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Avani Desai

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Employee Reviews

  • “We work hard at every level, and I may not be one to benchmark against as I probably spend more time them most, but that requirement is to ensure that I can continually support my practice, team's growth, work/life balance, and innovation. Our culture is one of our greatest assets. We pride ourselves on having a completely open firm, always listening and supporting our team. Our delivery expectations are high, though we embrace the work hard/play hard approach; when team members are on personal leave, it is our priority to have them completely unplug and focus on family, friends, and anything not work related.”

  • “Client demand for our services remain the lifeblood of our industry and firm. For this reason, there are timing constraints that we have limited control over, as we service clients in various global time zones, which can add to additional working hours during. However, the firm has ensured work/life balance efforts are continuously considered and enhanced. For example, the firm recently adopted a meeting-free Wednesday policy and a no-camera Friday policy to encourage more focus time and reduce meeting fatigue.”

  • “As with all client service firms, we have to work more than 40 hours to properly service our clients. However, there are opportunities for someone to only work 40 hours here at Schellman. This comes at the cost of no upward mobility. I like that vacation is not unlimited and we are encouraged to use it all by the end of the year.”

  • “Schellman goes above and beyond in this area. I have seven weeks of PTO including the two weeks off for Christmas and holidays. We also have multiple initiatives in place to prevent burnout.”

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Getting Hired Here

  • “Schellman moves very fast in seeking the right candidates. We also interview candidates to make sure they fit within our culture.”

  • “The ideal candidate is an individual that would promote the company's people-first culture and embody the four Ps of professionalism (Prepare, Problem-solving, Productive, and Profitable). Client-service and subject matter expertise are major tenants of our professional brand, so individuals with a desire and motivation to learn and improve the client experience are well-positioned for continued growth and success in our firm.”

  • “Our recruiters are very responsive to candidates. The ideal candidate for Schellman is (historically) one that has two or more years of experience in IT audit. That said, we've started recruiting for associates in our Columbus, Dallas, and Tampa offices, and are seeing success now that we have a formal training capability.”

  • “With regards to the ideal candidate, it depends on the service line, but we do look for people with deep technical skills (auditing or subject matter area), who are independent workers (able to work on their own with minimal direction), and who can handle a fast pace.”