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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Banking 25


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Los Angeles, CA


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Joanna Walker- Head of Recruitment

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Employee Reviews

  • “Very supportive and respectful culture. Very focused on quality of life and work/life balance. Exceptional culture. Given the lean teams and deal flow, work schedule continues to be demanding. It’s difficult to make time for vacation, but it's not internally driven, mostly from clients.”
  • “Hours are not short, but the work is extremely engaging and meaningful. Minimal fire drills or useless busy work. If and when personal things come up, team members will be extremely accommodating and cover for you.”
  • “The best aspect is that the firm has taken a strong stance on protecting weekends unless absolutely necessary to make exceptions. This has made me more motivated to work hard during the week knowing that my free time will be respected on weekends. Obviously, it is never fun to have to work on a weekend, but I almost always know when I'll have to well in advance.”
  • “Investment banking requires you to always be available and online. The firm general strives for protected Saturdays at the junior level, but there will of course be exceptions to this rule.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “For lateral recruiting specifically, initial phone screen with one banker, then one to two Super Day interviews with four bankers each, then a modeling exam. Ideal candidate is focused, fully technically competent, and well-steeped in whatever product we are interviewing for.”
  • “Looking for candidates with genuine intellectual curiosity in finance and those who are well-rounded. Overall, Evercore emphasizes hiring A/A+ talent only.”
  • “Ideal candidate is competent/superior with technical and socially approachable. The firm’s interview and callback process is fantastic compared to other banks. Our firm has a smaller number of ‘touchpoints’ in its recruiting process (the firm doesn’t require candidates to hold an excessive number of coffee chats), yet the events and touchpoints, when they happen, are relevant and meaningful.”
  • “Typically, one to three first-round interviews and then a Super Day. We are looking for candidates who are highly intelligent and motivated to be excellent in this job, and who are also humble, collegial, and just pleasant and good people generally.”

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