William Blair is a leading investment bank headquartered in Chicago with offices in 20 cities on four continents. The firm’s interns receive a phenomenal learning experience, working on live deals alongside senior bankers and clients. Full-time junior bankers get many mentorship opportunities and valuable trainings, and there's a clear path to becoming a partner.

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William Blair is looking for determined, resilient, highly intelligent, socially adept individuals who fit well with its team and have strong academic credentials. The firm runs a highly rated internship program for students, offering interns a phenomenal learning experience. Interns work on live deals of all types alongside senior bankers and clients, getting a clear view of what it’s like to work for the firm on a full-time basis.

William Blair offers its full-time junior bankers numerous career development opportunities. There are mentorship opportunities and valuable trainings, and the culture is collaborative and meritocratic. The fact that juniors have a clear path to becoming partners is very motivating. While hours can be demanding for junior bankers due ...

About the Company

William Blair is an investment bank headquartered in Chicago, with offices in more than 20 cities on four continents. The firm helps corporations, financial sponsors, and owner/entrepreneurs around the world achieve their growth, liquidity, and financing objectives. Its investment banking group works on corporate board advisory projects, mergers and acquisitions, and equity and debt financing. Since January 2015, the firm has worked on $300 billion worth of investment banking transactions for 630 companies in 35 countries. Today, its research group covers more than 600 companies.

William Blair regularly receives accolades and awards. In 2019, two of its sell-side transactions for tech companies earned “deal of the year” honors. Mergers & Acquisitions named Gordian’s $775 million sale to Fortive the...

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Employee Reviews

  • “The firm has a very strong vacation policy where taking your vacation days is mandatory. If the junior members don’t take all their vacation days, the senior members of the team get a deduction in their bonuses. People are really good in covering for others who are on vacation, in order to let them disconnect. Additionally, people are very flexible in the team, making it possible for team members to work from home, as long as the quality of work is what everyone expects.”
  • “Blair has the best people. They are sociable, hardworking, analytical, and fun-loving. Since junior teams are client facing at the earliest levels, Blair hires people that demonstrate not only technical and analytical prowess but also have charismatic, outgoing personalities. Excellent camaraderie among teams, as most of my colleagues are also my friends outside of work. An emphasis on taking vacation throughout the firm. Most of the partners carry strong Midwestern values, focusing on both spending time with their families and with their colleagues. Highly focused at senior levels on making investment banking a sustainable, balanced career path.”
  • “It is very much up to you to run your own race. While there are still many things that drive your day to day that are out of your hands, there is an incredible amount of freedom to accomplish what you want, how you want. There is no other place like it.”
  • “It's banking, so the hours associated with a deal-driven job are never ideal relative to other industries and positions in finance. However, the culture and leadership at Blair is exceptional, and the amount of time spent doing work just for work’s sake is minimal compared to other institutions I'm aware of.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Two phone interviews and an in-person Superday. Looking for a cultural fit and a problem solver. Strong academic credentials will make it easier for you to prove you can do the job, but not everyone here is a genius.”
  • “Culture-focused interviews. Looking for someone who fits well with our team and will be able to slot in seamlessly. Looking for hard workers with a willingness to go above and beyond. Interview process is standard.”
  • “We’re seeking determined, resilient, highly intelligent, socially adept individuals. Process: CV screening, phone screening, online tests, two to three rounds of face-to-face interviews.”
  • “Looking for people who did their homework on the firm, finance, accounting, banking, and various industries. Language capabilities a plus, previous IB experience a plus. Free riders are easily spotted given the firm’s culture and size.”

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