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Moelis is a top investment bank that offers strategic advice to clients across the world. Founded and still led by superstar banker Ken Moeils, the firm is committed to creating an inclusive culture and a workforce that’s representative of its diverse range of clients. The firm has networking groups for Asian, Black, Latino and Hispanic, women, LGBTQ+, and veteran employees. It also has a growing CSR program that supports more than 40 nonprofits.

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Firsthand Findings

Moelis & Company is ideally looking for independent, diligent, curious, hardworking self-starters who are strong communicators and want to take on a lot of responsibility. For students, the firm runs a valuable internship program that exposes interns to various types of deals, provides them with modeling experience, and gives them access to senior leadership. The generalist aspect of the program means interns are exposed to numerous different industries and projects. There are also team-building events that interns can participate in.

For full-time junior bankers, there are many career development opportunities, including formal and informal mentorship opportunities and internal mobility options. In addition, early promotions are possible, career paths ar...

About the Company

Moelis & Company provides financial advisory services to corporations, institutions, and governments worldwide. In addition to New York, Moelis has offices in Amsterdam, Beijing, Boston, Chicago, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Mumbai, Paris, San Francisco, Palm Beach, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Tel Aviv and Washington, D.C. Its global footprint also includes a joint venture with SMBC Nikko Securities in Japan and a strategic alliance with Alfaro, Dávila y Scherer in Mexico. 

The firm went public in April 2014 and now employs approximately 900 people worldwide. It is led by founder and namesake Ken Moelis, who rose to fame in the early 1980s, working at Drexel Burnham Lambert. After a successful career at Donald Lufkin & Jenrette Securities (DLJ), Moelis was lured to UBS in 20...

Employee Reviews

  • “Moelis continues to prioritize work/life balance for its employees with several health and wellness initiatives, including (but not limited to) protected time-off policies, office-wide social events, flexible work arrangements, and a voluntary return-to-office plan under Covid.”
  • “The expectation is certainly to work hard, but the firm is also very focused on making sure we take our vacation days, get away for a few days, etc. Senior management is fairly explicit in saying, ‘Please take your vacation days, you've worked hard.’ I’ve also always felt that culturally Moelis feels somewhat like a family—people support each other and work hard together.”
  • “Moelis employees work hard but not exponentially more than at any other investment bank. For the time I invest into this job, I know I’ll be rewarded with experience on some of the most prestigious deals on the Street and great comp. Management and my MD have gone out of their way this year, especially while everyone works remotely because of Covid, to check in on us personally, encourage time off, and help us balance work with home life.”
  • “Initiatives such as protected weekends and protected holidays go a long way to help us juniors to get some quality time off. The rest of the deal team will pick up for the person who’s taking their protected time off so they aren’t bothered during that period. HR also does some check-ins when they noticed we weren’t taking as much time off during Covid work-from-home period and actively encouraged us to take some time away from work to relax. Definitely a much appreciated gesture.”
  • “Moelis' bonus is at the top of the Street every year. The firm has 401(k) matching, good parental leave policies, comprehensive medical benefits, etc.”
  • “Overall positive. Salary and bonus are very competitive, and are definitely the best aspects of the compensation package. Perks I believe are in line with other places.”
  • “Very generous comp (base and bonus) and good health benefits. The loss of in-office events like Bagel Wednesdays and Pizza Fridays because of Covid have been offset by virtual events and greater flexibility due to WFH.”
  • “Moelis rewards talent and pays competitively on Wall Street. Benefits and perks are better than or very similar to peer firms in the industry.”
  • “For good performers at the junior level, mobility is easily accessible. I have seen both analysts and associates fully transfer from one international office to another, and the process is relatively seamless. For those who are just interested in an experience, we have the Moelis Anywhere Program, which allows analysts or associates to work in a different international office for up to a year. Within the U.S., most analysts want to stay in the same office for the duration of the two-year program, but in some instances we’ve seen transfers from one U.S. office to another. At the associate level, if you have a need or interest to relocate to another U.S. office, those requests are often fulfilled.”
  • “Overall extremely positive. I have been promoted twice, and the first time was an ‘early promotion.’ I have always felt that there’s a clear path to the next level for me at Moelis and have not once had to worry about my next promotion. The expectation is that you do great work, which Moelis rewards strongly with high compensation and career advancement.”
  • “Definitely a lot of support from all functions with multiple touchpoints from the HR team as well as the business management team. Very clear culture of supporting our analysts in pursuing what they want to do (whether it’s internal promotions or seeking other opportunities on the buy side or with a client). Teams step up to cover for the analyst who is recruiting. For internal promotion, multiple touchpoints throughout the year with HR and business management to review track record/progress and potential for fast-track options.”
  • “Lots of formal and informal mentorship opportunities. Promotion paths are well defined, with good communication from firm to employees as to how people are tracking.”
  • “As a female employee, I appreciate the unique programs and coaching opportunities made available to women employees. We have employee network groups for various diverse groups. These groups are well-publicized and promoted.”
  • “The firm has always made a big push toward increasing diversity, including increasing the number of women and people of minority groups. This has included networking events and recruiting efforts, such as Moelis’ Young Leaders Diversity Program, which is targeted toward sophomores with minority backgrounds. These have been extremely effective, as the firm typically extends offers to a lot of those candidates.”
  • “As someone who has played an active role in recruiting for the past several years, I know diversity and inclusion is a very important focus for the firm. Moelis has put an emphasis on building a recruiting platform that will attract and retain qualified diversity candidates.”
  • “We have a Corporate Social Responsibility team that organizes our involvement with nonprofit organizations, and employees have access to participate in many of these initiatives. We have seasonal activities where we provide school supplies to children in need, run toy drives during the holidays, run coat drives in the fall and winter, and donate laptops for school children in need since remote schooling has started. We have various Employee Networks that support employees of underrepresented groups, including veterans, through networking, peer support, and idea sharing with allies.”
  • “The firm is extremely well positioned for the next 12 to 24 months, with the leading recapitalizations and restructuring group on Wall Street; a very strong M&A practice, providing independent, uncompromised advice to our client relationships; and growing capital markets, financial institutions, and private funds advisory groups.”
  • “We are well positioned considering we have a robust restructuring team that picks up when the M&A markets dip. However, our M&A activity has been able to remain steady and has increased significantly in the second half of this year. With no balance sheet, we are not as exposed to volatility as others.”
  • “Ken Moelis is one of the most optimistic leaders on Wall Street. He hardly ever loses, and Moelis & Co. thrives on his leadership. He has recruited and retained an impressive management team and population of MDs through the two biggest challenges in recent history: the financial crisis and now Covid. I could not have asked to be at a better firm in such times.”
  • “Full suite of services and industry coverage lets us be competitive in all markets. During the Covid pandemic, we’ve seen our restructuring activity pick up in areas where leverage and liquidity are issues, while other high-growth areas like tech and consumer have been able to raise growth equity. Recent expansion of capital markets capabilities and expertise in SPACs [special purpose acquisition companies] positions us well for asset-light assignments without balance sheet exposure.”
  • “It was an in depth experience. I was exposed to different kinds of deals, technical and modeling experience, and senior leadership. The people at Moelis are a pleasure to work with—everyone was very friendly and helpful. Overall, I had an incredible summer experience.”
  • “Varied and exciting deal exposure. Competitive pay and perks. Direct access to founding and senior leadership. Fun events and strong culture of community. Challenging assignments, balancing multiple deliverables, definitely stretched out of comfort zone at times.”
  • “Deep involvement in projects even as an intern. Client interactions and exposure to senior bankers were all positive experiences. Long hours were the most challenging part.”
  • “Generalist program provides great exposure to numerous different industries and projects. Significant exposure to live deal situations, clients, and senior bankers. Great culture and team-building events. Hours were a bit long at times.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “Moelis is fully committed to the health and wellness of its employees, with annual health and wellness fairs, strong parental leave/assistance programs, and Teladoc for all employees. The firm provides 24/7 medical and behavioral health support, included disability coverage, protected time off, flexible work arrangements, etc.”
  • “I’ve been impressed by management’s focus on wellbeing since Covid. They’ve encouraged time off, send a weekly list of resources to help manage work/life balance, and all around have walked the talk in terms of caring about how their employees are doing. In addition to protected time off, which we always had, they have pushed behavioral health benefits, an employee assistance program, and regular virtual social events. It’s hard to deny that they take this seriously.”
  • “Setting health coverage aside, the firm specifically provides behavioral health and family support services benefits. Additionally, we have a weekly memo that has tips and tricks regarding exercise, nutrition, meditation, mental health, etc. I think overall the firm is very focused on it, particularly during Covid-19.”
  • “Wellness has been a strong focus in the last five years. We have a wellness fair, competitions, challenges, etc. And there is a section of our intranet dedicated to sharing wellness podcasts, articles, and books.”


Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “The firm has been supportive to all employees as it relates to the protests and BLM movement. Internally, our leadership has addressed the issue of white privilege, and its need to remain focused and educated on how Wall Street Firms can support anti-racist initiatives. Leadership understands that the combination of each employee’s personal experience, a heated political climate, protests on both sides of the BLM movement, and the state of our country as we head into Election Day is complex, and employees may be feeling varying levels of anger, distress, stress, sadness, emotional turmoil, and outrage. The firm supports the needs of its employees as they absorb the impact the BLM movement has had and will have on their lives and communities. The firm has made it clear that we support efforts that stand for social justice, and take our responsibility to support diversity and inclusion in the workplace seriously. Moelis is on the right side of history here.”
  • “The firm conducted firmwide calls as well as regional calls, and provided information re: EAP [Employee Assistance Program], etc. The CEO sent a personal message to the firm in aftermath of George Floyd’s death. I appreciate that our firm leadership encouraged all of us to find ways to engage in social issues that are important to us. The COO was very encouraging and demonstrated empathy and also a construct for social engagement. I appreciated that we were given the space to find our own ways to engage and were not pressured into anything.”
  • “Moelis is focused on recruiting, retaining, and developing diverse employees. It has a culture of partnership and an inclusive workplace that values diversity and provides the opportunity for everyone to make a contribution. Recently, the firm started Employee Networks—internal organizations to support employees of underrepresented groups. Moelis also has a Young Leaders Diversity Program—a day and a half experiential program offering diverse sophomore students opportunities to learn about investment banking from industry-leading professionals and gain exposure to Moelis bankers. And the firm also has a Rise Above Fellowship—a merit-based fellowship awarded to first-year MBA students who identify as part of an underrepresented group and who embody Moelis’ culture of collaboration and demonstrate academic excellence.”
  • “We had firmwide calls, during which the Black Lives Matter movement and anti-racist protests were discussed, including employees with a minority background speaking during the calls. Following that, employee networks were started at Moelis that anyone was encouraged to join: Black and African American & Allies, Latino and Hispanic & Allies, LGBQT+ & Allies, as well as other groups. These groups have virtual meetings to further the conversations on those topics. I think the firm acknowledges the lack of diversity in the banking industry and is very focused on changing that.”

Response to Covid-19

  • “Moelis has been exceptionally responsive in light of an unpredictable situation. They swiftly developed a Covid Task Force who is responsible for understanding the laws and regulations around employer responsibility for the safety of their employees during this pandemic. We had weekly update calls from our most senior members of the organization, letting employees know where office closures stood, what we were doing to ensure business would remain stable, and they worked hard at keeping the firm connected while everyone works remotely. They’ve been exceptionally communicative, responsive, and transparent. They’ve sent pulse check surveys to gauge interest in returning to work. They’ve provided increased tech support and options so employees can remain productive from home. They’ve offered reimbursement for additional IT equipment and upgrades for home office set up as well.”
  • “I’ve felt 100 percent comfortable with the Moelis policies during the pandemic. I can tell that every decision being made is made completely with the safety of employees in mind. Communication has been excellent throughout the pandemic, and I’ve felt very informed every step of the way.”
  • “Our firm created a Covid working group early this year, as the situation was developing in China. They did significant work in anticipation of potential working from home reality. We had a fairly seamless transition around the globe, including having IT setups taken care of. Advice was given around remote-work set ups, including WiFi, etc. Our CEO and COO have communicated regularly about the situation and what to expect. They’ve been very flexible in accommodating the needs of employees, including child care issues, health concerns, and family concerns. We continue to receive regular updates and are assured that the firm will continue to work with all of us as we continue to work from home. The firm has also provided some broad safety and health guidelines for all our offices, making them very secure for those wanting to return. They’ve also given some flexibility to local offices to come up with policies that work best for employees in each location.”
  • “Covid committee task force was created at the onset of the pandemic, and they’ve been in constant contact with us through firmwide and office wide calls and emails as guidelines get updated. Lots of one-on-one calls where they were stressing to us that any return to office would be strictly voluntary for the time being, and we also got a $300 stipend to cover any costs for working from home, as well as additional weekly reimbursements for food while working from home. Overall, I’m very happy with the firm's stance and support.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Interview process is a multi-stage process, including a resume screen, followed by a phone screen, followed by a Superday. You get a call back as soon as the evening of the Superday. The ideal candidate is an independent, diligent, curious, hardworking self-starter and strong communicator.”
  • “Our process is decisive. We try to be responsive and give candidates feedback quickly. Our ideal candidates are those who want to take on a lot of responsibility and challenge themselves in live deal situations. We encourage critical thinking and strong communication skills.”
  • “The firm is responsive to candidates throughout the interview process and quick to provide next steps/updates with as much transparency as is possible during an ongoing process. Moelis seeks new talent with strong academic records, and exemplary communication and analytical skills. Looking for critical thinkers and collaborative team players to join the firm.”
  • “We’re seeking hardworking, intellectually curious people with a collaborative approach who want to have fun while they work and build lifelong relationships.”
  • “Typical DCF/valuation questions but tweaked to assess interviewees’ knowledge of how different assets might be assessed differently depending on what industry we’re looking at. Time is also spent to make sure they understand how the three statements flow, and if they can glean important information from a sample 10Ks and 10Qs.”
  • “Explain the most common valuation methodologies. Walk me through DCF. Track impairment through the three statements. Interviewer will list several valuation multiples, some of which are made up. Interviewee is asked to identify the wrong ones and explain why they’re wrong.”
  • “Live transaction case study. Emphasis on technical questions.”
  • “Our interviews are similar to others in investment banking, but we try to challenge candidates to think critically on their feet to evaluate how they will react in work scenarios.”

Perks & Benefits