Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is Amazon's cloud computing and API service. It offers functionality across nearly every type of computing, from robotics to blockchain to machine learning. Essentially, if a business (or government department, as AWS is used from NASA to the U.S. Navy) needs more computing power, AWS is ready to facilitate it.

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Based in Seattle, Amazon Web Services (AWS) runs Amazon’s cloud business, and with annual revenue growing from $25 billion in 2018 to $45 billion in 2020, has been considered the real growth-driver behind Amazon for several years. Always on the lookout for good software engineers, AWS is expressly responsible for cloud computing; advertising and marketing analytics solutions; financial services (banking, payments, capital markets, insurance); game tech software; health care and life services; manufacturing cloud operations; and others.

Pay rates and benefits are commensurate with other divisions in corporate Amazon, but the shining attractor towards working at AWS is the people: Everyone there is a wizard at software engineering—including you. Support, HR, and administrative personnel are sourced from the main Amazon corporation, s...

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