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501-1,000 Employees


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Vault Banking 25


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New York, NY


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Undergraduate & Graduate: Laura Rivero, Executive Director

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Employee Reviews

  • “There have been multiple improvements over the past few years that appear to improve work/life balance for juniors (and are reasonable enough from a senior perspective that they actually happen). However, this can differ by group, with limited connectivity between groups (something that has gotten more distinct over the past few years).”

  • “The hours can be tough at times, but they average out to be pretty good for banking. The people here are all very intelligent and work hard. We probably have room for more company-wide social events, but things are starting to come back now that Covid has settled down.”

  • “You don’t get tasked with unnecessary, low-value-add work late at night or on weekends, which shows a high degree of respect for junior bankers’ time. Vacations can be respected but often lead to missed opportunities to work on more interesting and engaging client assignments.”

  • “They implemented an initiative where juniors have to take five days off every six months of the year. It is good to formally encourage juniors to take vacation, but hours are sometimes still brutal and pretty unevenly distributed.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Looking for smart, motivated candidates with a good work ethic.”

  • “We’re ideally looking for well-prepared, passionate individuals with a demonstrated interest in the type of work we do. The callback process is swift, and we typically extend offers the same day as final interviews.”

  • “We generally look for good mix of personality, drive, and overall fit, along with the experience and brainpower to do the job, while opening the scope of potential candidates wide enough to ensure we have a diverse environment.”

  • “Very selective recruiting. Sometimes I can't believe the quality of candidates we are turning away."

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