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101-500 Employees


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Vault Banking 25


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Aerospace, Defense & Government


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Boston, MA, US

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Employee Reviews

  • “Harris Williams’ culture is highly collaborative and focused on providing the best M&A advisory services possible to our clients. Having a mission that everyone agrees with and is focused on makes the work so much more rewarding. Client services and banking sometimes requires having to work in ways that pinch on the work/life balance front. However, I think Harris Williams works hard to minimize this, and we work hard with our analysts and associates to relieve these pinch points.”
  • “This firm places great importance on work/life balance. We have been extremely busy, so we do often have to work on the weekends and late hours. However, if something important is coming up, such as a concert you got tickets for months ago, or a friend’s birthday party, as long as you communicate with your deal team, you can always manage to make it.”
  • “Obviously we work a good amount, but face time is less important than at other banks. Also, we’ve been given the freedom to go into the office and interact in-person rather than being forced to work virtually despite being vaccinated (what many bulge brackets continue to do). Open communication allows us to attend weddings and other major events on weekends without fear of them being ruined. We also generally leave the office at a reasonable hour (7 p.m.) to take a break, hang out with family/friends, before working from home.”
  • “HW does encourage employees to find a balance, but the work is demanding. Analysts and associates are given protected time to unplug away from the office and work phones, which they find helpful. The more senior you get at the firm, the more control you have over your schedule.”

Why Work Here

Harris Williams is a global investment bank specializing in M&A advisory services. Founded in 1991, we work together across Industry Groups and geographies to help our clients take their vision to the next level. 

We foster an inclusive and collaborative culture by hiring quality people who are committed, tenacious, smart and principled—dedicated to achieving the right results for our clients, the right way. Both our analysts and associates play an integral role in our M&A advisory activities and regularly engage with senior Harris Williams professionals and executives of the companies we advise. 

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Getting Hired Here

  • “We’re seeking candidates we envision ultimately becoming managing directors at our firm. The path to managing director can be filled by a range of people with a variety of strengths, but it’s important to know that this is part of how we think about bringing people into the firm.”
  • “We generally utilize a combination of coffee chats/initial phone interviews to refine the candidate pool, followed by an intensive Super Day interview program. We endeavor to provide feedback as quickly as possible. The ideal candidate brings a well-rounded skill set with exceptional analytical, writing, and verbal communication capabilities. A highly positive attitude and can-do mentality are also key.”
  • “The interview process is built to identify someone who demonstrates an ability to work hard, is willing and able to learn, can contextualize and navigate a range of factors to think strategically towards a solution, and can communicate that strategy effectively.”
  • “Harris Williams looks for well-rounded and talented candidates. Our culture is what makes us unique in the marketplace, and that’s the most important part of the recruiting process. Across the firm we think it’s very important to enjoy the people you work with to produce exceptional work.”

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