Evercore is one of the world’s top M&A and restructuring advisors. It regularly works on massive high-profile investment banking deals for clients such as GE, Fubo, and Verizon. The firm offers phenomenal training and senior-banker exposure to interns and junior bankers. And it's very focused on creating an inclusive culture. It has active and effective networking groups for women, LGBTQ+ individuals, traditionally underrepresented minorities, and veterans.

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  • “Very supportive and respectful culture. Very focused on quality of life and work/life balance. Exceptional culture. Given the lean teams and deal flow, work schedule continues to be demanding. It’s difficult to make time for vacation, but it's not internally driven, mostly from clients.”
  • “Hours are not short, but the work is extremely engaging and meaningful. Minimal fire drills or useless busy work. If and when personal things come up, team members will be extremely accommodating and cover for you.”
  • “The best aspect is that the firm has taken a strong stance on protecting weekends unless absolutely necessary to make exceptions. This has made me more motivated to work hard during the week knowing that my free time will be respected on weekends. Obviously, it is never fun to have to work on a weekend, but I almost always know when I'll have to well in advance.”
  • “Investment banking requires you to always be available and online. The firm general strives for protected Saturdays at the junior level, but there will of course be exceptions to this rule.”
  • “Very competitive salary, and best part is that it’s very transparent. You don’t get surprised by the end of the year. Would be great to have more paternity leave.”
  • “Strong base and signing bonus, but only marginally above peers. But WFH opportunities have been strong relative to peers. They only match 401(k) up to $3,000, and the health insurance coverage is average. Also, very few on-site amenities (food/child care/gym/etc.).”
  • “Salary (and traditionally bonus, too) is one of the most generous on the Street. But the 401(k) company matching policy is one of the worst among all banks—the annual match cap is very low.”
  • “Salary is top of the street. Benefits are not that great. Medical is on the expensive end. Food and beverages are before-tax benefits, but not very generous.”
  • “Very supportive culture. Constantly supporting the individual on making the next step. Ongoing education and panel speakers on how to elevate to the next level. Very transparent and clear promotion processes, coupled with regular feedback. Worst aspect is probably international mobility given boutique nature of the business. Good presence in the U.S. and Europe but less so in rest of the world.”
  • “Training program at Evercore is fantastic and one of the best across the Street, with actual bankers leading sessions. Senior leadership was actively involved and actually participated on one of my transactions. Great exposure to exciting transactions, and great responsibility given right away. The pathway to promotion is clear, and senior people are invested in seeing you succeed and get promoted. Associates are viewed as future VPs, not just labor to grind. However internal mobility is constrained to your network.”
  • “I personally feel that everyone genuinely cares about your career development, whether that means staying at Evercore in the same function, different function, or leaving to another career in a related or completely unrelated function. Haven’t really thought about what my next steps are but have been able to have candid, open conversations with mentors about what they might be with no pressure to remain in the program.”
  • “The firm does a good job of balancing between firm-level and group-level training and development, as well as encouraging informal training and mentorship through a culture of teaching. The firm could improve on knowledge sharing between groups.”
  • “Great support amongst women and certain racial/ethnic demographics, but representation is low/quiet when it comes to certain racial ethnic demographics and LGBTQ+ population. We have truly relevant sessions about inclusion in a very banking-relevant context that goes above and beyond the generic third-party trainings I’m used to. Very strong engagement and buy-in from people.”
  • “Diversity at the junior levels is extremely strong, but at the senior levels the firm is not very diverse. Management at least seems to be trying to prioritize diversity with a number of training sessions and making it one of the core values of the firm.”
  • “Overall the firm is working hard to improve diversity in all areas. Our most successful areas are with gender and veterans. We still have a long way to go with underrepresented minorities. As for ESG, we hardly talk about environmental sustainability in the firm, but have plenty of philanthropy and volunteer programs.”
  • “The firm has taken great strides over the last year to address this issue, but there remains and will remain a major lack of diversity at this bank for years to come. Lack of diversity is especially prominent at the senior level and is hard to fix in a short period of time.”
  • “Employee morale is generally good, and people feel confident that the firm has managed to capture and retain the brightest junior employees (analysts and associates) and the most productive SMDs and partners.”
  • “The independent model has scaled well, and it’s clear EVR is the leader of the independent advisory firms. It remains to be seen how effectively the firm can scale its capital raising advisory businesses and whether this will create conflicts for the M&A business.”
  • “There is a ton of growth on the horizon. We are well poised in a number of sectors with excellent personnel, culture, leadership, and reputation. It will continue to be extremely busy, and although we’ve added so many people, we may not have the staff to handle the workload.”
  • “Employees have the utmost support of firm leadership. Every deal that the firm advises on has an announcement sent through the firm that the CEOs and founder respond to and congratulate the team on. The firm recognizes where the market is moving, and is well-sized and positioned to advise clients in effective ways.”
  • “The firm worked to replicate the in-person experience as much as possible by staffing us onto live deals and providing the necessary equipment. The virtual environment naturally made it difficult to feel as connected to the firm, but the culture of my different teams and groups still came through over Zoom.”
  • “Best part was getting to meet the people I did have the chance to meet and form some incredibly strong mentorship relationships and friendships despite the virtual nature of the internship. Hardest part was being virtual and missing out on the chance to get to know my class better and participate in activities the firm would usually put on for interns.”
  • “It was not ideal with the internship being virtual, but there was nothing the firm could have done about that. Given the circumstances, I still had a great experience—I was able to work on interesting live deals and build skills that have served me well full time.”
  • “Best aspect was the overall culture. The firm as a whole and the individual groups made every effort to welcome interns, and create an environment of open networking and mentorship with SMDs. Most challenging aspect was some of the junior bankers were so busy that there was a lack of guidance to help understand the technical analyses, especially for a person who is new to banking.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “Counseling services are covered (five times a year) and additional effort has been made such as Wellness Week.”
  • “Discounts at great gyms in NYC, a wellness program that encourages health checks, various volunteer opportunities, and group fitness and meditation classes.”
  • “They have wellness programs, but they’re hard to use. I wish they instead gave a stipend and let us figure out how to use it (and then verified our uses). I like to do some less common sports that are not included in any wellness-related initiatives.”
  • “The firm facilitates onsite medical exams and flu vaccines, and provides subscriptions to One Medical. No onsite gym or designated periods for working out, but discounts are available on certain gym memberships. Bike room and showers are available onsite. The number of hours required means frequently less sleep than is recommended.”

Getting Hired Here


  • “For lateral recruiting specifically, initial phone screen with one banker, then one to two Super Day interviews with four bankers each, then a modeling exam. Ideal candidate is focused, fully technically competent, and well-steeped in whatever product we are interviewing for.”
  • “Looking for candidates with genuine intellectual curiosity in finance and those who are well-rounded. Overall, Evercore emphasizes hiring A/A+ talent only.”
  • “Ideal candidate is competent/superior with technical and socially approachable. The firm’s interview and callback process is fantastic compared to other banks. Our firm has a smaller number of ‘touchpoints’ in its recruiting process (the firm doesn’t require candidates to hold an excessive number of coffee chats), yet the events and touchpoints, when they happen, are relevant and meaningful.”
  • “Typically, one to three first-round interviews and then a Super Day. We are looking for candidates who are highly intelligent and motivated to be excellent in this job, and who are also humble, collegial, and just pleasant and good people generally.”
  • Accounting questions, accretion/dilution, behavioral questions, and general questions such as: Why are you interested in investment banking?”
  • “Much more technical than some of the other firms; interviews; clear focus on technical proficiency vs culture, etc.”
  • “Why Evercore? What motivates you and how do you think this career will satisfy that?”
  • “Evercore’s interviews are extremely technical—hardest interviews I had. Understanding equity market dynamics is key for an ECM interview.”

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