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GE Healthcare Systems is well known as a provider of global medical technology, diagnostics, and digital solutions. The company has been bringing its combination of technology and advisory services to healthcare workers, patients, and communities for more than 100 years. Their intelligent devices, data analytics, applications, and services, are helping clinicians and professionals on the frontlines deliver care more efficiently and with better outcomes.

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Firsthand Findings

To get a sense of the sort of culture you’ll find at GE Healthcare Partners, you need only look at two of the adjectives that insiders use to describe their team: “nimble” and “intimate”. Surely, this is a small and agile team where people forge strong relationships with their colleagues while also throwing their hat into a variety of different tasks, gaining invaluable exposure to every aspect of the business.

Despite, or maybe because of, the smaller size of the firm, there are plenty of opportunities—as well as many willing and supportive mentors along the way—to develop oneself in the different and build a diverse array of skills. As a result, survey respondents say that GE Healthcare presents a tremendous opportunity to develop qualities of leadership and re...

About the Company


As the advisory and activation arm of GE Healthcare, we believe clients need something distinctly different – the extensive platform and resources of a $17B global technology leader backed by 100+ years as a trusted industry partner. GE Healthcare Partners converts aspirations to reality through combining innovation with large scale activation to capture and sustain maximum value.

The GE Healthcare Partners Difference

We work with our customers to solve some of the biggest problems in the industry, through a combination of our advisory services and technologies. We are passionate about activation, going far beyond just the identification or the assessment of problems.

We collaborate deeply with our customers to design long-term sustainabl...

Employee Reviews

  • “GE Healthcare offers more than consulting. It offers a lot of capabilities in the healthcare space such as equipment, financing, and other digital capabilities that other smaller groups just can't provide”
  • “I believe the single most important factor that sets this firm apart from other is the ability and space to “think out of the box” and try new solutions to old problems. Even if you fail, colleagues and leadership are supportive and appreciative.”
  • “You'll meet some really great people and get a ton of opportunities if you're hungry. Be ready to be adaptable!”
  • “We have an intimate and highly flexible team that can tackle a diverse set of healthcare problems, especially with some team members being subject matter experts and/or previous clinicians. We have unique problem-solving and change management frameworks that clients thoroughly enjoy.”
  • “We are a small, innovative group that allows every individual to have a major impact on the great work we deliver.”
  • “Immensely rewarding experience to do innovative work alongside talented, passionate teammates.”
  • “Hours can vary week to week with some longer weeks, as typical consulting firms go. I enjoy our travel system and the flexibility to not travel or to take time off.”
  • “Everything is high urgency. High tempo. High expectation to always be exceeding expectations.”
  • “Pressure comes and goes as projects peak. When we achieve a great outcome and clients are happy, really makes it great. Sustained intensity of travel causes stress for folks with young children. At the moment, COVID has thrown all of this out of the window.”
  • “GE Healthcare supports an autonomous approach to vacation time, with each employee determining the appropriate time off for their needs, there is no "earned time off" bank. The guideposts are that project/firm work is not impacted and prior approval is obtained from your advisor. This refreshing approach encourages personal ownership of your work time, and staff are coached to seek personal life/work balance by actively managing their time away from work.”
  • “We are offered several significant resources for health and wellness such as credits for gym memberships, free subscriptions to wellness apps, access to professional resources, and much more.”
  • “GHC offers many positive wellness programs and discounts such as a 90% subscription discount to Headspace, free annual subscription to Grokker and partial reimbursement for gym memberships”
  • “Best: salary progression is good, i got a 5% increase in my first year while maintaining my current role, bonus has been good, was about 19% for my first year. Also, the failure to fund the bonus pool is not taken out at lower/mid-levels, so those levels get their bonuses and higher levels are handled differently. Worst: it's obvious anywhere really, but if you hire into a lower position than you rightfully should, then it is difficult to get back on track.”
  • “Bonuses are highly variable year to year and really profit sharing rather than based on your performance. You hit a glass ceiling at senior manager level.”
  • “Compensation is very fair; bonus depends both on individual performance and performance of the firm which can be good or bad.”
  • “Good compensation within our consulting practice. The broader GE benefits provide permissive PTO, but less than desired health benefits and maternity/paternity benefits.”
  • “Overall company performance over the past 3 years has prevented consistent bonus payments, which is roughly 50% of my overall compensation.”
  • “Best – market-based approach to salary banding. Worst – lack of clarity in future potential or progress toward bonus.”
  • “Leaders take incredible interest in developing junior team members, offering mentorship and development feedback, and creating growth opportunities & moments.”
  • “Unlimited resources for development and extreme pressure to continue to advance knowledge to support broader strategic consultancy skills...”
  • “Very valuable experience, almost tailored to my interests and career goals while supporting our programs.”
  • “Promotion process includes writing a project and having a supervisor (advisor) pleads for you. Problem is that with regular changes taking place, supervisor might not know you very well (almost never meet - work performed mostly remotely, even before Covid)”
  • “GE is a learning organization and values growth and personal/professional development.”
  • “Ensure you hire into the correct team: Partners Consulting for traditional consulting type of development, Productivity Solutions for analytics focused work. Both have client-facing positions and will appropriately develop the people in those roles. As an analytics expert, the productivity solutions team will have a more obvious promotion track.”
  • “As a direct manager, I participate in salary planning and promotion discussions. I can attest that there is equal opportunity for all.”
  • “As a woman, feel that I have similar opportunities to men and have never felt "slighted" or disadvantaged. Appreciate how GE and GE Healthcare have responded to our diversity & inclusion opportunity through action and candor.”
  • “Roughly 60% of the firm is male. Women progress just as often as men progress, and this does not seem to be biased. Additionally, project roles seem to be distributed fairly without regard to gender.”
  • “No women or POC in senior leadership…”
  • “The firm is not very diverse at the Senior Leadership level. GE as a whole gets a bit bottled necked with women in the middle. There are broader efforts to address this now and mentorship/support groups are in place now correct the challenges.”
  • “As a firm that deals almost entirely with hospitals, our outlook is entirely dependent on discretionary spending of health systems and that may pose challenges with a global pandemic occurring.”
  • “Command Center is very strong in the industry. The Consulting side and the funnel is a bit slim, but growing. In the short term, there are growing pains as the firm is rolled under the GE Digital umbrella but after synergies are driven between the various GEHC groups, there's a lot of opportunity for incredible growth. What it depends on is how fast the groups can realize these synergies.”
  • “People at the company have been there for a long time, morale is high, we have built something incredible, and are always thinking ahead and pushing for more. We are really revolutionizing in a way with real time information via Command Centers and Apps.”
  • “The level of innovative ideas and projects is very exciting. We are very well positioned to continue on a successful path.”
  • "We are a market leader in our area which is expanding. However, with the uncertainty driven by the pandemic, it gives me some pause on our future outlook.”
  • “We are reinventing ourselves to meet the needs of the market - which is exciting and difficult. We need to do this quickly and seamlessly to ensure the continued success of our business.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “2 phone interviews, 3 in-person interviews, case study presentation; called back same day.”
  • “After screening interviews, formal interviews are held over the course of a half day and result in a decision/callback within 1-2 business days. Do our best to learn about the candidate, but also allow time for the candidate to learn about GE Healthcare. Seeking candidates that are driven, positive, collaborative, think critically, and who are quick learners.”
  • “Depends on the role and the level but analytical thinking, ability to communicate clearly and effectively, teamwork and leadership, subject matter expertise (nursing, throughput, healthcare IT, pharmaceutical, etc). Optional things are programming and/or SQL, database management fundamentals.”
  • “The firm isn't hiring at this point, but the ideal candidate needs to have some healthcare exposure, be strong in analytics, able to manage change, and be very adaptable. With a smaller crew, the firm is leaning more towards a generalist model with a few specialists to provide an optimal amount of expertise and flexibility on how to staff various engagements.”
  • “We actively seek analytical and numbers driven individuals who can have strong client engagement skills and can illustrate a convincing story from data points.”
  • “We seek those with the ability to think clearly, analyze data, develop coherent strategies, and be willing team players. We seek confidence, but not ego.”
  • “A case study is usually provided regarding procedure and throughput data. After presenting an initial analysis, the individual would be asked to how change can be affected (testing experience in the domain specifically). I didn't really have any questions on the analytics approach that was taken (I believe I did a good job on this part, which may be the reason). A whole-person type of interview occurs, it requires thoughtful analysis to be presented in a convincing way and tests the individual's presence in front of potential clients.”
  • “Data-driven case study, behavioral and technical interview.”
  • “Example case study: Operating Room utilization and growth strategies. Interview questions focus on analytics, critical thinking & consulting, and case study. "
  • “Market sizing problems, tricky math and logic problems.”
  • “There was a case study on LOS processes. The interview questions are pretty standard. Nothing that was unexpected.”

Perks & Benefits