Deutsche Bank is a legendary Wall Street firm with inclusion at its heart. It’s part of the elite investment banking bulge bracket and has a long track record of working on the world’s most transformative deals. Based in Germany, DB is also known for its inclusive culture and focus on building the careers of LGBTQ+ individuals, people of color, refugees, and women.

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The very prestigious Deutsche Bank has a fun, relaxed culture that, at times, can also be high-pressured and hectic. The firm is home to some of the smartest but most demanding senior managers on Wall Street. Insiders say that working for these managers is very rewarding and that your work and efforts are definitely appreciated. Hours can be long, but DB is among the more reasonable investment banks when it comes to workloads. As for diversity, insiders say the firm has many women in high positions and is diverse when it comes to minorities as well. Overall, employees are satisfied with their jobs, and the firm has a brighter outlook than many of its competitors. Insiders say that when the competition began laying off talented employees during the bear market, Deutsche Bank was se...

About the Company

Deutsche Bank has a global footprint, with particular strength in Europe and its homeland of Germany. With roots that date back to 1870, Deutsche Bank made its first major bank acquisition outside of Germany in 1986, purchasing Banca d'America e d'Italia. Subsequent acquisitions included the Morgan Grenfell Group (1989), the U.S. firm Bankers Trust (1999), the U.S. asset manager Scudder Investments (2002), the Swiss private bank Rued Blass & Cie (2003), and the Russian investment bank United Financial Group (2006).

Today, Deutsche Bank's international presence encompasses retail banking branches, corporate and investment banking, and asset management. It's made up of three main divisions: corporate and investment bank, private clients and asset management, and corporate i...

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Employee Reviews

  • “DB has a good culture, though it’s not always the most team-oriented. If you’re not hard-nosed now, you soon will be.”

  • “It’s a high-pressure environment, and it’s very hectic, with everyone being responsible for everything.” 

  • “Working at Deutsche very rewarding and management definitely appreciates your efforts and contributions, and works hard toward creating a fun, relaxed environment.”

  • “Though hours at all banks are awful, DB is among the more reasonable. I’ve only pulled a few all-nighters.”

  • “The culture at Deutsche is pretty flat and open to meritocracy.”

  • “Employees seem genuinely happy to be here, but not in a cultish, drink-the-punch sort of way, as at some other banks.”

  • “Deutsche Bank is home to some of the smartest but most demanding senior managers on Wall Street.” 

Getting Hired Here

  • “Interviews are surprisingly straightforward and much more friendly than I expected.”

  • “Be willing to voice your interest but also be flexible. Make sure you have a passion for the job. If you are passionate about the position, conduct yourself well, and come to the interviews prepared, you will get at least past the first round.”