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Associate Reviews

  • “The firm isn't pretentious. Of course, there are personalities to navigate (as always), but on the whole, lawyers and staff interact freely and easily with each other.”
  • “Open-door policy at all levels. Associates get along well and work together (not against one another).”
  • “Associates get along well organically—there is never competition or jockeying among the group for more work, favor, and/or accolades. The partners encourage an open and social atmosphere at the office by maintaining a real ‘open-door’ policy.”
  • “Very pleasant group of people from diverse backgrounds. Lawyers and staff all get along well and enjoy spending time with each other.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “A successful attorney at BSP is an overachieving self-starter with excellent grades. I wouldn't say we have ‘feeder schools,’ but we do have a lot of U of M law graduates at the firm. That said, we do actively look to other states/schools to ensure diverse, high-quality candidates at every level. BSP looks at the person, not the situation—meaning, if we find an excellent candidate, we make room.”
  • “The firm views prior clerkships, law school attended, and personality as key factors in hiring decisions.”

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