DC Advisory is an international middle-market investment bank committed to making a difference in people’s lives. It specializes in cross-border deals, and combines the knowledge and experience of a global bank with the creativity and flexibility of a boutique. It has an open, caring, collaborative, entrepreneurial culture that's focused on mentorship, training, and offering junior bankers early responsibility.

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51-100 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Banking 25


Employment Contact

Christine (Knighton) Peacock


CEO, DC Advisory US

Scott Wieler


Co-President / Deputy CEO, DC Advisory US

Bill Kohr

Firsthand Findings

DC Advisory is looking for intelligent, coachable team players willing to learn; some knowledge of finance and accounting is a plus. The firm’s summer analyst and summer associate programs get excellent reviews, as they offer students significant responsibility, live deal experience, and the ability to attend client meetings. Full-time bankers also benefit from a ton of live deal experience, along with the opportunity to work abroad and quickly rise the ranks.

While the workload can be heavy at times, especially when working on a live deal, the firm is extremely reasonable with respect to quality of life accommodations. It offers a flexible working environment, no formal cap on vacation time, and Protected Saturdays. Meanwhile, compensation is merit-based and ver...

About the Company

DC Advisory is an international investment bank. As part of an established global business, it offers access to over 500 professionals in 22 locations throughout Asia, Europe, and the U.S. Across 11 industry-focused teams, the firm offers tailored, independent advice on M&A, debt raisings and restructurings, and private capital, and provides access to unrivalled Asia investment knowledge.

Employee Reviews

  • “Senior bankers at DC recognize that junior bankers are better when they are able to unplug and will accommodate vacation requests whenever possible. We also strive to eliminate ‘busy’ work and unnecessary weekend and late-night work.”
  • “The firm is extremely reasonable with respect to quality of life accommodations. We have a flexible working environment, no formal cap on vacation time, and Protected Saturdays. The worst aspects, to me, are not firm-specific. When working on live deals, the job can be 24/7 as dictated by the client.”
  • “The firm encourages everyone to take a vacation annually and lets people use it. On the downside, your work is never done, there’s always something to do next.”
  • “People treat us like professionals, so WFH has been an enormous productivity gain. The work is a grind and never-ending, but each deal is a learning experience.”

Why Work Here

Getting Hired Here

  • “Mostly behavioral. For undergraduates, the process is a few conversations with junior bankers, followed by a Super Day. For MBAs, it's more nuanced and there’s a modeling component.”
  • “Everyone who applies to DC Advisory is smart and capable. We know that. At the end of the day, we look for candidates who are highly coachable, great team players, and a pleasure to work with.”
  • “The process was thorough and included a first-round screen, Super Day, modeling test, and meeting with the executive committee. I believe the firm is seeking individuals with a true interest in the firm itself and helping clients achieve their goals through M&A. Moreover, given the smaller size of the firm and deal teams, cultural fit is extremely important. To assess this, interviews often focus on candidates’ decision-making processes.”
  • “There is usually a phone screen, followed by a first round, and then the last step is a Super Day. The ideal candidate is someone who fits in well with culturally, has some knowledge of finance and accounting but is easily teachable, and willing to learn.”

Perks & Benefits