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Deutsche Bank - Investment Management

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  • “DB has a good culture, though it’s not always the most team-oriented. If you’re not hard-nosed now, you soon will be.”

  • “It’s a high-pressure environment, and it’s very hectic, with everyone being responsible for everything.” 

  • “Working at Deutsche very rewarding and management definitely appreciates your efforts and contributions, and works hard toward creating a fun, relaxed environment.”

  • “Though hours at all banks are awful, DB is among the more reasonable. I’ve only pulled a few all-nighters.”

  • “The culture at Deutsche is pretty flat and open to meritocracy.”

  • “Employees seem genuinely happy to be here, but not in a cultish, drink-the-punch sort of way, as at some other banks.”

  • “Deutsche Bank is home to some of the smartest but most demanding senior managers on Wall Street.” 

Getting Hired Here

  • “Interviews are surprisingly straightforward and much more friendly than I expected.”

  • “Be willing to voice your interest but also be flexible. Make sure you have a passion for the job. If you are passionate about the position, conduct yourself well, and come to the interviews prepared, you will get at least past the first round.”