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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Accounting 25


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Harrison, NY


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Kevra Esposito, Talent Acquisition Director

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Employee Reviews

  • “Depending on what level you are, it may be hard to take PTO time with constant client needs. However, superiors do make efforts to ease burdens and encourage everyone to take their PTO time.”

  • “The best aspects include the firm's flexible work options, which have enabled me to implement a four-day workweek. The worst aspects I believe are more related to the industry as a whole. Due to client needs and deadlines, it can be very difficult to find a work/life balance as deadlines approach.”

  • “Sometimes we have so much work it’s hard to get offline. You see so many people still online and in the office after 5:20 p.m., so then you feel bad that you’re the first one leaving. Also, during tax season, we work so many more hours.”

  • “The best aspect is that we do receive a generous amount of paid time off and requests are typically not denied. However, scheduling can make it difficult to find an appropriate time to take paid time off due to a constant flow of work. It seems to be common that many people will lose significant amounts of paid time off at the end of the year even after rolling the allowed number of hours, which has been increasing in recent years.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Our firm’s HR department is very competitive in recruiting, and sets up many interviews and callback process when needed. PKF has a wonderful reimbursement program for individuals on obtaining their CPA as well as bonuses.”

  • “Interview and callback generally occurs very quickly.”

  • “Firm has good human resources department that handles these processes well. Ideal candidate is a strong-willed senior who can handle themselves well without much supervision—someone with leadership skills.”

  • “We are really good about this. We have a good HR team.”