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501-1,000 Employees


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Vault Banking 25


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New York, NY


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Allison (Heifetz) Reuben

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Employee Reviews

  • “Just like all other investment banks, workflow is unpredictable and comes in peaks and valleys. However, Perella does have a very good culture where the senior members of the team proactively try to improve work/life balance at an analyst level and make an effort to be considerate of not wasting analyst’s time. Very surprised that an MD wanted to hear my thoughts and set time to meet with me to talk about how he could improve culture at a junior level and actually implemented what I suggested. It feels like the juniors actually have a voice in the group, which I never felt I got at a bulge bracket.”
  • “Compared to other banks, the culture is great here. People truly care about the development of others, as well as finding time to unplug and mentally recharge. It helps create a positive, collaborative environment instead of fostering toxicity. However, it’s tough at any investment bank to take vacation, and the same is true here, although I do feel that the senior team makes a concerted effort to support time off.”
  • “The senior bankers are very deliberate on not giving unnecessary work over the weekend. They allowed us to make plans for Friday to Sunday as long we’re being transparent and communicate that to the deal team. People on the deal team always cover for each other to accommodate different weekend plans.”
  • “Amazing, unique culture that is extremely friendly, helpful, and collegial. Rude, selfish people with huge egos don’t do well at PWP, which makes the environment very different than most IBs. This is truly the most open and friendly bank on the Street. However, we work really hard, teams are staffed thinly, and it requires maximum effort from the full team all of the time.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm is seeking a well-rounded, diverse campus student with quantitative capabilities, and the interpersonal skills to interact with more senior members of the bank and external clients. The firm is less interested in churning through people in two years and more focused on developing new hires for the long term.”
  • “Ideal candidate: proactive, enjoys challenges, able to work on their own, doesn’t give up easily, great team player, curious and willing to learn, keen problem-solver, well organized, exceptional time management, professional, and helpful.”
  • “Interview process was quick and streamlined. The ideal candidate should be highly analytical with good finance instincts. The analyst program requires more intellectual brainpower than some other programs that have more focus on logo rearrangement in decks.”
  • “High performance individual who is a self-starter and is well versed in the machinations of the investment banking job, particularly at an elite boutique.”

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