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10,001+ Employees


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Vault Accounting 25


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Chicago (HQ), IL


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Brea Fritsche, Talent Acquisition Leader

Firsthand Findings

Employee Reviews

  • “Similar to any accounting firm with busy season, January through March/April have extremely long hours without much work/life balance. The company does an amazing job of trying to make up for it the remainder of the year with unlimited PTO and a lot of flexibility.”

  • “As with most firms, this is than an 8-to-5 job, so that can be draining. However, there has been a good push in the firm to promote mental health and taking time off, which has been a great addition. It’s gotten easier to take time off without the stigma of appearing ‘weak.’”

  • “RSM does encourage finding your individual work/life balance, and they do give you the tools to manage your own work/life balance. The difficulty currently is there’s always an over-abundance of work, so there’s always work to do, which can make it very difficult to establish and maintain a work/life balance.”

  • “The firm is very flexible. As long as you get your work done, they don't care what time of day it is done. If you have an appointment or want to have a long lunch, it is nice that you can just make up that time later in the day. The worst aspect is that non-busy season time used to be relaxed. The new scheduling system we have basically takes the approach if you are not scheduled on a client, they will throw you on any random job. It takes away the break needed after an intense busy season.”

Why Work Here

At RSM, we believe in the value of every person.

Our culture embodies inclusiveness and understanding, empowering our people to be their authentic selves and share their unique perspectives. Seeking to understand with empathy, demonstrating our core values and showing that we care fosters an inclusive environment and an engaged, talented workforce that reflects the diversity of our community. Together, our people’s individual talents and diverse perspectives strengthen our teams and enhance the unique insights that we provide to our clients.


Our brand is “the power of being understood,” so understanding is where we begin.

Getting Hired Here

  • “We are seeking, highly motivated individuals who can enhance our diverse employee base. We are very team-focused and encourage growth for all members of our team.”

  • “We have a fairly robust pool of candidates, and we have a fairly quick turnaround process in getting back to our candidates. We are looking for employees who are motivated, who take pride in their work, who are engaged and want to learn. We think an ideal candidate for us is anyone who wants to be themselves and who doesn't have to change who they are to fit in. We believe in being authentic, and we celebrate our differences and our diversity as our strength.”

  • “Our interview process at the moment consists of virtual interviews. We typically vet the candidate ahead of time and then discuss amongst the hiring team whether an interview should be given. If yes, then the candidate is interviewed by three members of the management team (typically one manager, one senior manager, and one partner). The ideal candidate we are seeking is someone who is outgoing, well spoken, and clearly has the ability to build relationships and isn't afraid to learn. As long as they have these soft skills and can learn our technology, they are the ideal candidate.”

  • “The ideal candidate will show a strong willingness to learn and be open to working in teams. We value leadership, and we attempt to hire people that fit with our culture and observe the same core values that we do, including integrity, teamwork, and excellence.”