Houlihan Lokey has leading M&A and restructuring groups. Its interns get a lot of live deal experience and top-notch training, and its full-time bankers get a ton of responsibility, the ability to pave their own paths, and schedule flexibility. Diversity is a strong suit, and there are many opportunities to volunteer and contribute on a matched basis.

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Houlihan Lokey is ideally looking for hardworking, smart, driven, hungry, competitive, down-to-earth, and passionate candidates. For students, the firm runs an excellent internship program, giving interns a lot of live deal experience, top-notch training, and the ability to engage in multiple events and social activities to get to know their peers and the firm’s senior bankers.

For full-time junior bankers, there are many career development opportunities, including the ability to take on more responsibility and pave your own path. In addition, the firm’s informal and formal training is extensive. While the firm is generally not concerned with face time, it can be difficult to unplug, given the firm’s strong deal flow. That said, even pre-Covid, the firm promoted ...

About the Company

Founded in 1972, investment banking firm Houlihan Lokey employs more than 1,500 people worldwide. Although it’s best known as an advisor to mid-cap companies and a restructuring house, Houlihan Lokey also serves large public corporations and small private companies. Its financial restructuring group has worked on some of the world’s biggest bankruptcy proceedings, including those of CIT Group, Lehman Brothers, WorldCom, General Motors, Enron, and Conseco. On August 13, 2015, the firm became a public company, listing on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol HLI. 

Underscoring its prowess in the deal markets, Houlihan Lokey is currently ranked No. 1 in announced M&A transactions for all U.S. transactions, No. 1 globally in restructuring, and the No. 1 M&A fairness opinion advisor over...

Employee Reviews

  • “HL does a good job taking care of its analysts (meals, expense policy, etc.). It’s sometimes hard to get away for vacation, which is the only downside.”
  • “Senior deal team members are willing to step down and do lower level work to improve employees’ quality of life. In addition, remote connectivity allows employees to work remotely and take vacation.”
  • “Very flexible work environment even pre-Covid. Lots of flexibility to work independently and pursue projects; not much of a face-time culture.”
  • “Results-oriented with proper incentivization. Focused on outputs and outcomes rather than hours and face time.”
  • “Competitive salary and bonus. Other perks, except the 401(k) match, are standard/in-line with the Street average.”
  • “I feel I get paid what I'm worth each and every year and never feel like I was screwed on compensation.”
  • “Great cash compensation for strong performers and lower holdbacks on bonuses. No 401(k) matching for officers, no charity matching, and no deferred comp is a little odd.”
  • “Good compensation, fair deferral and equity package. Could improve company matching on 401(k) as well as health/wellness benefits.”
  • “Career development opportunities are what you make of them. They’re good if you want to take on more responsibility and pave your own path. Senior bankers are generally supportive.”
  • “The firm invests in the development of its analysts. I feel like I’ve been given many opportunities to take on initiatives that analysts at other investment banks would not be able to.”
  • “Houlihan Lokey develops excellent and thoughtful execution bankers at the junior level to the senior level. However, many junior bankers have challenges transitioning from pure execution to a combination of business development and execution. This is not a criticism but more of a reality of overall professional development, which moves from highly structured formal training and on-the-job experience to less structured self-determined professional development and highly case-specific personal outcomes.”
  • “If you do a good job, there’s nothing preventing from you continued advancement. You always have people investing in your own career development.”
  • “HL always has and continues to promote diversity in the workplace. No matter your sex, race, or religion, everyone is welcome.”
  • “Very philanthropic—many opportunities to contribute on a matched basis every year. Very timely opportunities—for example, PPE for Covid.”


  • “I cannot think of a better place to work than HL. The firm has great growth prospects and an entrepreneurial culture that will support each and every one of its employees. Every employee has an opportunity to grow their career. The firm gives significant latitude in forming new groups and tackling new endeavors.”
  • “Resilient business model—highly entrepreneurial, flexible, and aggressive.”
  • “Lots of autonomy and ability to work on large projects as opposed to doing busy work. There are formal classes and lectures on top of regular work.”
  • “Interns essentially do what first-year analysts do. No busy work, and you’re involved on live deals/prospects while engaging in multiple events and social activities to get to know the people you work with and others at the firm."
  • “Real deal experience and top-notch training."
  • “The team was very inclusive and allowed me to take on initiative as an intern.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “Significant efforts to improve the programs in recent years.”
  • “Good wellness initiatives.”
  • “Could improve health and wellness benefits.”
  • “Free/discounted gym/fitness class memberships. Free annual blood test through Interactive Health (optional). Firmwide group fitness challenges.”

Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “Standard corporate response and small initiatives that followed from top leadership. Most of the real outreach came from VPs/associates to lower level staff to open lines of communication.”
  • “Response has been good.”
  • “Not leading the pack but very supportive.”

Response to Covid-19

  • “Great remote connectivity systems and processes. Sent dual screens to employees to work from home. Provided mental health and other resources to cope with current situation. Weekly check-ins. Always willing to listen and provide support and tools to employees.”
  • “Very supportive, communicative, collaborative. Embrace of technology for remote work.”
  • “Prioritized health and not forcing employees to return to office for the medium-term. Helped ship needed tech and provided stipend for upgrading home-office infrastructure.”
  • “The firm adapted quite well to the change and very little was lost from the outset. They have been flexible where possible.”

Why Work Here

Houlihan Lokey employees are able to grow professionally while working with experienced colleagues and world-class resources from the firm’s extensive global network. For financial staff, our record level of live engagements provides an unmatched opportunity to develop real deal experience and build a solid foundation in investment banking.

At Houlihan Lokey, we will strive to provide the richest experience possible to help you build a long and successful career. In turn, we are looking for a select group of talented individuals who understand and share our mission. The hours will often be long and the work will be challenging, but the experience will be rewarding.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Industry standard on all fronts. Ideal candidate is driven, smart, down-to-earth, and passionate about things outside of finance and school.”
  • “Ideal candidate is hungry, willing to learn, a hard worker, and competitive.”
  • “Interview questions differ greatly based on interviewer. I tend to focus more on case studies around valuation concepts and functional accounting.”

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