PKF O'Connor Davies is one of the 30 largest accounting firm in the U.S. The firm truly cares about career development and growth. Interns get meaningful work and the ability to interact with senior professionals, while full-time staff get mentoring opportunities, valuable and useful feedback, and extensive training. A healthy work/life balance can be achieved—the firm understands employees have lives outside of work, and offers plenty of PTO and benefits.

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PKF O'Connor Davies is looking for team players who are hardworking, outgoing, and willing to learn and take on new challenges. For students, the firm runs a valuable internship program, giving interns meaningful work, the ability to interact with senior professionals, and preparing them for full-time roles. As for its team members, PKF O'Connor Davies cares about their development and growth, offering them mentoring opportunities, valuable and useful feedback on their work, and many trainings to improve their skill sets.

A healthy work/life balance can be achieved at the firm. PKF O'Connor Davies understand that employees have lives outside of work and offers plenty of PTO. As for compensation, salaries and benefits are very competitive, with some in...

About the Company

PKF O'Connor Davies is a full-service accounting and advisory firm that provides audit, tax, and consulting services to domestic and international clients. The firm has a long history, with roots dating to 1891. Today, the firm has more than 1,000 professionals, and 14 offices in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Florida. PKF O'Connor Davies ranked No. 27 on Accounting Today's 2021 Top 100 Firms list. It also ranked as one of the seven largest firms in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Employee Reviews

  • “PKF O'Connor Davies is such an understanding firm. They get us employees and know we have a life outside of the office. They realize that we are all different individuals and unique in our own ways. There is never a day where I feel like PKF O'Connor Davies has lowered my quality of life or taken away from my life in negative ways. That says a lot as past jobs have not been the same way. Working at PKF gives me a flexible schedule where I can still get my work done, and done right!”
  • “Plenty of PTO offered. However, given the career I have chosen, I know how difficult it is to take all the time allotted. I also feel that respect of time off varies from partner to partner and is increasingly difficult in a remote environment.”
  • “The best thing at PKF is how great the work/life balance is. Even amid Covid-19, the firm has maintained an outstanding work environment for its employees.”
  • “At my level, it is more difficult to take vacation time given that my assigned engagements are ever ongoing. I feel I always need to be around or available to address client deliverables all throughout the year.”
  • “Coming in to PKF just this past month, PKF matched the other offers I received from other firms. That in its own is a major benefit and big deal to me. They also have amazing perks and benefits throughout the year which we look forward to. It’s also nice to know that we have employee insurance and 401(k).”
  • “The company is able to maintain the professional aspect of an accounting firm while allowing the employees to remain casual in their day-to-day work. The firm offers a competitive salary and was able to give raises during Covid-19 while other firms were letting employees go left and right. The firm was also able to provide us with reimbursement bonuses for WFH purchases made during the pandemic. The firm offers Summer Fridays in both the summer and in December, which is amazing.”
  • “Medical benefits could be better, but otherwise we are very competitive with the industry and even above average for work perks.”
  • “Salaries and bonuses are fair and based on merit. Health and retirement benefits could be improved.”
  • “There are many amazing aspects that my firm offers for our overall career development opportunities. They always want us to be better and grow not only as accountants but also as individuals. We get so many different outlooks from where we can learn more and grow our knowledge. For example, we have many live sessions within our firm where we learn new elements, and we also have other programs which help us learn and develop as we move forward in our careers.”
  • “The firm has established various tools to help employees in their career development. The firm provides each employee with a mentor who is available to assist employees in their career development. In addition, reviews are consistently provided to employees to provide feedback on their assignments and the areas that the employee excelled in and areas for improvement. The firm also has various groups, such as the Future Leaders Program, that aids in employee development.”
  • “The firm is a bit top heavy right now, but that has been changing over the last three years as more and more partners are retiring. I see a lot of mobility in the next five years in this job and at the firm.’
  • “They care a lot about your growth and want you to succeed. The firm has a strong mentoring program, which in my opinion effectively monitors staff progress.”
  • “PKF O'Connor Davies does a very good job with being inclusive and inviting to all different races and genders, and overall to all individuals. It makes you feel welcomed and not ignored by the firm.”
  • “Plenty of employees, especially the leaders, are involved in community engagement, and announcements of these efforts are communicated throughout the firm and encouraged. However, basically, other than the Corporate Challenge, community engagement has to be initiated and conducted on your own.”
  • “Our firm has nonprofits as clients, and seeks to improve the world through corporate responsibility by leading by example.”
  • “My firm does not discriminate when it comes to hiring individuals.”
  • “During unprecedented times, such as the pandemic, it is difficult to be fully confident in anything. That said, I am very confident in the leadership of the firm from all aspects and know that they will do the best they can to do the best for us.”
  • “The firm is continuing to grow, and I feel it will continue to grow even more with more office acquisitions.”
  • “We have been treated very well during the pandemic. I, for one, am very appreciative of firm leadership.”
  • “The firm has been steadfast in making the necessary changes in an ever-changing business environment and has kept employees updated quarterly since the onset of the global pandemic.”
  • “Even as an intern, I was respected and never looked at as anything less than an accountant. Everything was very clear and simple. We felt prepared as we entered the internship with all the help and information that was given to us by HR. We felt like we were actually learning and doing meaningful work throughout our internship.”
  • “The firm and its employees were very helpful with training and answering questions during my internship. The firm’s culture fosters an open-door policy in which everyone, including higher level employees such as partners, is willing to assist and answer questions. Overall, the experience gained from interning with the firm helped advance my career prior to starting full-time.”
  • “My internship felt like a full-time role, in which I was given actual audit work to do and was given the proper guidance to do it. The firm helped me grow as a professional during my role as an intern.”
  • “Fair pay and good experience meeting new people and learning professional skills. There were times that were not so busy.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “Due to Covid-19, in person health and wellness initiatives have slowed. However, the firm has been very proactive with it Covid-19 policies for keeping the office safe and healthy.”
  • “The firm provides great resources on the intranet and also through email communication about these topics throughout the year.”
  • “The firm continues to provide and offer gym memberships and other activities to keep healthy during the pandemic.”
  • “I recall when I was in the office they had massage therapists come twice a year, which I liked. If we ever go back to the office, I would like the firm to bring the therapists back more frequently.”


Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “Head partner has made statements regarding the cause that I felt were touching.”
  • “The firm posted many things on social media, while also sending out emails to the employees about firm response and resources. The firm hosts lectures through a group to allow employees to learn more about the current events of the world.”
  • “We had Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off this year in recognition of the matters in the world today. Our firm is very cognizant of cultivating a diverse workforce.”
  • “Well-written announcements and firmwide emails in that area."

Response to Covid-19

  • “PKF has made us feel so comfortable with whatever decision we make. Either if we work from home or the office, PKF has been supportive and cared about our safety more than anything else.”
  • “While others got laid off, my coworkers were never worried about being cast away. The firm was even able to hire some people from other firms that were let go at the beginning of the pandemic. Partners worked together to make sure the firm was in the right hands and under the correct leadership.”
  • “The firm has adjusted to the work-from-home climate that now exists, and has kept constant contact and performed surveys to ensure employee appreciation and happiness throughout the pandemic.”
  • “Plenty of communications provided regarding the pandemic and work-from-home tips and policies.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “PKF's interview and callback process is very good. I never felt unconformable or out of the loop throughout the whole process. The ideal candidate is someone outgoing and hardworking. You don't need to know everything coming in, as PKF gives you the opportunity to learn throughout your time with them.”
  • “Callback process is quick and painless. The ideal candidate we seek is someone willing to learn, take on new challenges, and be a team player when it comes to serving our clients.”
  • “Ideal candidates would be seniors who need little guidance on how to use auditing software and how to approach audits, are self-reliant, and do not need to be strongly monitored to ensure they complete the engagements fully.”
  • “I believe there is a lot of flexibility in the firm to interview/hire candidates that may not otherwise get a chance but would be good fits at the firm.”
  • “Do you have any history with tax before? Where have you worked before, and do you have any experience in the accounting field? What would you like to learn or get out of this internship/full-time job? Have you been in a situation before where you have needed to be a leader and use leadership skills? How do you work under pressure?”
  • “The firm typically will go through your resume and have you comment on the points you have there. They will ask how you learned about the firm. They will ask what you plan on bringing to the firm and how you would describe yourself.”
  • “What are your strengths? Weaknesses? When have you been in a position to lead? What did you do with that responsibility?”

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