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501-1,000 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Value, Pricing, & Access Strategy


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Boston, MA (HQ)


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Emily Healey - Talent Acquisition Director

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Employee Reviews

  • “An always-expanding firm that focuses on providing value for clients and employees alike.”
  • “Dedication to bulletproof analyses and strategic insight. ‘Good enough’ is never enough—we always strive for excellence, and that keeps our clients coming back.”
  • “I would say that if you're truly interested in working on the most pressing global challenges in the life science space and want to be surrounded by intelligent, positive colleagues, jump right in! Do your due diligence while recruiting and choose where your interests align most, of course, but I really don't see any discouraging factors for Putnam.”
  • “Putnam has cultivated a sustainable internal culture conducive to performing high impact work in the healthcare/biopharma space while also growing and developing their employees in their own career paths.”
  • “Putnam is a great place to begin your career, with opportunities for significant managing experience and growth within your first few years which few competitors can match. They provide opportunities for mentorship at all levels and develop and promote employees internally making Putnam a long term career option for those who want to pursue consulting long term.”

Why Work Here

Putnam is a premier strategy consulting firm serving biopharmaceutical, diagnostics, medtech, and private equity / venture capital clients. For over 30 years, we have provided objective, high impact strategic advice and analytical services, helping to support clients in crucial business decisions at all stages of the product and franchise lifecycle. We are proudly part of Inizio Advisory, an ecosystem of healthcare advisory businesses offering the finest depth of expertise you need, all under one roof.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Firm interviews through several rounds. Usually you'll know if you passed a round within a week. Interview can be either a case study or a fit interview, or potentially a mix of both. You may have one or two interviewers at a time.”
  • “The interview process seeks to identify individuals who come from a wide range of backgrounds (not just the life sciences, if anything it's more diverse than other companies I have heard of that look for specific majors), and a key part is finding individuals who would fit and contribute to company culture. The first-round interview is made up of behavioral questions and a practice case, which is what the final round is like, just more in depth. I really enjoyed the interview process and it was important to me that Putnam asked a lot of behavioral questions. In my opinion this meant they were interested in identifying not only smart people, but people whose values align with the company.”
  • “Ideal candidate should be interested in healthcare, and should not be looking to make a quick exit to medical school. Callback process is not entirely regulated, but recruiting is attempting to streamline the process more.”
  • “My interview process was the most enjoyable one when I did recruiting. I felt that the Putnam interviewers genuinely wanted to get to know me as candidate and see if I was the right fit for them. Glad it worked out!”
  • “The entry level interviews consist of a case and behaviors interview followed by a final day with two cases and three behavioral aspects.  We are looking for critical thinkers who have a passion for healthcare.  Our interview process is about evaluating how you think on your feet and your interest in the work we do.”

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