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501-1,000 Employees


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Vault Banking 25


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Strategic Advisory


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Boston, MA

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  • “The firm, even pre-Covid, has done a nice job of valuing work/life balance. The superficial considerations such as face time or hours in the office aren’t seen as badges of honor. Instead, the firm values the quality of your work and your contributions. As such, you’re able to find ways to have balance and incorporate what’s important to you outside of the office into your daily routine.”
  • “PJT has made a concerted effort (particularly during Covid) to ensure a proper quality of life for its employees. As an example, PJT was one of the only boutique firms to be flexible around return-to-office issues, ensuring employees felt safe and comfortable coming back into our offices and not making a broad mandate to come back. They offered free testing and also continued to encourage to work virtually a few days each week, recognizing employees at all levels prefer a more flexible/hybrid work structure.”
  • “Busy time ebbs and flows as one would expect. There are certainly late nights and can be non-stop weeks, but senior team and staffers are very conscious of burnout and take action to provide junior team with opportunities to rest after sprints and fire drills. Weekends are usually quiet (Saturdays usually stay protected), which can be a saving grace during a stretch of busy weeks. Said differently, sprints are intense but often short-lived with ample times of recovery.”
  • “The shareholder advisory division works very hard to make sure we get work/life balance. They care about it a lot, but sometimes the work is unavoidable. People could do a better job of communicating deadlines, but generally people are pretty understanding.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Incredibly streamlined process. Ideally, looking for well-rounded, personable, interesting candidates.”
  • “Ideal candidate is extremely smart, highly motivated, very friendly, and respectful.”
  • “Whether it’s a yes or no, you’ll receive notification of your status in the process. The firm is looking for someone who is motivated, willing to learn, enthusiastic about the work, and has a personality that works well with others.”
  • “The firm is all about attitude, believing that any ‘technicals’ can be taught and willing to take a bet on a non-technical candidate with willingness to learn and dive deep.”

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