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Vault Consulting 50


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Boston, MA


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Elena R. Garcia

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Employee Reviews

  • “A great place to start and build a career.”
  • “Cornerstone can be an excellent stepping stone into getting a graduate degree in business, law,  finance, or economics. It's a place you can develop rigorous analytical skills and earn a good amount of  money while leaving many good career options open.”
  • “I think one thing that sets us apart is that at our firm you will actually be able to directly utilize many of  the skills you have acquired during your degree. You also get to work with some of the smartest people  within economics as you both get to work with PhDs from the top schools and also with the professors  from these same top schools. Lastly, unlike other consulting companies, you will also get extensive  training and applicational use of coding in R and other languages. This makes the exit opportunities  much more diverse as you are both able to go to a quant hedge fund, big tech, management consulting,  or graduate school.”
  • “The culture at Cornerstone stands out in the industry. Very smart, hardworking people who treat  everyone as equals. While people work hard people enjoy being around each other. Regardless of what  office you are in you feel part of one firm. Senior Management values the opinions of all levels and is  invested in the people.”
  • “We will do some extensive and quantitative analyses on some of the more complex financial and  economic issues in the world, alongside some great people both in terms of the professional and  personal qualities, and in this journey, you will work very hard and sometimes exhaustive hours, but you  are supported and appreciated throughout by the firm.”

Why Work Here

At Cornerstone Research, we strive to create a culture where all employees are valued. We have a long tradition of being an inclusive work environment and supporting a multigenerational and diverse team of professionals. Within our communities, our firmwide goal is to encourage and inspire a diverse future workforce by increasing financial literacy and technology skills among thousands of students, especially those in disadvantaged and under-supported communities. For those who share our vision and values of high-quality work, commitment to our clients and experts, and support for one another and our communities, we offer an exciting, rewarding environment.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Cornerstone is looking for candidates with the ‘potential for success’ at our firm. This is indicated by  academics, work experience, and leadership, as well as interest in and understanding of our work and  performance in the interviews.”
  • “Each candidate goes through multiple rounds of interviews. The final round is with consultants at  different levels in the hierarchy and every interviewer's feedback is considered equally important. We  look for candidates who are smart, grounded, and like working in teams.”
  • “We recruit at select number of schools where we hold events and also have resume drop. First round is  two case interviews of 35 minutes each. Second round is four interviews of 45 minutes, all case based. We do take candidates from all backgrounds although we lean towards more quantitative majors. We  seek candidates that find the intersection between economic research and application in practice  interesting. Someone who likes working in fast-paced environment, works well in teams, and can  concisely convey their thoughts and problem-solving methods.”
  • “The recruiters at Cornerstone are professional, friendly and very responsive. They are an excellent  representation of the firm and its culture.”
  • “We seek candidates who are critical thinkers, collaborative, organized, detail oriented, and willing to  learn. We need individuals who can complete both qualitative and quantitative work.”

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