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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Banking 25


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New York, NY


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Full-Time Employees: Chelsea Herritt - Head of Recruitment

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Employee Reviews

  • “Vacation days are almost always approved and encouraged. Furthermore, senior folks respect your time off, which leads to a healthy work/life balance. Four days a week in office and one remote significantly improves quality of life.”

  • “Evercore does a great job encouraging junior employees to take their vacations and unplug from work. However, that means when you're not on vacation, people are working quite hard. Sundays are work days more often than not.”

  • “Culture and work/life balance largely depend on group, with large variations across the groups. Some of my colleagues will work 90-hour weeks, while some only 60.”

  • “The makes an effort to track and be reasonable with the hours that we work. There is also a concerted effort to not bother people when they do go on vacation. There are definitely long hours, with some weeks being worse than others. That being said, most senior bankers are respectful of your time and do not try to give unnecessary work if it can be avoided.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm obviously wants people who are very strong technically, but even more important seems to be whether a person fits well with the firm's culture of support and friendliness.”

  • “I think the firm is looking for individuals who fit its culture. They’re looking for team members who have good communication skills, learn fast, and are willing to take initiative.”

  • “Loved the process. Mine was remote but still felt personal and close. The ideal Evercore candidate is extremely intelligent, principled, and moral, and can become a true expert and specialist in tough situations and industry-defining moves. This requires intelligence, a good attitude, and humility.”

  • “First-round phone interview is mostly technical. Final round is a Super Day with two associates, two VPs, and also mostly technical. Three days after the Super Day I got the call about the offer. Talent and intellect are top priorities, followed by a demonstration of work ethic.”

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