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  • “The firm culture is exactly what I would want. While a large firm, the day-to-day activities and structure are predominantly left to the practice group. This provides flexibility that one would only expect with a smaller firm. The lawyers and staff are great together. The office is professional and a great environment in which to work, with a number of events and sponsored activities that one can attend when scheduling permits. It is an ideal atmosphere.”
  • “Colleagues are cordial and interested in hearing about an associate's life outside of work. There is an easygoing culture that provides a good balance. Partners are understanding of staff needs, especially dealing with the pandemic.”
  • “The firm, to its credit, has been wonderful during the pandemic. I had calls from one or two partners just to check in as part of a firm program. Various Zooms, family Zoom events (a magician for one), and desk happy hours were part of our life over the last two years. Separately, I truly do work with some of the nicest, kindest people, and enjoy my coworkers very much.”
  • “I am proud of my firm for pushing the partners to organize gatherings. There are at least two gatherings that are set in my calendar already, organized by the partners for the simple task of just having a corporate group gathering to relax and chat. It has brought many of us closer and kept everyone in the loop with our projects.”

Diversity at Dentons

"Commitment to diversity and inclusion is a key element of Dentons' strategic plan, and central to who we are and what we do. We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to the success and strength of our Firm and the quality of our advice to, and representation of, our clients. We are committed to being the leader in diversity and inclusion within our Firm, the legal profession and the communities we serve. We have established a cross-office, cross-disciplinary Diversity and Inclusion Committee whose primary focus is..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “The most important factor is a willingness to learn. New hires, particularly at the junior level, are not expected to have substantive practice area-specific experience or knowledge prior to joining. We are very open to ‘less traditional’ career path hires as well.”
  • “Typically, new associates are hired through the on-campus recruiting process, via the summer associate program. This requires applicants to be high-ranking in their class, participate in a journal, and otherwise show initiative through extracurricular activities. Prior work experience also seems to be preferred.”
  • “I believe the firm is competitive and also looks for hires with a diverse array of experiences. The firm hires from law schools around the country.”