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501-1,000 Employees


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Vault Banking 25


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Chicago, IL


Employment Contact

Christine (Knighton) Peacock -Managing Director, Human Resources,...

Firsthand Findings

Employee Reviews

  • “The work/life balance has been exceptional so far. With the exception of one weekend when I spent nearly the entire weekend working, my weekends have been very open so far. I usually don’t work late during the week at all, although I do have some long days here and there, which I don't mind.”

  • “The firm does a good job in advocating for a good work/life balance. But it can be difficult to achieve, because the firm encourages cross-office transactions, so I could be working two different time zones—with the expectation of getting up as if I were working on EST yet going to bed late for PST.”

  • “The best part is DC Advisory has a hybrid work model so people can work from anywhere on Monday and Fridays with the expectation of being in the office on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. They DO NOT monitor our entry badges or track our time. We are all treated like adults and respected with respect to face time and being in-person in the office. Another best part is DC Advisory is committed to protected Saturdays, protected vacations, and protected holidays. Senior bankers manage client expectations so they know when to expect work products. We also do not receive new staffing assignments on Fridays after noon unless it is a unique client circumstance. Senior bankers respect our time, as they want their family time, too. Our staffers also have a healthy budget to take us out socially at any time. Finally, we have very strong deal teams where the bankers are very committed to each other’s success regardless of level. A negative is we need more VPs and senior associates in the middle. There is so much work and not enough time.”

  • “Staffers are generally understanding when you are overburdened and do their best to protect hard workers. Conversely, hard workers/top performers pick up the slack for underperformers, and there is a real ‘have/ have not’ dynamic among junior bankers depending on performance and ability.”

Why Work Here

DC Advisory is an international investment bank committed to making a difference. As part of an established global business, we offer access to over 500 professionals in 21 locations throughout Asia, Europe and the US. Across 11 industry focused teams, we offer tailored, independent advice on M&A, debt raisings and restructurings, private capital and access to unrivalled Asia investment knowledge.

Getting Hired Here

  • “The process is reasonable, with one to two screens, a Super Day, and then offers. Nothing out of the ordinary. The ideal candidate is intelligent, prepared, genuinely interested in banking and DC Advisory, and, perhaps most importantly, does not bring an ego.”

  • “The ideal candidate we are seeking is a personable and technically sound individual who can contribute to the company culture and projects from day one.”

  • “Interview/callback process is pretty organized. Ideal candidate is motivated, takes initiative, pays attention to detail, and is intellectually curious.”

  • “We have a thorough process to screen, interview, and attain high-caliber employees.”