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DC Advisory is an international middle-market investment bank committed to making a difference in people’s lives. It specializes in cross-border deals, and combines the knowledge and experience of a global bank with the creativity and flexibility of a boutique. It has an open, caring, collaborative, entrepreneurial culture that's focused on mentorship, training, and offering junior bankers early responsibility.

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Firsthand Findings

DC Advisory is looking for intellectually curious, resourceful, energetic team players with strong communication skills, solid academic backgrounds, and a lot of extracurriculars. For students, the firm runs a valuable internship program. Interns work alongside senior bankers and clients on live deals, getting many chances to take on a lot of responsibility. Senior bankers are very hands-on and routinely engage with summer analysts.

For full-time junior bankers, there is a strong mentorship program. Senior bankers and executives are eager to help and teach junior bankers, preparing them for the future. Seniors go out of their way to make juniors feel welcome and provide advice almost daily. Additionally, analyst training is extensive, and there are internal mobil...

About the Company

DC Advisory is an international investment bank with more than 500 professionals in 21 locations throughout Asia, Europe, and the U.S. Through 11 industry-focused teams, the firm offers independent advice on M&A, debt raisings and restructurings, and private capital, and provides access to Asia investment knowledge.

Employee Reviews

  • “People are genuine and care about your well-being—they don’t want to see you get burnt out. Coworkers often stress the importance of a good work/life balance, and people are receptive if you want to talk to them about managing different assignments.”
  • “Great company culture and focus on hiring candidates who fit in well both professionally and socially makes time in the office and at work events pleasant. Expectation of constant availability makes finding time for things out of the office (like working out) difficult.”
  • “Great learning experience and a lot of responsibility at the analyst level. Very high average hours per week of work. We’re early adopters of technology, so working from home (in particular at night and on weekends) have been big components of our firm’s culture, even before Covid-19.”
  • “There’s good work/life balance the vast majority of the time. Negative is that we’re located in very high cost areas, making things quite expensive at times.”
  • “DC Advisory is a few years into integrating two boutiques with an international full-service investment bank. While the expansion and exposure to a global platform has been very positive, the firm’s culture is still developing. Quality of life differs from level of experience and staffing. Most senior bankers put in long hours on the way to building a practice, while junior bankers’ work/life balance can be dependent on deal staffing and creating boundaries.”
  • “Compensation and bonuses are pretty standard for investment banking.”
  • “Comp is good, but I’m bothered by the fact that there is no 401(k) matching.”
  • “Competitive salary and bonus, good benefits, minimal perks.”
  • “Company has discretionary 401(k) matching but has not actually made any contributions. Company has suspended meal reimbursement program for junior bankers. The holiday period from Christmas to New Years is ‘family and friends’ week and we can work from home.”
  • “DC Advisory emphasizes individual performance combined with group/firm success. Our firm focuses on financial modeling and accounting, as well as managing others and working in teams. Our younger professionals have access to senior bankers and our clients, and are expected to participate in working group discussions and have an impact on transactions. International relationships are formed internally and externally across the globe, and you have the ability to work across many different industries.”
  • “Mentorship from other junior bankers (senior analysts, associates) and senior bankers. I find that all of my colleagues are eager to help and teach and DCA wants to prepare its analysts for the future, whether that’s in investment banking or elsewhere.”
  • “Analyst training is extensive and helps build an understanding of how to showcase the DC Advisory brand. You can move to other offices in the U.S. and abroad.”
  • “From the beginning, expectations are high and you’re given a lot of responsibility, and as you take on more responsibility, you progress quickly. Within the first two weeks on the job, I worked hands-on with several managing directors and developed relationships with executives at DC Advisory and at clients. Executives go out of their way to make you feel at home and provide advice almost daily. Employees of all ranks are very approachable compared to my previous work experiences. They’re people who make long working hours less difficult. The most difficult adjustment is being onboarded remotely. However, that seems to be more of a product of the Covid-19 circumstances than an internal difficulty.”
  • “There are efforts to be more diverse, but due to the promotion ladder they will take a lot of time to affect more senior levels. I’m not aware of any philanthropic or green practices sponsored by the firm.”
  • “We’re making a greater effort now with diversity, and I appreciate that.”
  • “The firm generally lacks diversity, especially at the senior levels where not one of the 28 managing directors is female and the overwhelming majority of managing directors are white.”
  • “A lot of members of the firm participate in initiatives individually, but I would like to see more of an effort on a firm-wide basis.”
  • “Strong leadership with a defined vision. Currently establishing a new brand and an emerging platform with strong results so far.”
  • “I believe firm leadership is very experienced in the IB industry and will position the firm well for growth even in times of financial uncertainty. But I’d like to see an explicit focus on things like social and environmental impact that I feel are growing areas of focus across the larger business landscape.”
  • “The world is becoming a global market and we’re global banking organization and will be taking significant market share on transactions going forward.”
  • “Business outlook is generally strong given the circumstances.”
  • “The firm does a great job of giving substantial responsibilities to summer analysts so they can get an accurate picture of what the work a full-time position entails. Senior bankers are very hands-on and engage routinely with summer analysts, which aids the transition to full-time.”
  • “Pros: hands-on deal experience, access to and mentorship from senior bankers, and great company culture across all levels and especially in the bullpen. Cons: unpredictable schedule and somewhat uneven workload—could have been busier at times.”
  • “Real responsibility, tight-knit culture. I participated in live deal work and contributed to final work products for clients.”
  • “Lots of good experience working on deals and was able to build good relationships with my coworkers. Great exposure to clients, many chances to take on a lot of responsibility, and strong mentor system, which was great for learning.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “The firm is extremely aware of this and focused on ensuring our employees are healthy and happy.”
  • “I am not aware of any such programs.”
  • “Minimal efforts; no wellness initiatives.”
  • “Everything is available, you just have to ask for it.”


Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “Recent events addressed at both the firm and office levels.”
  • “Making a greater effort now, which I appreciate.”
  • “The firm has addressed this on calls and in various statements via email but has done very little in terms of tangible action.”
  • “Our firm has a policy that doesn’t tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind.”

Response to Covid-19

  • “The firm was quick to adapt to work-from-home and had technology already deployed to enable everyone to work from home seamlessly.”
  • “Has been fairly seamless, given we were already on virtual desktops. We got Zoom quickly to improve our videoconferencing abilities. Would guess DC Advisory handled it better than most.”
  • “Prioritized worker safety by allowing WFH and voluntary return to office.”
  • “Technology infrastructure was already in place to seamlessly transition to working remotely—well prepared to transition to working from home. Did not feel like there was a major business impact.”

Why Work Here

Getting Hired Here

  • “The process is straightforward, with various rounds of interviews, starting with a phone screen, then an interview, then a Superday. Ideal candidate is a problem solver and critical thinker who can tackle challenges and is also willing to ask for help. They also need to fit in with the culture of the firm.”
  • “First round interview is with two analysts/associates, followed by a Superday the same week with about five senior bankers. Ideal candidate is involved in numerous extracurriculars and is passionate about everything they do.”
  • “Looking for friendly, energetic team players with strong communication skills who want to contribute to a growing firm. An undergraduate business background, a diverse education, and varied interests are also ideal.”
  • “Ideal candidate is resourceful, intellectually curious, and committed.”
  • “Pick three companies you find interesting—how would you go about identifying a comps set for one of them? What happens to WACC if your capital structure moves from full equity to full debt? Do you know what the mid-year concept is in a DCF? What would a buyer of an asset prefer, mid-year or end of year?”
  • “WACC and multiples analysis. Walk me through an LBO.”
  • “What are the general valuation methodologies rated from highest to lowest in term of typical valuation outcomes.”
  • “Standard IB technical questions and critical thinking exercises.”

Perks & Benefits