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Solomon Partners is a leading investment bank that specializes in providing advisory services in sectors such as consumer retail, tech, media, and health care. Its client list includes Under Armour, SoulCycle, SiriusXM, Brooks Brothers, and Netflix. Solomon Partners has a culture that’s accepting of all groups of people, and the firm’s management encourages civic engagement and charitable donations, and promotes an open discussion of social challenges.

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Firsthand Findings

Solomon Partners is looking for intelligent, hardworking, fast-learning, down-to-earth team players with strong finance and accounting backgrounds. For students, the firm runs a valuable internship program, offering interns hands-on experience, the ability to work on live deals, mentorship opportunities, and an open-door policy that gives them great access to MDs. This all translates to an immense amount of experience and responsibility out of the gate.

For its full-time junior bankers, PJ SOLOMON offers many career development opportunities. The firm encourages internal promotions and, thanks to a new chief people officer, has clarified the career path to partner for junior bankers. The firm also promotes informal mentoring through close-knit teams and junior ba...

About the Company

Founded in 1989 as one of the first independent investment banks, Solomon Partners (formerly known as PJ SOLOMON) offers a diverse set of financial services and serves a wide range of sectors. It offers a global reach through its partnership with Natixis, the international corporate, investment, insurance, and financial services arm of Groupe BPCE, the second largest banking group in France and one of the 20 largest banks in the world measured by total assets. 

The partnership enables Solomon Partners to provide its clients with global advisory services and proprietary access to financing capabilities throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas.

Today, the firm’s upper management includes Peter J. Solomon, the firm’s founding chairman; Marc S. Cooper, CEO; Kenneth D. Baronoff, President;...

Employee Reviews

  • “Compared to the stories I’ve heard from other investment banks, PJ SOLOMON seems to have the best quality of life hands down. The firm, however, will continue to go through growing pains as it builds its staff to ensure it has the right number of resources at the various levels. Work/life balance at the firm is generally very good. Senior bankers have generally come from larger platforms with burnt out associates and analysts, and understand that longevity and promoting better work/life balance is better than overworking them. However, as the firm continues to grow (especially in the remote environment), they will need to be vigilant about junior banker (and senior banker) wellness and vacation policies. “
  • “The firm historically has been pretty good at establishing a work/life balance for its junior bankers relative to its banking peers. However, the pandemic has put significant pressure on this. Working harder and longer hours (starting earlier and ending later), no one ensures that you’re actually getting any ‘vacation time’ or actual time off, etc. Culture still has been pretty good, in the sense that I enjoy the people I’m working with and getting good responsibility/client exposure, but I think the firm could take more steps to ensure that the bankers can take real time away from the constant slog and not worry about proximity to their laptops at all times. Should almost enforce some number of minimum vacation days, otherwise no one can really use them.”
  • “I really believe that, for the most part, this firm has the best quality of life comparative to other firms. I find that my staffer tries to keep everyone at a workable level of deals, and that even on busy weeks I’m able to find pockets of free time. The people I work with are very cognizant of my time and understand that I have a life outside of work.”
  • “Seniors genuinely care that you’re learning and managing time well. Even our staffer is empathetic to this end. Analysts and associates speak and work together extremely often—collaboration is very helpful, and getting up the learning curve is easier when you have someone to help you get unstuck. However, it's banking ... you still work 70+ hours per week. And 90 to 100 hours could happen, but it’s not the norm, and you’ll receive support following a dive into the trenches like that.”
  • “The salaries compare to any investment bank, especially at the junior ranks. Benefits are competitive, but the firm does not offering any matching program for 401(k).”
  • “Top-tier compensation paid out all in cash. The perks are nice (cell and gym reimbursement, etc.), but the comp model is the differentiator.”
  • “Bonus is definitely well above Street average. Compensation per average hours worked is definitely well above Street, if not one of the best ratios. The firm does not match 401(k) contributions.”
  • “No issues with compensation, but could do more with perks. I understand it’s tough when working from home: in the past, they offered many drinks for free in office, but maybe they could find ways to give employees perks while at home.”
  • “In the last year, PJ SOLOMON has really invested in career development. We hired a chief people officer and we’re one of the only banks on the Street with one. She has invested nearly all her time developing and clarifying the career path for junior bankers. Now, our firm can clearly articulate the ‘path to partnership’ and the skills and behaviors required from analyst to group head. The path has never been more clear.”
  • “PJ SOLOMON is very good about promoting and retaining talent—lots of people stay after working as an intern/first-year analyst and become associates, VPs, directors, etc. However, there is more limited formal career development programs in place, currently which is something we’re changing by hiring a new chief people officer and instituting mentorship programs for analyst. Ultimately the best part is the informal mentorship, which comes across naturally via bullpen culture and closer-knit teams and working directly with MDs, etc.”
  • “PJ SOLOMON encourages internal promotion and life-long career makers here. The entrepreneurial side of things is inherent in the job because we run lean, and even as a first-year analyst, I have direct communication with many client relationships the senior bankers hold. It’s easy to pick which industry you want to specialize in or continue to develop a breadth of experience as you become more senior—nobody pigeonholes you as you move up, and you can work in whatever area that interests you. Only downside is the analyst program is three years long, as opposed to two.”
  • “Senior bankers have an incredible interest in investing in the careers of junior employees. Emphasis is put on developing analysts and associates to take on greater responsibilities, and they’re encouraged to ‘play up.’”
  • “This year, the firm established a new matching program for donations and days off for volunteer work. The program is still young, but it’s a great initiative and well-received amongst junior bankers.”
  • “The firm has a culture that’s accepting of all personalities and cultures. While it is majority white-male, that’s standard for the industry. Our distinguishing factor, though, is the personalities and ‘no jerk’ environment/culture.”
  • “Firm has not historically been strong here but has recently been focusing on it more. There are new policies regarding time off to volunteer and some matching for donations, as well as a partnership with Suited and other diversity hiring programs. In addition, they’ve brought in speakers for opportunities to volunteer with mentorship programs such as iMentor.”
  • “Firm management encourages civic engagement, philanthropy, open discussion of social challenges.”
  • “PJ SOLOMON is expanding industry verticals and hiring very talented and effective bankers from other shops as it grows. The influx of talent is tremendous, and PJ SOLOMON leadership is doing it in a manner that maintains the firm’s differentiated culture. It’s a really exciting time to be at the firm.”
  • “Our firm has good leadership and continues to grow. While there are definitely decisions that can be questioned, it can’t be questioned that senior management definitely cares about PJ SOLOMON employees and has set the firm up in a position to grow and thrive.”
  • “In times where many banks are downsizing and lowering compensation, PJ SOLOMON is on a hiring spree, and compensation is expected to increase, as we’re busier than ever. Analyst classes are increasing, and we’ve hired several executives and managing directors/partners at the senior level to coincide with our growth and positive performance. Many new verticals have been added in the past year, and more hires are on the way.”
  • “Great leadership team. Continually adding top-tier senior talent from competitors. Tremendous growth over last few years and poised to continue to grow reach.”
  • “Our internship program is a hands-on experience. We’re a small firm, so our interns are able to quickly get on projects/live deals to gain experience. The small firm culture also helps to naturally form mentorship relationships. In past years, the senior leadership of the firm has really invested in the intern program. We now have a formal training and mentorship program.”
  • “I loved my internship here. I found that my team was always around to answer my questions and put me on the path to be a contributing member of the team. From client facing interactions to direct work with high-level employees, I found my internship experience unmatched to my peers at other firms.”
  • “It feels like seniors really care about juniors having a great experience. There’s an open-door policy, even with MDs—Great accessibility to seniors. Lean deal team means you get immense responsibility out of the gate. Sometimes it feels like you’re drinking water through a fire hose because of how much responsibility you get and how many directions you’re pulled in, given the generalist nature of the program. I learned a lot about different things but didn't feel I was becoming specialized in any one industry or function.”
  • “The best part was that I was able to learn at a high level through hands-on deal experience as well as have the opportunity to work with very intelligent colleagues.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “This is a pretty new area of focus for the firm. Great first steps, but still room to grow.”
  • “Wellness is important to the PJ SOLOMON community. However, there are not many wellness efforts and activities hosted by the firm. Occasionally, I receive workout classes from companies whose services we use.
  • “While senior management definitely cares about employee wellness, they have implemented no measures to promote this, other than suggesting employees find time to go for runs/walks during the busy day.”
  • “Mostly informal—this is baked into the culture of the firm.”


Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “Recent initiatives are laudable and encouraging. We are actively contributing time and dollars to improve opportunities for minority communities to access investment banking opportunities.”
  • “The firm has recently launched a diversity initiative.”
  • “Engaged in new diversity initiatives and made charitable contributions. A good start for a firm (and an industry in general) that has traditionally been greatly lacking in diversity.”
  • “Our firm has recognized that our level of diversity is not where it should be and has made numerous efforts to correct former diversity efforts. While I believe our office is very accepting of all people, we do not have a diverse group of faces.”

Response to Covid-19

  • “The senior leadership managed Covid as well an any organization. They have helped us smoothly transition to work from home and have been thoughtful in each decision.”
  • “The firm is driving business despite the business pandemic. Rollout of technology investments will allow for effective partial work-from-home opportunities post-pandemic, which should add to job satisfaction and quality of life.”
  • “No rush to reenter the office, modest tech stipend provided. Work/life balance diminished significantly during the pandemic, no wellness initiatives.”
  • “We pivoted into remote work seamlessly and saw no reduction in productivity. In fact, 2020 is proving to be our firm’s strongest year in history. However, we lag peers in technology and are playing catch up. The firm understands this and is working to resolve ASAP.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The ideal candidate is someone who’s resourceful, without ego, confident, and willing to ‘play’ both above their weight class and below. PJ SOLOMON's ‘no jerks’ rule is really central to our culture, and young bankers come (or should come) to reflect this via the folks they work for.”
  • “Ideal candidate is intelligent, a quick-learner, attentive, hardworking, and sociable. We’re looking for people with strong technical (finance/accounting) backgrounds and who are down-to-earth, genuinely nice, and team players.”
  • “A 30-minute on-campus/phone interview, followed by a Superday with four to five 30-minute interviews at the firm's office in NYC (being done remotely for 2020). Ideal candidate will possess confidence and intelligence, and is well-spoken and a cultural fit.”
  • “We typically have one first-round interview and a final Superday following that. The ideal candidate is a hardworking student demonstrating a desire to learn and work had with a strong grasp of financial/technical concepts.”
  • “Standard behavioral questions to get to know you (walk us through your resume, why banking, why PJ SOLOMON, etc.) as well as standard ‘technical’ questions (tell us about a deal, $10 of depreciation, talk about DCF, etc.).”
  • “Walk me through a DCF, how does $X flow through the financial statements, how does an acquisition funded with $X debt and $X cash flow through the financial statements, describe the main valuation methodologies.
  • “What are the main ways to value a company? How do you get from revenue to free cash flow? What happens to the financial statements if you invest $100 of capex?”
  • “Very technical interviews by analysts and associates; fit and behavioral interviews by MDs, directors, and VPs.”

Perks & Benefits