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750 - 1K


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67 total (54 2Ls; 13 1Ls)


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  • “The firm as a whole has a very collegial and social culture. Weekly in office happy hours, catered events and more encourage socializing. My group genuinely enjoys working together and we get together for team dinners and other activities outside of the office. Despite this, I never feel pressured to attend social outings.”
  • “Lawyer and staff interactions are incredibly friendly.”
  • “Extremely collegial for BigLaw.  Every associate is treated like a colleague, not like a subordinate, by partners and senior associates.”
  • “The culture here is excellent. It seems that people are adept at maintaining a healthy balance of niceness and professionalism.”

Diversity at Alston & Bird

"Diversity is a core value of Alston & Bird LLP and part of the firm's strategic plan. We believe that a diverse law firm is critical to providing the quality of legal services that our clients expect, to preserving our core values, and to nurturing our rich culture. We take this commitment to diversity and inclusion very seriously. Our culture is enhanced through diversity of not only race, gender, and ethnicity, but includes members of the LGBTQ+ community, generational differences, cultural differences, and talented..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm has high standards for hiring, both in terms of academics and experience as well as an applicant's ability to work well with others.”
  • “[The firm is] really focused on enthusiasm, personality fit, and [your] potential to stay. They want someone who will make a good part of the team, both work-wise and personality-wise.”
  • “... Obviously good grades are needed, but then I've heard very positive things about all sorts of different candidates, particularly about those with past work experience before law school and college athletes. We tend to be drawn to very sociable people who are genuine and easy to converse with. We look for people who want to be in [their chosen city] and have clearly done some research to show why they are interested in A&B specifically. …”