AmFam is a Fortune 500 company that provides life, home, auto, health, property, and casualty insurance. Its mission is help its customers fulfil their dreams. AmFam is a top employer for LGBTQ+ equity, and 33 percent of its board members are women. It’s won several awards for its environment stewardship, and its team annually spends thousands of hours volunteering. AmFAm offers impactful careers such as finance, marketing, data science, and IT.

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American Family Mutual Insurance Company (AMFAM) doesn’t just have the moment in mind. When providing coverage on home, auto, and more, AMFAM is thinking about the future. AMFAM is thinking about clients’ dreams, and how providing insurance that can assure security in a moment of uncertainty is crucial for clients who are striving for big dreams and better futures. AMFAM offers its coverage through many different subsidiaries and programs, including the American Family Life Insurance Company, American Family Brokerage Inc., The Main Street America Group, and many more. Through each of these groups, AMFAM provides affordable and accessible auto, home, life, renters, business, and farm and ranch insurance, as well as financial services to provide a stable present that leads to a brighter future.

AMFAM’s focus on the future is clear i...

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