RSM is the leading U.S. provider of audit, tax, and consulting services focused on the middle market. Interns get hands-on experience with clients, and full-time staff get extensive training and mentoring. RSM has an “own your future” mentality that rewards staff for taking charge of their careers. RSM participates in numerous charity events, and its 11 D&I networking groups offer webinars, conferences, and various events.

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RSM US LLP is looking for highly motivated, hardworking candidates with strong communication and interpersonal skills. The ability to learn quickly and work well on teams is also desired. For students, the firm runs a valuable internship program. Interns are treated like full-time, entry-level staff and get hands-on experience with clients. For its full-time staff, RSM offers many career development opportunities, including strong training, mentorship options, and an ‘own your future’ mentality, which rewards staff for being proactive and taking charge of their careers.

Although hours are typically long during busy season, and it can be difficult to take time off then, outside tax season the firm’s staff enjoys a healthy work/life balance. Insiders especially app...

About the Company

RSM US LLP (RSM) is the leading U.S. provider of audit, tax, and consulting services focused on the middle market. The firm has approximately 11,000 employees in 87 offices nationwide, and four offices in Canada. RSM US LLP is a member firm of RSM International, a network of independent accounting and consulting firms in more than 120 countries with more than 48,000 people across the globe. RSM US LLP is led by Joe Adams, who was named managing partner and CEO in 2011. In its latest fiscal year, the firm booked revenues of nearly $2.8 billion.

Employee Reviews

  • “The firm preaches work/life balance, and gives us unlimited PTO and sufficient holidays. However, we have to balance that with productivity, growth, and people responsibilities, so not everyone takes advantage of it. The remote environment is a blessing and a curse. It is more comfortable to work at home, but the requirement to constantly be on video calls is exhausting, especially to certain personality types that are self-conscious about seeing themselves on video.”
  • “We recently switched to self-managed PTO time for senior associates and up, which has mixed results. It provided more flexibility but also makes it harder for people to keep track and decide to take all the PTO they would normally be allotted. It’s very easy to take days off when needed, though. You just need to communicate with your team as it comes up. In my experience, teams are very supportive if people need to shift work from one person to another to balance workloads.”
  • “The company offers senior associates and above self-managed time off (unlimited PTO). All the partners want you to use it to give yourself a break from the busy times. Another thing the company offers is FWO (flexible work option). It is designed by you to ensure you are getting everything you need to succeed at RSM. For example, if you have a family and can’t work busy season hours, they offer a slight reduction in pay to offer you the ability to work the hours you need for your family. The most challenging aspects are going to be the same at all public accounting firms: long hours during busy season. However, the firm and its culture tries their best to ensure the long hours aren’t miserable.”
  • “RSM is very understanding about everyone’s need to spend time away from work, with family and friends. The firm works well with those who are parents or caretakers in any capacity. However, as with any accounting firm, it can be difficult to take an extended vacation during busy seasons, but short vacations are allowed. The firm pushes us to really utilize our PTO during down months.”
  • “RSM honestly is pretty average in their health insurance and retirement plan offerings, but they do have solid policies in place to allow an employee to build the best work/life balance they can. They provide for flexible work options, including telecommuting where appropriate. They also have a good maternity/paternity leave policy and good PTO policy.”
  • “I think that we are definitely paid competitively for our salaries. However, when you break it out over the number of hours you work, it really does not feel like a sufficient amount for our knowledge and effort. We have great PTO policies and culture, and can sometimes have flexibility, but it is never guaranteed, which is frustrating.”
  • “Pay and bonus is comparable to other firms. Perks beyond pay seem to lack compared to the Big 4.”
  • “I would say overall the benefits are above par and are really good (free meals during busy season, snacks and lunches provided in the office, flexibility, unlimited PTO, discounts, etc.). However, my one gripe is with the health insurance plans. The plans that are available have no co-pay, high deductibles, and I end up having to pay more out of pocket than I would have when compared with a previous employer. If there could be better plans that include a PPO with a co-pay option vs. 80 percent co-insurance for all visits, as well as included chiropractic care, that would improve my overall score for benefits with the firm.”
  • “I think that my firm has a lot of really great career development opportunities. We are able to try out different fields to find which we enjoy the most, and have plenty of training and mentorship options. You really do have to put your time in to move up.”
  • “Motto in the office is ‘Lead from where you stand’—you control your own future/destiny. If you want something, let others know, and they will offer the guidance and instructions necessary on how to get where you want to be. It’s not always easy, but if you want something and are willing to work for it, you can get it. If people don’t speak up or make an attempt to control their own future, people just sit and are stagnant.”
  • “There are a lot of opportunities to pursue different career paths with the firm, and people will support you. But career development opportunities can be limited if you’re working in a small office/market. Also, while the revamp of the career development framework is a positive, there are times where the guidance is vague. I understand they want to be flexible, but it might be more useful if it was a little more specific, especially for individuals below manager level.”
  • “We embrace an ‘owning your future’ mentality, which really rewards individuals for being proactive and taking charge of what they want in your careers. There are no rigid rules that must be followed as far as progression or horizontal movement. I wish the format and timing of our training was improved—sometimes we don’t get training in something until after we’ve learned it on the job.”
  • “RSM has several employee networking groups that employees can join to encourage conversation and understanding of all age groups, races, genders, lifestyles, etc. I do think that there is room for improvement, but we are moving in the right direction.”
  • “The firm is taking an active role in improving the culture as it relates to diversity and inclusion, and appears to be working towards always improving, which is great. Because, in general, public accounting is largely white, straight, and old at the top, change seems slow.”
  • “We have an extensive program for ‘Culture, Diversity and Inclusion’ that is firm-wide and has several sub groups that employees can be a part of, including groups for women, families, LGBTQ+ individuals, Asian individuals, African-Americans, Latinx, Veterans (Valor program), and many more. Anyone can join these groups and take part in webinars, in-office activities to celebrate various events (Black History Month, Veterans Day, Lunar New Year, etc.), and there are usually annual conferences where these groups dive into celebrating and educating the various themes associated with the diverse culture groups. We also participate in annual charity events to contribute to Birdies Fore Love, which wraps up prior to The RSM Classic, and we do an annual volunteer day at two selected not-for-profits in the local area.”
  • “There are not enough diverse people. There are women leaders, but not enough, and there are definitely not enough women of color. We do have a great CDI program, and I think we do a nice job representing different groups with our ENGs.”
  • “Working in tax, I might be a little more positive since I’ve only been busier recently. In general, I think our office’s clients have not been affected negatively with the pandemic. So, as the middle market provider that can compete with both smaller and larger firms, we are in a good position for the now and the future. I think all accounting firms are going to be dealing with employee morale issues, and given the size of our firm—we are small enough and large enough to have a lot of options for people—hopefully we can make enough personal connections with each other to stay positive and work well together.”
  • “Our firm has been performing well. I do think the effects of Covid are taking a toll on people, and I’m interested to see if we have a drop in headcount this summer. It’s imperative that our firm replace individuals leaving the firm, as people becoming overworked could be an issue. Overall, the outlook is good, though.”
  • “We are actively growing despite Covid concerns in various industries. We honored all job offers for new employees, and gave existing employees raises and bonuses. Because of the growth, it can feel like we can never catch up and hire people fast enough, but that’s the nature of the business.”
  • “The firm’s leadership did a fantastic job guiding us through the pandemic. They were very proactive, communicating with employees to ensure unity and focus. We weathered the storm of Covid better than most, including giving raises and bonuses when other firms were completely cutting them out. Overall, I think the firm’s outlook is extremely good.”
  • “I was able to experience work on actual clients while interning during the summer. I also experienced firm events such as a firm-wide volunteer day and fundraising. As a summer intern, I didn’t experience busy season, but I still was able to experience actual client work and get a picture of public accounting as a profession.”
  • “Being an RSM intern was overall a positive experience. I completed a summer internship, and it was great to be able to see firsthand what auditing looked like on a daily basis and to meet the people I would be working with the following year. I think that is the main point of an internship, as there isn’t much work you are able to do. There were definitely some days where I felt under-utilized, but looking back I know that is because interns don’t always have the experience necessary to help.”
  • “Best aspect was the direct hands-on experience that I had, the lifelong friendships that I made from my internship, and the people I worked with. I really enjoyed the teamwork and camaraderie of my office. The most challenging aspect was our capstone project—preparing and presenting a presentation for all the managing partners. It was terrifying in many ways, but looking back, it was clearly a great experience to be put in that position.”
  • “I participated in a busy season internship, and it was a wonderful experience. I was treated as an entry-level assurance employee and was able to work hands-on with the clients and perform testing over various sections (cash, AP, etc.). I was able to learn a lot about the public accounting industry as well as other useful information. By no means is this a negative, but I was not able to work normal busy season hours due to being an hourly employee at the time.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “We have Wellness Wednesday initiatives (yoga or meditation available virtually led by RSM employees who are certified). ClassPass is subsidized by RSM. And counseling is through Modern Health and offered to employees and their dependents.”
  • “The firm provides access to mental health counseling, virtual doctor visits, and employee networking groups for inclusion of all different races, ethnicities, religions, ages, sexual orientations, etc.”
  • “Weekly WebEx meditation and yoga events, stress relief seminars, counseling (EAP), onsite fitness center, and management encourages breaks throughout the day to stretch, walk, and exercise in order to stay healthy.”
  • “Some of this may differ from office to office, but ours has a wellness room to allow people who may need a quiet break in their day to visit, for nursing mothers, etc. Various groups in the office have put on health initiatives during the summer to encourage healthy lifestyles. Due to the recent renovation, we now have standing desks available at all seating areas. There are also formal counseling and other services available to all employees, along within the health plan.”


Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “From a national perspective, I think the messaging has always been spot on. I’m proud to work for a place that is out and ahead on these subjects. I also feel like the messaging is timely. We don’t wait months and months to create the most well-crafted email. It’s timely and it’s on point, and that comes across as authentic and sincere. As far my local office, I think there’s a reasonable amount of room for improvement, as some in leadership have clear blind spots (others seemingly don’t care at all). However, some leaders in our office do seem to genuinely want to improve their knowledge and limit their blind spots, and that should be commended.”
  • “Our CEO sent out internal correspondence regarding the matter and the firm’s response. We have employee network groups that focus on these matters as well as other committees that have been organized to respond.”
  • “CEO sent out emails acknowledging the current events taking place, ensured that all their employees were safe during that time, and created a conversation series that addressed diversity and inclusion.”
  • “RSM has been very active in responding to the recent anti-racists protests and the Black Lives Matter movement. It seems they have dropped off a bit on this since the summer, but they were doing discussions on the recent events and working to be inclusive. I am proud of my firm for their activism on this.”

Response to Covid-19

  • “We transitioned smoothly to remote work for essentially all employees. We have re-opened our offices to employees who wish to work in the office due to poor Internet, or other reasons. We have protocols in place to keep the office safe and clean for those employees choosing to utilize the space. I appreciate the firm’s response to Covid.”
  • “It was a seamless transition to the remote-work environment, and there were additional employee-oriented perks to help, including mental health coaching, stipends to spend on local restaurants, coverage of health premiums, etc.”
  • “They supported employees, and everyone came together to get the job done. The leadership was cautious and smart, and for the most part no one had to take pay or benefit cuts. There is a feeling of confidence that we are strong and still growing.”
  • “I’m very thankful that my firm implemented an indefinite work-from-home policy in response to the pandemic. Although it took the firm a bit longer than other businesses to do this (seemed like the firm wanted to cross the March 15 deadline before letting people work from home), the firm has done a wonderful job supporting its employees with technology and additional flexibility to work from home successfully.”

Why Work Here

At RSM, we believe in the value of every person.

Our culture embodies inclusiveness and understanding, empowering our people to be their authentic selves and share their unique perspectives. Seeking to understand with empathy, demonstrating our core values and showing that we care fosters an inclusive environment and an engaged, talented workforce that reflects the diversity of our community. Together, our people’s individual talents and diverse perspectives strengthen our teams and enhance the unique insights that we provide to our clients.


Our brand is “the power of being understood,” so understanding is where we begin.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Interviews are conducted according to each university’s policies. Generally, we performed virtual interviews this year and called back within a week or earlier as permitted by the university. Our ideal candidate is generally someone who has shown strength in their academics, shows good interpersonal skills, someone who enjoys working in a team environment, someone who can communicate effectively, and someone who is open to personal and professional growth.”
  • “Typical recruiting through university accounting programs. We’re very good at responding quickly to talent we like—we don’t slow-play anyone if we’re interested, we’ll give offers on the spot. We’re looking for down-to-earth candidates who keep a positive attitude and show a desire to be here.”
  • “The firm seeks highly motivated and personable candidates who can interact well with all types of clients and learn quickly both in person and virtually.”
  • “I think our interview and hiring process is a little more relaxed than some of the bigger firms, but ideal candidates are hardworking individuals who have shown an aptitude for the accounting profession via prior internship and school performance. More important than grades, we look for leadership experience and the ability to work well in a team by following directions or leading when warranted.”
  • “The recruiting and interview process is more organized than a few years ago and has started to develop deeper relationships on campus. The ideal candidate has values that align with the firm’s, as well as strong communication skills to integrate into the firm. The majority of college students have solid grades, extracurriculars, internships, etc., so the differentiators are in the intangibles, and how the individual interviews and connects with the firm’s employees during the process.”
  • “Why did you choose accounting? Why audit? What do you know about our firm? What types of experiences are you looking for? What is your ideal working situation? What motivates you outside of work/what are you passionate about?”
  • “Describe a time you had to adapt to last-minute schedule changes. How do you handle having multiple projects that are all due around the same deadline? Discuss an instance where you were working in a team and the project wasn’t going well. What did you do to get the project back on track?
  • “What is a tax/accounting/managerial problem you encountered in the last year and how did you resolve that problem? How do you envision your career advancing in the next year, three years, five years, 10 years? Is your end goal to become a partner? How do you feel about marketing and what types of marketing activities have you engaged in?”
  • “Why auditing? What has been your favorite job and why? What skill or trait do you think best suits you for public accounting? Why public accounting vs. private practice? Hardest project you have ever worked on and why? How did you get through it?”

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