Moelis is a top investment bank that offers strategic advice to clients across the world. Founded and still led by superstar banker Ken Moeils, the firm is committed to creating an inclusive culture and a workforce that’s representative of its diverse range of clients. The firm has networking groups for Asian, Black, Latino and Hispanic, women, LGBTQ+, and veteran employees. It also has a growing CSR program that supports more than 40 nonprofits.

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  • “Banking is a demanding job, and at Moelis a lot is expected regardless of level. This along with lean deal teams may sometimes make it difficult to get away from work. However, the firm is entrepreneurial and, in many ways, expects bankers to be able to manage themselves. This limits micromanaging and a feeling that someone is watching over you/requiring you to have an office presence. The firm has also encouraged folks to get back to office but does not apply pressure and has been rather flexible. Folks across the firm are also likeminded. They work extremely hard but also recognize the benefit of having a life outside of work. Returning to a collaborative workplace has been beneficial.”
  • “There's no doubt this year has been busy, but the work/life balance at Moelis isn't nearly as bad as the industry would have everyone believe. Certainly, it’s not significantly worse than at other firms, especially when you consider everything management does to ensure we get time to step away. Regular protected time off was increased this year in step with increased deal flow, which has helped to moderate the demands on bankers.”
  • “Moelis and banking in general is ebbs and flows. There are times when you are drowning in work, followed by periods where you can enjoy ample time with family and friends. Moelis also recently implemented protected time starting Friday at 7 p.m. to Saturday at noon, and one protected Saturday on the third week of each month. The firm is dedicated to improving the work/life balance and has taken these policies very seriously.”
  • “Overall, there have been a number of successful initiatives implemented over the last year to improve the work/life balance and quality of life. The best one is the once-a-month Protected Saturday policy that is for ALL employees. It gives everyone time down from Friday evening until Sunday morning. We also have a standing Friday evening to Saturday morning time down each weekend. These initiatives were much needed.”
  • “My firm’s compensation package is competitive and great comparative to other firms of our size and scale. I have no complaints with the firm in this perspective.”
  • “Moelis compensates its employees appropriately. They are adjusting to the changing dynamics of the industry and continue to reward those who outperform.”
  • “Best aspects are that comp is generous for top performers. A significant chunk is paid in stock, but given the recent stock performance, no one is complaining about that.”
  • “Since I joined Moelis, I have found that my compensation tends to be a step ahead of some others I know at other boutiques and the bulge brackets.”
  • “Moelis has been a great place to grow my career. Overall, it's a pretty well-rounded place for gaining experience from deal work, formal programs and informal mentorship. It helps that the firm continues to win mandates from both leading sponsors and strategics, which has given me the opportunity to interface with clients, I also participated in its Moelis@Wharton leadership development program and was able to get international experience through the Moelis Anywhere Program.”
  • “You consistently work with intelligent people at all levels on leading/interesting deals. Bankers have deep relationships across a range of industries so very familiar with executive team and industry dynamics. Very motivated people at each class level, and senior bankers solicit/encourage input across all levels. Large amounts of responsibility, so those looking for more experience tend to find it. Very well positioned for future career opportunities, particularly as all bankers interact with executives at the client, but also with senior investors looking to deploy capital. Hours can be long at the junior level, but this is definitely improving via protected days, team events, and generally a big push on recruiting (i.e. more junior bankers). The tradeoff is excellent exposure, and generally a broad acceptance to try and minimize unnecessary work at night, on weekends, and during holidays.”
  • “What makes Moelis stand out is the ability to develop and take on increasing responsibility in a natural progression. There is no ceiling on advancement based on your title. If you are qualified and competent, you will have continued opportunities to take on new and more advanced roles, whether that’s working directly with clients, managing larger teams of juniors, taking on a greater number of projects, etc.”
  • “Our business management and human capital management teams are extremely helpful in listening to our needs and finding solutions within the firm. Whether that is a transfer to another team, department, or function, several of my colleagues have moved into other areas that they are interested in with the full support of management. We are also invited to training at Wharton, host lectures by senior executives in our industry, and offer programs such as mentoring and peer counseling.”
  • “Employee networks dedicated to underrepresented groups have been a great way to connect with colleagues from different backgrounds. They're self-run, so each group has been able to manage their own programs. And now that they’re in their second year, they've had a positive impact on the kinds of conversation being had around the firm about diversity and representation.”
  • “We have Employee Resource Groups that meet periodically to discuss recent events, how to help our recruiting efforts, diversity efforts within the company, and host interesting lectures and panels for members of these networks. Firmwide, we celebrate holidays that directly impact these ERGs by posting on social media, reflecting on different cultures, and asking members of our ERGs to submit content such as recipes, book lists, podcasts, etc., for all of our employees to enjoy and learn from.’
  • “Diversity in hiring is something the firm is focused on. There are certain areas (LGBTQ+, military veterans) where we have had a lot of success recently and others where everyone acknowledges there is more work to do.”
  • “Proactive ESG strategy focused on what the firm is doing in both its own capacity as well as coverage, although there is still more work to do.”
  • “Firm is performing extremely well with record financial results and incredibly strong outlook.”
  • “I am very confident in the management team. They have successfully executed a growth strategy, and I think there is wide buy-in from employees.”
  • “We have the best CEO in financial services and are well positioned to continue to thrive.”
  • “Our collaborative approach to doing business results in clients getting the best advice. MDs with strong leadership skills really make a difference to the everyday experience. Every day I’m still learning and challenging myself.”
  • “The internship gave an accurate sense of what the real job would be like. We were staffed on both coverage and live deals in which we were able to act as the ‘analyst’ and given the appropriate autonomy and support to make the most of the experience. Moelis also did a great job organizing team events so that we were able to have balance and get to know our classmates better.”
  • “Access to senior bankers. Opportunity to work directly with clients at the senior most level. Work on live deals with clients. Limited ‘busy’ and typical ’intern’ work. Collaborative community. High offer rate removes stress and allows formation of relationships with fellow interns. Experience very closely resembles full-time experience.”
  • “Internship experience was amazing. I was treated like full-time analyst and got a ton of responsibility for an undergrad—significant live deal experience, opportunity to actually experience what being a banker is like, access to senior firm executives, and mentorship opportunities.”
  • “Terrific exposure to real deals and meaningful responsibility. Everything you'd want in an internship. Great, collegial environment with zero competitiveness. The offers were ours to lose, and the whole firm (especially alumni from my business school) was pulling for us to do well.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “They have comprehensive health and wellness program, including counseling and Zoom webinars on mental health. Also, there are free healthy snacks in the kitchens/pantry.”
  • “Mindfulness apps, financial allowances for health and wellness investment, healthy meals, behavioral health access, seminars, and speakers.”
  • “The firm provided access to stress management workshops with potential to follow up meditation/yoga classes virtually—and also gave access to a mindfulness app and continue reduced membership to gyms.”
  • “Protected time off is a big benefit and one I’ve relied on during a very busy year. Beyond that, Moelis also provides regular programming for health and wellness, like meditation classes and access to a mental health app called Unmind, which is really easy to access. Now that we've returned to the office, they've also reinstituted some social programs that fell by the wayside during the pandemic, like bagels on Mondays and occasional catered lunches, which make it easy to step away from the desk to grab a bite with others in the office.”

Getting Hired Here


  • “Standard interview and callback process. Very focused, and provides the candidate with the opportunity to get to know the team and culture. Ideal candidate is a self-starter and has worked hard to familiarize themselves with the recruitment process and potential interview questions.”
  • “We are seeking people who thrive in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment. We like diverse perspectives and people that are fun to work with.”
  • “Looking for smart go-getters who are forward-thinking and hard working.”
  • “We target business schools (e.g. Penn, Michigan, Indiana) and candidates with high GPAs and extracurricular experience.”
  • “Standard market questions. Real push to understand if the candidate really understands the fundamentals vs. rote learning the answer to ‘Walk me through a DCF.’ Questions about market dynamics, valuation, industry differences, etc.”
  • “Company with higher P/E buys a company with a lower P/E. Which valuation methodologies would you use when valuing a [x]? Company is valued at 2x and has [x], [y], and [z] tranches of debt. What are each of the tranches trading at and what is the equity value?”

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