1859, making it the oldest continuously operating law firm in Chicago. Originally named Goodwin, Larned & Goodwin after its three founders, the firm underwent a series of name changes throughout the decades and landed on its current iteration in 1983. Today, the firm has expanded beyond its Chicago roots to set up shop in Washington, DC; San Diego; Los Angeles; and San Luis Obispo.

IP Experts in Every Industry

Fitch Even is an IP firm through-and-though, with practice area...

Associate Reviews

  • “The firm's culture is a very friendly environment established by the firm's collaborative mindset.”
  • “There were social events almost every week, usually with a happy hour with games of some sort for those who wanted to participate. The day-to-day atmosphere was very friendly and collaborative. Everyone is willing to answer a question someone has or help out to their best ability. The staff work very well with attorneys, it is very seamless.”
  • “I find the partners at Fitch to be very helpful and welcoming. The firm hosts a number of annual events for associates and attorneys generally which help with socializing. Generally, even outside of our firm-sponsored events, the associates frequently like to get together on their own. The staff is always very friendly and willing to help, and I have great relationships with all staff members I work alongside.”
  • “Interaction has been challenging throughout COVID; however, the firm has made efforts for us to get together over the internet. Interaction with partners is pleasant.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “As part of the firm's recruiting committee, I believe we are very competitive in getting the best possible candidates. We value all types of candidates, but especially look for intelligent individuals that would work well with our team, even if their grades may not reflect that. We value diversity very highly, and have had some great, receptive comments from interviewees about how they appreciate our dedication to diversity. We have an entire process in place and sample questions for people interviewing candidates including information about diversity, inclusion, and questions to avoid that could introduce unconscious bias. We get a large number of candidates from the University of Illinois and Chicago-Kent. We have established guidelines and forms throughout the interview process to ensure candidates are fairly considered and evaluated by a number of Fitch Even attorneys.”
  • “The firm has a good number of people from Chicago Kent (myself included); however, Chicago Kent focuses on IP. The firm is looking for a hard worker that is very good at communicating and very collaborative.”
  • “I believe the firm looks for experience, personality, and potential.”