A prestigious independent investment banking firm, PJT Partners offers its interns a lot of responsibility and the opportunity to work on high-profile live deals alongside senior bankers. Full-time junior bankers get a lot of responsibility on deals, work closely with seniors bankers, and participate in client calls. Recently, the firm significantly increased its philanthropy and CSR efforts, and started giving diversity scholarships.

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Employee Reviews

  • “Everyone at the firm is very nice and enjoyable to work with. The firm avoids many of the painful, unnecessary issues with larger investment banks. The firm takes a genuine interest in employees’ quality of life/well-being and is open to suggestions and feedback, even from the most Junior employees. You get to work on some very interesting transactions and are given a lot of responsibility early on, which makes the work more rewarding. The firm has been growing quickly, adding a lot of new Senior members in recent years. However, the analyst/associate hiring has not kept pace, which results in extremely long hours for the junior members. Also, you feel as if you’re always on call, which makes it difficult to make weekend plans/spend time away from the desk.”
  • “Overall, hours are decent. Obviously, with the Covid-19 outbreak, our team is super busy. I would say that senior people are conscious about the number of hours worked by their team, and are always very thankful and making sure the hours aren’t too much. There are definitely a lot of initiatives by HR and more senior people to improve work/life balance, but these initiatives are not always followed/implemented by mid-level people. Hours always unpredictable.”
  • “We’re in a very competitive industry and are at the top in our field. That requires tremendous effort. It’s harder to balance your life with your job. However, a positive impact of Covid and Zoom is the future will be more balanced. We will be able to work from home and remain fully engaged. The firm is focused on the firm of the future.”
  • “The firm is good about keeping a no-facetime culture. They treat employees like adults and don’t monitor them incessantly. You’re expected to take ownership over your deals and work, and the firm is more results-oriented. With this responsibility comes some stress at times, which is part of what we signed up for.”
  • “Compensation is very good, and I have never felt that the firm is shortchanging us on perks or benefits. Compensation is definitely better here than at most other analyst programs on the Street.”
  • “Competitive benefits package (medical, dental, vision, 401(k), local discounts, subsidized mobile phone). Free basic medical, dental, and vision.”
  • “PJT’s pay is at the top of the Street at the junior level, and discretionary bonuses tend to be in a fairly small range, which allows for a collaborative culture amongst junior level employees. The firm also has solid meal allowance policies and 401(k) matching. However, we are lacking in some of the perks other boutiques enjoy such as gyms, etc.”
  • “Salary and bonus is close to the top of the Street. Firm is not stingy when it comes to expenses (phone reimbursement, meal stipend, good hotels when travelling).”
  • “PJT is a great place for career development. The firm is supportive of analysts who seek to recruit out, yet also supports analysts who seek to grow within the organization (as is evident by the presence of several senior members of the firm who started as analysts). I have learned a tremendous amount at PJT through formal training and informal, on-the-job mentorship.”
  • “The people are super open—you get to build great relationships and work closely with senior partners. Lean team culture, everyone is invited on calls, and you can enter anyone’s office to discuss anything. You work on great deals and get a lot of responsibility. Career progression is quite clear—limited amount of internal politics involved. On the restructuring side, it can be harder to move between offices. And there’s a limited difference in terms of recognition between the 'best' and the 'worst' analysts of the class.”
  • “You work on very interesting and complex headline deals and get lots of great informal mentorship. You learn a lot by working on some of the best deals there are to work on across the Street.”
  • “PJT is the most supportive bank on Wall Street in terms of recruiting. The firm will go to bat for you at whatever job you’re interested in after your two- to three- year commitment, provided you’ve performed well at your current role. The firm is truly very mature in how it handles recruiting compared to many other Wall Street firms, which take a very short-sighted approach. In general, it seems like the firm isn’t very open to transfers or early promotions or, if it is, hasn't done the best job communicating this to employees.”
  • “The firm is pretty receptive on all fronts/makes an effort to be inclusive of people of all backgrounds.”
  • “We started giving diversity scholarships this year and do focus on trying to hire diverse classes. We do a better job with gender than race, though.”
  • “PJT participates in many philanthropic initiatives and commits capital and time of its employees to support those initiatives. During Covid, the partners of PJT personally donated a significant amount of capital to various nonprofits. PJT also participates in many community fundraisers, particularly in and around NYC and has significantly raised its profile in NYC’s philanthropic circle.”
  • “We’ve added to our philanthropy and corporate social responsibility efforts tremendously this year in a way that’s been inspiring.”
  • “The firm has had its­ best year yet in 2020 and is extremely well positioned heading into 2021. Deal volume is high, deals are high quality, and morale is strong.”
  • “The firm is growing very fast and has been on a strong upward trajectory for a while—has been winning a lot of business recently and has one of the best reputations. The senior people hired are some of the most impressive and accomplished bankers across the Street, and you get unparalleled access to top senior bankers as a junior employee. Employee morale/buy-in is high.”
  • “Having top-notch M&A and restructuring practices is helping us keep the revenue growing despite the lack of momentum in the market. M&A seniors are focusing on winning clients over from bulge brackets, while on the RSSG side we were generating a lot of revenue.”
  • “The firm has been performing extremely well year to date and has thrived through the pandemic. Firm leadership adapted swiftly in the work-from-home environment, and is showcasing the flexibility and versatility of its business model across the restructuring, M&A, and capital markets practices (as evidenced by our stock price and financials). While other boutiques have struggled and bulge brackets have relied on their trading revenues/underwriting capabilities, PJT has demonstrated the quality of the advice it offers to clients by growing its mandates through this period.”
  • “Super lean teams means you get involved on live projects and take on more and more responsibilities as you progress in your internship. People trust you if you can deliver. Great exposure to senior people. Hours can be long, although I feel that compared to some of our peers, the hours were actually okay.”
  • “The friendships I made were the most rewarding part—it’s really a great group of people. I was trusted with meaningful responsibility and was able to build my skills by running point on models and client materials. The mentorship and training helped me get up to speed, and it was easy to ask questions. I had very close interaction with a number of senior bankers, who took time to mentor and speak with me.”
  • “PJT gave me real responsibility as an intern. I got an accurate sense of what being a full-time analyst would be like through the internship experience. The firm also emphasized mentorship, ensuring that the interns felt like part of the PJT family.”
  • “Strong relationships built with coworkers, a lot of responsibility given to interns, live deal experience. Several weeks in a row of long hours during live deal experience.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “The firm has really gone over and above to provide support with child care, resources to make working from home effective, and overall well-being during Covid.”
  • “The firm offers regular exercise and meditation programs as well as other occasional wellness initiatives. However, it’s hard to take advantage of these as a junior employee given how many hours you work.
  • “With the Covid-19 outbreak, HR has been promoting a lot of wellness activities—weekly Zoom meditations, workouts, discussions on mental well-being, conferences on how to deal with stress and working from home, etc.”
  • “An emphasis on both mental and physiological well-being truly resonates across the firm. PJT feels like a market leader on valuing the mental well-being of its employees.”


Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “The firm has put programs and events in place internally to allow employees the opportunity to have conversations about diversity-related topics to gain a better understanding of related issues. The actions have been geared towards actual impact on employees and recruiting rather than external statements for public relations purposes.”
  • “The firm has made great steps forward in terms of promoting diversity and inclusion and addressing the movement. The firm has done a significant rehaul of our recruitment strategy, and promoted implicit bias training and working on ways to foster a more inclusive work environment.”
  • “The firm has lent financial support to do what we can for social justice causes. We’ve also committed to taking stock in how we can do better and be better to build a more inclusive and equitable firm. This includes developing a series of concrete action steps to make sure our firm fulfills its potential and does its part to contribute to a more just society. The firm is committed to giving back and supporting equity, social action, and volunteerism.”
  • “PJT has a very open and honest culture and will not do things unless they’re properly thought through and discussed. A lot of progress has been made, but don’t forget this firm is only five years old. We have more to do, but our heart is in the right place. We’ve made a huge effort around race and other diversity initiatives.”

Response to Covid-19

  • “Really good at communicating. Very flexible return-to-office policy that’s entirely optional but available. Has really made an effort to onboard new employees as normally as possible. Continued dinner stipends and attempt at virtual social events/bonding experiences has been extremely helpful.”
  • “Immediately gave us a £400 budget to buy screens, keyboards, etc. The firm has been extremely reactive to close the office. Great communication throughout the crisis, with various weekly update calls. Overall, I was very impressed by the firm’s reactivity.”
  • “The firm has been great about respecting that everyone’s going through this in a different way and has been very supportive. They’ve made resources available to us to adjust our work-from-home set-ups. They have added various mental health initiatives to make sure everyone is supported. Senior bankers have taken a lot of time to have small-group and one-on-one check-ins with junior employees.”
  • “We were one of the earlier banks to adapt to work from home and the firm responded swiftly. The firm has also been very supportive and understanding of personal circumstances, allowing those who wish to return to the office to do so on a voluntary basis and those who to continue working from home to continue doing so. The one thing the firm could’ve done better was to provide a date before which they were sure we wouldn’t be back to the office. This would allow employees to better plan their accommodations and personal lives.”

Getting Hired Here


  • “We’re looking for highly motivated and prepared candidates who know why they want to work at PJT specifically. You must be able to communicate well.”
  • “First-round video interview followed by an extensive Superday. They really make an effort to get to know you through the interview process and select people who would fit will with the bank, which is reflective in the culture and employees. Ideal candidate is smart, hardworking, nice, and friendly, with an interesting personality. They expect interview candidates at the junior level to be more knowledgeable and buttoned-up than some other banks. Interviews were definitely on the more difficult/comprehensive side.”
  • “Process is efficient and usually very quick. The ideal candidate is someone who is humble, has strong technical foundations, and has gone through a couple of internships. We’re not biased towards any educational background, but we do like well-rounded people. People need to be sociable and have good communication skills—we’re a small firm and everyone knows each other.”
  • “Generally, first round is a technical screen that’s pass/fail. Superdays focus on all aspects: character, technical skills, collaboration, cultural fit. The firm is looking for someone who is well-rounded and not just a number-cruncher. They evaluate whether the person has leadership potential, seems like a good cultural fit, and can work well in a collaborative environment. Once a certain threshold for technicals is passed, the rest is on the ‘fit’ of the individual.”
  • “Always a mix of classic M&A questions and restructuring topics. PJT’s approach is to pick a couple of topics (EV to equity bridge, options available to a distressed company, valuation) and to deep dive into it rather than bombarding the candidate with 30 questions in 30 minutes. We like to see this as a conversation rather than a candidate trying to regurgitate facts.”
  • “Why would two companies trade at the same EBITDA multiple but different P/E multiples? What are some deals that the firm has done recently that you have found to be interesting?”
  • “Standard questions on the technical side might involve things like discussing a business the interviewee follows, walking through an FCF build, talking through a DCF, and showing understanding of concepts like multiples and their drivers.”
  • “Standard fit questions, restructuring-specific questions (if you’re interviewing with the restructuring group), understanding valuation and financial statement analysis. Many of the questions are geared to getting to know you as a person and how you think.”

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