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101-500 Employees


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Vault Banking 25


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Chicago, IL


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Halley Geringer

Firsthand Findings

Employee Reviews

  • “Super lean firm and teams means a lot of responsibility placed on analysts and great experience but also tough work/life balance. That said, there is VERY little bureaucracy relative to other boutiques and especially BBs. Compared to my peers in IBD, I do a lot less pitching, more valuable and interesting work, and have better work/life balance. One negative aspect is a lot of weekend work—no structures in place to protect against that. A lot of internal turning/iterations on weekends unnecessarily.”
  • “I think Greenhill does a nice job working to create an active and inclusive culture at the firm. I think people across career levels are very comfortable co-mingling, and a lot of the interactions I see are very friendly and colloquial. That said, the hours tend to run long and bleed into work/life balance. There is little separation between personal time and work time, so people lose out on the opportunity to pursue other things outside of work.”
  • “Greenhill is probably the best reputable investment bank from a quality of life standpoint. Senior bankers actively encourage juniors to take time off, people frequently push work away from weekends and late nights, and the firm has good policies to protect junior bankers. Banking is still hard work, but Greenhill makes it as smooth as possible.”
  • “Hardworking culture with no expectation for face time. Healthy relationships between senior management and junior team.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The analyst process consists of a fairly rigorous first-round technical interview, with harder questions that require understanding beyond just memorizing the standard questions. Then there is a Super Day with more senior bankers, which consists of a mix of behavioral and technical questions. The ideal candidate is technically sharp and intelligent, has the ability to work independently within smaller deal teams and take on lots of responsibility, and has a strong demonstrated interest in Greenhill. It's also important that a candidate demonstrate a strong cultural fit through the interview process.”
  • “Recruiting is fairly low-touch. For MBA recruiting, we typically do a corporate presentation, which is open to any interested candidate, followed by a resume-screened coffee chat, than by an invite-only event, which rolls into a first-round interview and subsequently a Super Day (multiple interviews). Looking for candidates who appreciate Greenhill's unique advisory-only focus and are able to articulate ‘Why Greenhill?’ We also try to find thoughtful candidates who will both be able to contribute fairly early-on who are also agreeable and pleasant to be around. We have small classes so technically proficiency and cultural fit are both very important.”
  • “Interview process is very formal and punctual; we are acutely cognizant of our prospective candidates’ time and that shines through. Ideal candidate is smart, incisive, industrious, proactive, ethical, and humble.”
  • “Ideal candidate is mature, intellectual, well-rounded, enthusiastic, willing to learn, and ready to take on responsibility and punch above their weight.”

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