Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2021)

1 - 50


Featured Rankings

Top 150 Under 150


No. of Summer Associates (2020)



Base Salary

1st year: $150,000


No. of U.S. Offices



No. of International Offices


Vault Verdict

About the Firm

Associate Reviews

  • “Very familial atmosphere. Many people eat lunch together and there are occasional happy hours. The firm holiday party and summer events are always very enjoyable.”
  • “I have always been treated as a respected professional. From early on in my career, I have been expected to substantively contribute to the firm's work, and my input has been valued. There is less hierarchy than I had expected—good ideas and good work are valued and used from where they originate. The members of the firm all get along well. There are several firm-sponsored events throughout the year, including a number during the summer with our summer clerks.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The hiring process is quite competitive. The firm looks for outstanding candidates from top-tier schools. However, excellent candidates from lower-ranked schools are also considered. Technical backgrounds and personal skills are two of the most important attributes the firm considers.”
  • “Our firm values strong academic credentials, a strong scientific and technical background, and people who are personable and will be good team players.”
  • “Once a candidate is selected for an interview, the process is largely about making sure the fit is right for both sides. Interviewers will often try to gauge how well a candidate can communicate past research or technical material.”