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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Banking 25


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Los Angeles, CA, US


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Claire Schulz – Recruitment Senior Associate

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Employee Reviews

  • “As far as investment banks go, I can't imagine a better environment/culture to operate within. People are ‘human’ and allow for one to have a life outside of work."

  • “No allotted vacation time, so every has to get cleared. However, generally, HL aims not to understaff, so I generally work on only two deals and some marketing prospects at one time. That helps to maintain day-to-day work/life balance.”

  • “Ability to take vacation is mostly driven by clients’ needs and expectations. Houlihan Lokey lets you take as much vacation as you would like. Not surprisingly, the best bankers work the most (and hence why they are the best).”

  • “The silver lining in Covid is the ability to now work remotely so seamlessly, during holidays and otherwise. So, it makes visiting family and friends more tenable that what I think the industry was like before Covid. Similarly, the group is as understanding as any investment banking group I've heard of on the Street in terms of respecting work/life in the demanding industry that is investment banking. However, given the fast-paced nature of the job, I never feel like I'm actually on ‘vacation.’ But that's also a reflection of nearly everyone on the team being so hardworking—no one wants to be unconnected for that long.”

Why Work Here

Houlihan Lokey employees are able to grow professionally while working with experienced
colleagues and world-class resources from the firm’s extensive global network. For financial staff, our record level of live engagements provides an unmatched opportunity to develop real deal experience and build a solid foundation in investment banking.

At Houlihan Lokey, we will strive to provide the richest experience possible to help you build a long and successful career. In turn, we are looking for a select group of talented individuals who understand and share our mission. The hours will often be long and the work will be challenging, but the experience will be rewarding.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Ideal candidate is hardworking and intelligent, and can also fit in well within the welcoming culture.”

  • “Candidates need to be proficient in accounting above all. Looking for kids who show they have an agile mind and can think on their feet.”