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501-1,000 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Banking 25


Major Departments

Strategic Advisory


Major Office Locations

Boston, MA


Employment Contact

Beverly Israely – Global Head of Recruiting

Firsthand Findings

About the Company

Employee Reviews

  • “Phenomenal culture and quality of life. Arguably the best in banking. The firm and team balance high-profile client work with ensuring employees are content and enjoying life very well.”


  • “There is a genuine push to make work/life balance real. We have plenty of happy hours, exercise classes, and events that are nice from a culture perspective. MDs and partners are genuinely concerned about the happiness of employees. However, sometimes there’s just so much work and things are so busy that working very late is inevitable, even if it’s not the team’s intention and desire.”

  • “Quality of life can be up and down. There is generally an emphasis on not doing work for the sake of doing work, but we can have very busy stretches through holidays and weekends due to short-term timelines on our deals. It’s certainly not the best aspect of my job, but I think it is likely better than at most of our peer institutions.”


  • “The firm is extremely good at not creating wasteful work. However, despite work not being wasted, it still can be overly consuming. Restructurings are far more often live than work in M&A or general coverage, which often leads to things constantly feeling like fire drills. Overall, people are very respectful, deals teams are structured to work well together, and I have felt that the people in the group will absolutely help to cover and make sure people’s personal lives are not fully taken over by a demanding job. Extremely strong people at PJT, both personally and professionally.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interview process allows candidates to meet with individuals of all levels across the firm. As a result, candidates are able to get a sense of whether they will mesh with the organization's culture. The callback process is efficient, allowing candidates enough time to prepare for each round without leaving them waiting weeks for a response.”

  • “Ideally looking for someone who is very technical, has good judgment, and is well-spoken—ready to be client-facing from the beginning.”


  • “Focused on hiring the highest performing, most qualified candidates. Typically hire people with backgrounds in finance or previous internship activity that can ‘hit the ground running.’”


  • “Can be several phone interviews, then a Super Day in-person. Looking for someone who is technically sound and overall a good-natured person. There’s an unspoken ‘no-jerk’ policy at the firm—people are pleasant to work with, which is crucial in an industry where the pressure and stakes can be intense.”