Withum is an advisory, tax, and accounting firm headquartered in Princeton, N.J. Services include accounting, auditing, employee benefits, pension plans, tax, litigation support, business valuation, insolvency, transaction advisory services, and management consulting. 

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Withum is looking for passionate, personable, positive candidates who have proficient technical skills, are eager to learn, and have strong communication skills. For students, Withum offers a valuable internship program, offering interns a great learning experience with hands-on training. Interns particularly appreciate that they get to work on engagements in both audit and tax. For its full-time staff, Withum offers numerous development opportunities, including trainings, career coaching, peer mentoring, and quarterly feedback.

Withum also offers its staff a healthy work/life balance. While tax season hours can be long, employees have a lot of schedule flexibility, and the firm offers generous amounts of vacation time. Meanwhile, salaries are competitive, and th...

About the Company

Headquartered in Princeton, N.J., Withum provides a long list of services, including accounting, auditing, employee benefit services, pension plans services, tax services, litigation support, business valuation, insolvency services, transaction advisory services, and management consulting. The firm has also expanded to include digital and technology transformation services, cyber and information security services, and outsourced accounting systems and services for clients.

The firm takes its name from Frederick Withum, Leonard Smith, and Ivan Brown, who founded their self-titled company in 1974 in Middlesex County, N.J. The firm’s founders began their careers at larger accounting firms, and when they struck out on their own, their idea was to provide personalized service to companies that were still growing. They also decided that ...

Employee Reviews

  • “The C-19 pandemic has greatly increased quality of life at my firm. The ability to work remotely and not travel has allowed for a quality of life that previously was more difficult to attain. Prior to this, working remotely was permissible when circumstances allowed for it but not on a regular basis. and although it was ‘unspoken,’ there was still an expectation for team members to be in the office regularly, including late nights and weekends during busy season. If remote working remains allowable after the pandemic ends, I think quality of life will remain high. I have been much more satisfied with my job and work/life balance this past year than ever before.”
  • “The firm's quality of life is strong almost all of the time. They provide managers and above with a generous amounts of vacation time. It is nice to allow us to build our schedules around work and personal activities. The most challenging aspects are those standard things in any large public CPA firm: the hour requirements in the spring and fall.”
  • “The firm is very flexible with when I work and where I work. They’re happy as long as all my work gets done, I’m available when people need me, and I meet my deadlines and required billable hours. The firm values its employees and provides us with fun activities to do during the year, such as an annual trip to Broadway, the beach, and the bowling alley. They have added new activities, since Covid, such as an online trivia contest, an online scavenger hunt, etc. We have an annual fitness challenge for everyone who wants to participate. As part of that program, they’re now offering weekly boot camp classes. The classes are recorded so we can do them again whenever we want.”
  • “Busy season hours were far lower for me at Withum than at the previous firm I was with. Throughout 2020, they have created several wellness days where the entire firm shut down to give people a break from working from home (or ‘living at work’). My partners constantly encourage us to take our time off and not to worry about our emails while we are off. Even before Covid, my direct partner was taking steps to help encourage his seniors to take more time off and not work as late.”
  • “I feel the company is really trying to make up for company incentives during Covid by providing us with meal vouchers, gift cards, and additional time off. The only downside is that health insurance is a little expensive.”
  • “Salary is competitive with the market rates for younger staff. I always enjoyed the employee perks like free food/drinks, casual dress policy, after-work happy hours, etc., while in the office.”
  • “Perks are excellent for a firm the size of Withum. In normal years, the firm supports outings, especially during the holidays when they treat us to dinner and a play in NYC. They really care about staff and morale, and do whatever they can to keep it high. Salary could be better, but it’s fair.”
  • “Withum offers a ‘host-stock’ program, which allows you to suspend part of your annual bonus to purchase the stock. This stock grows at the rate the partner’s stock grows and gets paid out as a retirement plan. The firm also gives a $250 reimbursement for technology every two years. With Covid, they have been generous with allowing employees to purchase working-from-home equipment for their home offices. One thing about the 401(k) matching is it takes 1,000 billable hours to kick in. Though it can be a high matching percentage, it can take a while for it to kick in for new hires.”
  • “The best aspect that Withum has to offer is the ability to grow as a young professional. Withum has so many opportunities for you to take whether that is working in another niche, project, or organization within the firm. The possibilities are endless.”
  • “The best aspects of the firm are the career coaching, peer mentoring, and quarterly feedback programs they have set up. They provide a structure of accountability for both coach and mentee to succeed. A negative aspect has been the opaqueness of promotions when it comes to the senior manager/partner level. They do provide opportunities to learn what to do here, but understandably it is not an exact science.”
  • “Training is provided throughout the year and at all levels. The firm seems to be open to team members transferring between areas, though I do not have personal experience in doing so. Promotions often appear to be ‘blanket’ promotions where all members of a hiring class are promoted, or none are promoted. So, there can be team members promoted who do not function at the expected level for promotion.”
  • “The firm provides plenty of opportunities to be in various practices in the firm. We’re understaffed in many niches so the ability to transfer is even harder since most managers and above want you to stay within their practice.”
  • “Our firm is really great with philanthropic and green practices. Community involvement is very important to us. We do a Withum Week of Caring activity where we go out into our communities to do service. The firm made that virtual this year, which was wonderful. The firm also gave us $100 to donate through One Simple Wish to a cause of our choosing.”
  • “They seem to be concerned with diversity. It might be difficult in our profession when graduates of colleges aren’t as diversified as the general population. I feel they try to be diversified. Regarding community service, I feel they could do a better job by giving employees more time to do charitable activities on their own. They have Withum Week of Caring" which is great, but it should be all year long and there should be more work time allocated toward that effort. They want employees to be involved but on their own personal time.”
  • “Our office started going green with providing reusable mugs and water bottles instead of having disposable cups. They recently put together inclusive groups for different races, LGBTQ+ individuals, individuals with disabilities, etc. We also have a women's group that provides relevant articles and holds events throughout the year.”
  • “While there are not many minorities or women in top positions, I believe that is simply a function of our employee mix and not due to leadership holding people back. We do quite a bit to retain and promote a diverse workforce.”
  • “High employee morale. During this difficult time, the firm excelled in keeping people informed. Town hall meetings were held, business boomed, and there were no layoffs. Withum had exceptional technology, and supported working mothers with flex time and telecommuting.”
  • “Withum, under Bill Hagaman's leadership, is so well positioned to prosper in the Covid and post-Covid environments. While our business prospects may weaken a bit over the coming year because of the lingering economic effects of the pandemic, our flexibility with respect to working from home, etc., serves us well. We are one of the few firms to avoid layoffs, give raises and bonuses, and continue promotions on schedule. It’s all very exciting.”
  • “In my industry group, we’ve been busier than ever, and most of our clients are doing well. While there are other groups that have suffered, we’ve been moving right along, and I feel like the firm will continue to grow despite the current environment.”
  • “Employee morale is very high. Everyone knows each other and is interested in helping one another improve. Very positive outlook from management in that no sudden decisions are made. Any potential acquisition is dealt with appropriately to ensure it’s a smart move for the firm.”
  • “The best part of my internship experience was that I got to work on a good amount of different engagements between audit and tax. This let me see which area I wanted to work in when I started full time, whether it had been at Withum or at another firm. I luckily got to intern twice, and for one of them, I got to travel to the client to work on the audit engagement. And then the other internship, I worked on the preparation of small real estate tax returns. I don't think there was anything negative about my experiences. I really enjoyed working with the people I met.”
  • “While interning at Withum, I was able to work on both the audit and tax sides to get a feel of which I liked more. The intern program at the New York office was also split into two sections, so as an intern I got a better experience—I was able to work with the staff more one on one and learned more because we were in a smaller group.”
  • “The best aspect of my internship experience was how many different opportunities I had to learn about the firm. As an intern, I was able to go on a client visit and see what it's like to actually interact with a client at their business. The worst aspect of my internship was that it was during the time that Covid occurred, so I missed out on a lot of the cool internship events they had planned if we were all able to be in person together.”
  • “The best thing about my internship experience is that I was able to work on clients in different industries. It helped me narrow down which industry I wanted to work on once I began my career. There was no bad side to my internship experience.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “This past year the firm introduced an exercise boot camp available for all employees to participate over Microsoft Teams. The company also allows flexibility in terms of working. If you need a break from work, you’re able to take one, as long as you communicate and get your work done.”
  • “The firm offers a lot of efforts to help us with our wellness, especially during busy season. This is challenged a lot by us all working from home, though, since most of the wellness efforts used to take place in the office.”
  • “There is a gym on the office campus that employees can use. There are also support groups for various reasons that people can join if they need to. For example, there is a Covid support group that people can join if they have been negatively impacted and need to talk to someone. Throughout the year, the firm sponsors various activities/challenges relating to health and fitness.”
  • “The firm has supported the creation of ERGs for different groups of people (Latino, Black, LGBTQ+, etc.) as well as emotional support groups (such as for parents feeling stressed while working during pandemic). They promote the Withum Fitness Group, where team members track minutes exercised, which ultimately leads to the firm's donation to the Staff Hardship Relief Fund. They send out monthly newsletters regarding wellness, nutrition, etc.”

Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “Withum actively and positively responded to anti-racist protests this year. Bill, our CEO, addressed the issues head on at our town halls and supported those who were peacefully protesting. He encouraged firm members to teach him and others ways to better understand white privilege and racism in America. He also supported the start of a black ERG group, which led to the creation of several ERG groups in 2020, including a Hispanic, LGBTQ+ and military groups.”
  • “The firm is making a conscious effort to improve diversity by recruiting. Also hired a diversity officer to ensure compliance. Groups have been formed for LGBTQ+, veterans, and racial and ethnic diversity.”
  • “Actions speak louder than words, and the firm is taking action to improve diversity within the firm. Diversity within the firm is in line with the demographics of CPA firms in our regions, so we need to do better as an industry, and the firm is committed to making that happen.”
  • “It’s a firm initiative to ensure we find the best candidate for the position and include diversity an inclusion in upper management. When it was noted that upper management consisted of only white males, the CEO mentioned that we are addressing this and hope to have a more diverse group in the years to come.

Response to Covid-19

  • “Best response was taking a very proactive approach and allowing us all to have the option of either working from home or the office. They also gave us additional days off to deal with the stressors the pandemic has put on many of us.”
  • “Withum is heavily invested in technology, which allowed most staff to seamlessly transition to working from home, where we have been since March. The firm is committed to its people and did not make any layoffs due to Covid-19 related cuts, while most other public accounting firms were making layoffs.”
  • “Being able to pivot to an almost entirely remote workforce model was awesome. Not expecting people to do anything stupid (unnecessary exposure) is the absolute right thing to do. Giving four additional holidays to partners and staff as ‘mental health days just because is inspired! I can't think of anything to criticize, and a lot to admire and be thankful for.”
  • “They don’t ask anyone to do anything they’re not comfortable with. They’ve given us time off on random days, since everyone is working all the time in the remote environment. They assisted with people getting appropriate setups at home.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Ideal candidate is passionate about accounting and client service, and is technically and professionally savvy. Charisma would also be sought out.”
  • “During the pandemic, the interview process seems to be a phone interview and then a series of video interviews. The ideal candidate is someone who has a positive attitude and excellent communication skills, and is teachable and is eager to learn.”
  • “The interview and callback process was pretty straightforward. I had to interview two different times, once at my school and then once at the firm’s office. I think the ideal candidate is passionate about what they do. You don’t need to be the smartest or know everything, but if you have a passion to learn and give things your all, I think you would fit in perfectly at the firm.”
  • “The hiring process is very extensive and the hiring team really makes it easy for us to interview/assess candidates. The firm is seeking driven individuals who have that entrepreneur mentality. They want movers and shakers.”
  • “Why did you choose to major in accounting? Why do you think you'll fit in at Withum? Where do you see yourself in the coming years?”
  • “Tell me about yourself. What are your greatest strengths? What is your greatest weakness? Where do you see yourself in five years? Why do you want to work here?”
  • “How/why did you get into accounting? What do you know about our firm? After basic questions, it felt more like a conversation. I felt at points like the firm was trying to sell me on coming there, which was a nice change of pace.”
  • “How well do you perform under pressure? Are you able to work long hours? Describe your accounting experience? Why do you want to work here? Tell us about your past work experience. What characteristics best describes you? Why do you want to work in XYZ area/niche?”

Perks & Benefits