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Evercore is one of the world’s top M&A and restructuring advisors. It regularly works on massive high-profile investment banking deals for clients such as GE, Fubo, and Verizon. The firm offers phenomenal training and senior-banker exposure to interns and junior bankers. And it's very focused on creating an inclusive culture. It has active and effective networking groups for women, LGBTQ+ individuals, traditionally underrepresented minorities, and veterans.

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A very prestigious independent investment banking advisory firm, Evercore is looking for smart, driven, hardworking, intellectually curious candidates who are passionate about investment banking and have a strong grasp of corporate finance and accounting. For students, the firm runs an excellent internship program, offering interns significant live deal exposure and meaningful interaction with clients and senior bankers.

For its full-time junior bankers, the firm offers phenomenal initial and continued training programs, along with robust mentorship. Senior team members are invested in developing junior bankers’ skills. In addition, the firm’s team-oriented culture gets rave reviews from insiders. People treat each other with a tremendous...

About the Company

Founded in 1995 by Blackstone and U.S. Treasury veteran Roger Altman, independent investment banking advisory firm Evercore went public in August 2006 with an $83 million initial public offering. Since then, the firm has grown into an elite independent investment banking advisory firm, employing more than 1,900 people and serving clients around the world from its numerous offices in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia.

The firm’s investment banking business advises clients on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, restructurings, financings, public offerings, private placements, and other strategic transactions. It also provides institutional investors with equity research and sales and trading ...

Employee Reviews

  • “Evercore has a wonderful, team-oriented culture in which people treat each other with a tremendous amount of respect, kindness, and patience. It feels like a family where people genuinely care about others on their teams. We have such strong deal flow that at times it can be difficult for people to get a break. The firm tries to ensure that everyone has as good a work/life balance as possible, but given how busy we are, at times it can be a challenge.”
  • “The investment banking industry is one that’s dependent on client service and where deals require intense work effort sometimes in compressed time windows. Once in a while, there’s a dip in activity and you need to learn to take advantage of it. The senior people are generally understanding of this and encourage junior and mid-level bankers to use those dips in activity to get out of the office and enjoy their time off.”
  • “Everyone at Evercore does their best to ensure that their coworkers are able to have a work/life balance. I think the firm has done a good job promoting these policies. One aspect that could be helpful is instituting a protected weekend policy once a month for all analysts.”
  • “Investment banking comes with notoriously long hours, and that’s still the case at Evercore, but everyone at the firm tries their best to be respectful of your time. While work/life balance isn’t always optimal, it’s a strong consideration of senior bankers when situations allow. No artificial deadlines, and deal teams are very flexible with timelines, allowing junior members to balance multiple projects with their personal lives.”
  • “Evercore has strong compensation packages, and I’ve been pleased. My salary is higher than most of my analyst peers, and my bonus is either highly competitive or significantly higher than those of my peers. Evercore also provided me with a promotion bonus to stay on as a third-year analyst, which is not something I have seen elsewhere. I’ve really appreciated Evercore’s culture of paying employees, at all levels, in a manner commensurate with the time they commit to their work.”
  • “High cash compensation, low medical premiums, discounted gym memberships. Limited discount programs outside the gym. Recently installed a 401(k) match program, which is good but has a relatively low cap.”
  • “Salary is above market for Wall Street. Maternity leave policy is excellent, and the firm’s childcare benefits are a testament to the value that Evercore places on creating diverse and inclusive workplace.”
  • “Compensation is top of the Street—happy with where I am comped. Firm could do more on the benefits for people who don’t have kids—no 401(k) matching for senior people and could be more vocal around other benefits—but all in all, seems like standard coverage.”
  • “Evercore’s initial and continued training programs are phenomenal. Not only do new team members have an extensive training program before ‘hitting the desk’ but also there’s an ongoing ‘technical excellence’ program to share best practices across the firm. Many deals have an international component. In just over two years, I have been on multiple cross-border deals (Europe and Asia). Evercore is growing incredibly fast and continues to offer additional services to clients. New groups (e.g., Alternative Capital with a focus on SPACs) offer junior team members additional exposure to new sectors and products.”
  • “The firm is absolutely fantastic when it comes to career development. We have actual mentoring programs where we stay in touch with our mentors and grab lunches on a regular basis (all sponsored by the firm). And we have ‘Black Belt’ sessions where we get training on different areas of banking, covering spin offs, tax advisory, restructuring, ECM stuff, etc.”
  • “Evercore runs a robust training program for those that come through our campus recruiting efforts. We have an internal training program led by bankers to ensure all analysts and associates hit the desk with significant knowledge on how to create slides and run models the Evercore way. They gain real experience in their trainings so they can hit the desk and work effectively from day one.”
  • “The team is great with respect to mentorship and talent development. You can tell from the senior managing director downward that everyone is invested in the individuals on the team learning as much as possible and developing skills to be successful. The firm does lag behind other firms with respect to promotional policies. For example, there’s no way for an analyst to get promoted ‘early’ to associate, while other firms have started instituting an early promotion policy for top second-year analysts.”
  • “We have separate support diversity groups for women, underrepresented minorities, LGBTQ+ individuals, and veterans. ‘Allies’ of the groups are also included. These are fully supported by all members of top management. We also scrutinize at the top management level our hiring, promotion, and compensation policies to ensure there is no discrimination.”
  • “Evercore regularly encourages charitable involvement among employees (both time and money). Additionally, the firm’s leaders and staff facilitate and encourage environmentally sustainable policies and measures within the office.”
  • “There are a number of diversity networks within the firm that promote an inclusive atmosphere focused on learning and communication. The firm’s leadership publicly encourages bankers to engage in philanthropy across the board and recently included donation matching.”
  • “The firm is very supportive of diversity, and has many groups for recruiting and other efforts for underrepresented groups. However, like many firms, there’s more that could be done.”
  • “The firm is well positioned to increase its market share as a result of its reputation and track record of being a trusted advisor through good times and bad times. The firm is at a competitive advantage currently as a result of its senior leadership and senior involvement with clients, recruiting and hiring practices focused on ability and diversity, and relentless and consistent focus on providing the best and most objective advice to clients, regardless of impact to the firm’s revenue. The more junior employees respect and buy into this approach, and that’s why the entire organization has such a gold-plated reputation.”
  • “Evercore is well-positioned despite the Covid-19 pandemic because of its strong restructuring and S&T businesses. The firm did a great job building up these ancillary practices over the past few years to provide a cushion if there was ever a major pullback in M&A volume.”
  • “Evercore is definitely more oriented to M&A, so the Covid crisis has hit hard, but the firm has demonstrated remarkable resiliency despite the lack of M&A volume. The business is far more developed than other so called boutiques and has a strong capital markets presence now.”
  • “Presumably, M&A activity will continue to rebound going into 2021. This should allow Evercore to continue to thrive. It will be interesting to see when we ultimately make a full return to office, but it seems as though employees feel relatively connected to the Evercore culture despite our remote work situation. Excited to see what the next year has to offer at Evercore.”
  • “Lots of deal flow and exposure to senior members of the firm. There are also social interaction opportunities with other interns and employees. Work is the focus of the summer, and long hours can be expected.”
  • “A lot of responsibility from the start. They trusted me to be able to run with parts of the process, and this greatly sped up my learning experience. We support a lot of other teams around the world, and some people don’t have regard for time-zone differences, which makes for some very early phone calls.”
  • “I really enjoyed the people, the fishbowl experience (all the interns sat in one room so we bonded and gained a strong sense of community), and the generalist program. Evercore made a big effort to make our internship fun, we had lots of events, happy hours, etc. Being on call is a tough aspect of banking to get used to. Had two nights when I stayed up really late, but the rest of the time my hours weren’t bad.”
  • “The best aspects of the internship were live deal exposure and interaction with clients and senior bankers. Evercore’s summer is the real deal, and the amount of responsibility you’re given on deals is unrivaled across the Street. You’re treated as a full member of the deal team and not ‘help.’ The worst aspect was the unpredictable hours. As an intern, you don’t really know what to expect for timeframes, and it can be difficult to plan ahead.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “The firm has worked diligently on improving, marketing, and enhancing its wellness initiatives. I feel that there are new opportunities to participate in wellness initiatives, and I just wish I had the time.”
  • “The firm consistently sends out communications encouraging wellness amongst employees, which is particularly important in light of Covid-19/ WFH. Additionally, senior bankers and staffers are supportive of vacation time, exercise, and some level of work/life balance, which really makes these things a reality for junior bankers.”
  • “Evercore has gone above and beyond to ensure the health and wellness of its employees, offering free workout classes, time off, etc.”
  • “So, this is a great indicator or how senior people treat their juniors: I'm currently down with Covid-19, and have received multiple check-ins from seniors in our group. Also, our group head has reached out multiple times to make sure I have everything I need. In addition, I was given two weeks off just to rest and get better.”


Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “The firm’s executive management (chairman, founder, and co-CEOs) have shown great leadership in supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, addressing it directly in a timely fashion, particularly around George Floyd’s death. The firm’s executive management leads by example, and sets a tone that it’s of utmost importance to have empathy and help those around us.”
  • “Our CEO, entirely unprompted, sent a personal email to our employees discussing the importance of diversity and our institutional abhorrence to the acts of racism and the related acts of violence that have been in the news. We also revised our corporate values and elevated diversity and inclusion from being a part of our ‘respect’ value to its own value. In addition we established related charitable giving with matching contributions from the firm.”
  • “Evercore recently did a company-wide fundraiser for organizations that support movements like BLM and matched donations up to $500,000.”
  • “The firm fully supported the movement and held town halls and discussions with internal diversity groups on how to best address issues inside and outside the firm.”

Response to Covid-19

  • “The firm has done an outstanding job managing the business during the Covid pandemic. It has provided us with the tools we need to be effective working remotely. It has been prudent in terms of returning to work to minimize risks to employees and their families. It has encouraged employees to make decisions that are best for them, not pressuring people to come to the office if they feel uncomfortable, and encouraging anyone with loved ones who are high risk to continue to work from home. Leadership is open and honest about their own struggles during the pandemic. The firm has a policy where we check on every person at the firm weekly.”
  • “I believe the firm has done what it believes was right every step of the way. Some of these decisions can certainly be second guessed in retrospect, but it feels as though every decision that was taken was meant to be in the interest of employee safety.”
  • “Evercore has provided weekly meal allowances/reimbursement for all employees during our work-from-home situation. Additionally, the firm decided to provide a $300 allowance to employees for purchasing office supplies, equipment, etc. Employees have been encouraged to utilize these stipends. We have transitioned very easily to using video conferencing software and other collaboration tools.”
  • “The firm was quick to move to a virtual format. We were provided with an allowance to get necessary IT equipment to enable us to function virtually for an extended period of time. The firm was very transparent during the peak of the pandemic, providing weekly updates on how they’re thinking about the return to office. The firm has had a consistent message that returning to an office setting is on a voluntary basis and they value each employee’s decision.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “I believe we have one of the most rigorous interview and callback processes on Wall Street. We have the toughest investment banking questions and a tremendously high bar for leadership skills. The ideal candidate has an excellent grasp of corporate finance and accounting. The candidate must also be an exceptional leader with initiative and strong communication skills.”
  • “One interview on campus, then a Superday in New York. I believe that the firm is looking for candidates that are smart, driven, intellectually curious, and looking for a challenging but rewarding career. It is important that candidates identify with the independent model and can articulate why Evercore is the place they want to be. It is a very competitive process, so I think nailing both the soft and technical aspects of the interview are critical to landing a position.”
  • “At the associate level, much of recruiting comes through the on-campus recruiting pipelines. Evercore looks for those who first and foremost are friendly and collegial—the company is really looking for nice people to work with. From there the firm looks for technical proficiency, and makes sure candidates have a strong understanding of the bank and its culture.”
  • “Evercore is seeking smart candidates who are passionate about investment banking, leaders, good communicators, and willing to learn in a demanding work environment. This job requires a lot of time and commitment, but the rewards in learning, access to senior leaders, and potential exit opportunities more than compensate.”
  • “The Superdays are highly technical and focus a lot on accretion, dilution, and accounting questions—important topics for M&A.”
  • “Tell me about yourself. Walk me through your resume. Why do you think you’re the perfect candidate for the job? Walk me through the steps of a sell-side process. Tell me about a deal and the rationale behind the transaction.”
  • “Explain a transaction you’ve been following in the news. Questions about stock sales versus asset sales. Why do you want to work in investment banking? Why do you want to work at Evercore?”
  • “Paper LBO walkthrough, previous deal experience, rationale for acquisitions. Large focus on behavioral fit as well.”

Perks & Benefits