Accounting firm Moss Adams is looking for motivated self-starters with strong technical skills. The firm treats interns like full-time staff and allows them to learn alongside senior professionals. Career advisors and mentors help full-time staff navigate the beginning of their careers. Staff also get free Headspace subscriptions, gym memberships, and counseling.

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Moss Adams looks for motivated, hardworking, positive self-starters who have strong technical skills and are eager to learn and grow. For students, the firm runs a highly regarded internship program. Moss Adams treats interns like full-time staff, offers good training, and allows interns to network with each other and learn alongside senior professionals. For its full-time professionals, Moss Adams offers numerous development opportunities, including career advisors and mentors to help staff navigate the beginning of their careers and the ability to transfer to different areas of the firm, if desired.

While hours can be long and demanding during peak seasons, the firm focuses on providing staff with a healthy work/life balance. Generous amounts of PTO and flexibl...

About the Company

Seattle-based Moss Adams is a professional services firm that provides accounting, consulting, and wealth management services. It’s been in business for nearly 110 years and currently has more than 3,400 professionals across 25 locations, primarily in the Western United States. In addition to Washington State, Moss Adams has offices in Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, and Texas. The firm serves private and not-for-profit clients in more than 30 industries, including apparel; communications and media; construction; automotive and dealer services; financial services; agribusiness; forest products; wine, beer, and spirits; health care; life sciences; manufacturing and consumer products; not-for-profit; government services; real estate; hospitality; restaurants; technology; tribal and gaming; and power and utilities. 

Employee Reviews

  • “Like at most accounting firms, during busy season it can feel as though there is no work/life balance. But during the off season, a majority of employees are taking PTO days, which definitely helps gain some perspective. There are two full weeks of firm closures, where everyone is expected to focus on building that quality of life.”
  • “I don't think that using vacation at an accounting firm will ever be easy. Average hours will likely remain high, so those seem like somewhat unfair measurements. Moss Adams does a good job of trying to work on work/life balance. We had a winter closure and will have a summer one, and the winter one was great.”
  • “The firm does a good job of trying to create work/life balance and monitors individuals work schedules closely to manage overload/burnout. The messages throughout the firm, from CEO to engagement leader, is to drive a strong work/life balance to keep everyone be positive and focused on client success while working.”
  • “It’s easy to request vacation time, and we get a lot of PTO, but some partners comment on how often we go on PTO even though we’re using PTO hours within the five weeks we’re given each year, and not going over. The worst aspect, due to the nature of the job, is you always have to work hard before and after your vacation time.”
  • “Salary is competitive. They offer gym reimbursements, maternity leave, and CPA bonuses. The medical benefits aren’t the greatest. High premiums and high deductibles. The 401(k) match is average, but not great.”
  • “They offer a competitive salary for entry-level positions, and spoil us with expensed meals for team meetings and happy hours. They also offer a free Headspace membership.”
  • “Benefits are generous. The firm recently implemented a mandatory PTO period for July and December, whereby employees are forced to use 10 days of their PTO time.”
  • “I received access to study materials for the CPA exam, and then upon completion, a $5,000 bonus. For a first-year staff, those were my priorities, so I was pleased with both the incentive and support. We also had a pretty smooth transition to work-from-home, which has infinitely improved my quality of life.”
  • “Leadership is very open about expectations at every level, so it’s easy to see what needs to be done to advance. Partners are very open to talking about development topics, and there are a lot of mentorship opportunities—endless actually. But, as in other professional firms, if you want to make it to the top, there is going to be a lot of personal effort and initiative. No easy ways up.”
  • “The best part of the firm’s career development opportunities, especially during the unprecedented year we’ve had, has been placing an emphasis on how to navigate this virtual world with a mentor by your side. Although I’ve only been here a few months, I’ve been to a dozen events with a focus on goal setting and long-term career planning.”
  • “Moss Adams sets you up with a network of people when you’re hired, so I’ve had multiple people to turn to at all levels when I have questions or concerns about anything from projects to career advice. The firm allows you to have opportunities to try different areas of the public accounting industry, if a person isn’t sure where they want to focus in their career.”
  • “If you want to switch industries or transfer from one area of the organization, the firm is generally very supportive. However, it takes time to fully transition.”
  • “We’re great at recruiting for diversity. We have a long way to go when it comes to retention. We lose a lot of women at the senior manager level. It seems like there’s no accountability on the retention metrics, and it’s not very visible. It’s a huge blow when we lose really smart, capable people, and discouraging that we don’t find out why this trend continues to occur or hold leadership accountable to changing it.”
  • “The firm is predominantly non-Hispanic Caucasian. There’s a good amount of female management, although I would like to see more female partners in the future. The firm overall is fairly white, and that’s surprising considering I work out of the San Francisco office, which is a very diverse area.”
  • “Our firm is rather homogenous. Very white and not a lot of women in leadership. While we apparently have more women partners than most firms, we don’t have even close to an equal amount, and I was disappointed to see the ratios of promotions to partner this year were still heavily skewed towards men. There’s also only one woman in the firm’s executive leadership. I think the firm’s leadership acknowledges our need to become more diverse, but I would like to see this commitment translate to equitable promotions.”
  • “There are multiple opportunities to donate to various charities, and the firm will match. As a firm, we volunteer once a year. Small groups go to various locations throughout the community to volunteer. Before-Covid-19, we participated in walks and fundraisers, including the Heart Walk in Sacramento.”
  • “Moss Adams’ ability to grow has been outstanding the last few years, almost to the point where we bring in more clients than we have teams for—our reputation in the area is so strong and we have a lot to offer.”
  • “The firm has grown financially and geographically, creating a positive business outlook. Morale is good, as far as I can tell, and the firm is committed to making employees happy. The worst aspects are just general concern over the overall economy and well-being of clients.”
  • “Employee morale is very high. Staff are in support of the firm’s policy regarding Covid-19. The organization has proven that they trust their employees and have maintained performing at a high level without risking the health of their employees.”
  • “I am very bullish on our firm’s business outlook. We have a strong plan, driven from the top down, with a clear plan for growth that each group within the firm is focused on executing. Our leadership at all levels are aligned on this growth and how we will move the firm forward for the next five to 10 years. I’m excited about where the firm is today and where it will be down the road.”
  • “I learned a lot during my internship. All my seniors were helpful and eager to teach. It affirmed that assurance was the right career path for me. Moss Adams treats interns as if they’re staff. I felt respected by everyone in the organization. My only critique is that I found it difficult to prioritize school and work obligations.”
  • “Great pay, helpful coworkers taught me the ropes, and I was given opportunities to do all types of tax returns and participate in the whole process of how a return is completed.”
  • “Best aspect of my internship was the week spent in Disneyland with all of the interns. Most challenging aspect was the rent (I relocated for the internship).”
  • “The training, bonding with other coworkers, and introduction to the auditing software were the best experiences.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “The hours are reasonable, leadership emphasizes and models balance, and there are wellness related perks like Headspace talks and subscriptions.”
  • “They provide optional training courses about meditation, etc. They’re respectful if you’re flexing your hours to get exercise in as long as you communicate and still get your work done.”
  • “Counseling, meditation (Headspace membership), and paid gym memberships are all offered by the firm. They also encourage reading self-help type books and will ship you any if you take a particular interest in one!”
  • “There is a lot of counseling and asking if we need anything to better our wellness—such as providing new chairs, money for at-home equipment, etc.”


Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “The firm put together excellent resources as well as sent lots of communications and support, which I thought was great. Our region also brought in an incredible external speaker to address equity and diversity in the workplace. Overall, I thought the firm responded well and adequately, and continues to make ongoing efforts that are shown through actions.”
  • “Our firm had a strong response to the protests. They brought in D&I consultants, our CEO discussed it with us at length, they donated to anti-racist orgs, and they made inclusion the official strategic focus of 2021.”
  • “The firm came out with a statement in support of the movement and has taken a good look in the mirror. There is a lot of buzz and talk about improving diversity and inclusion and being an ally, with some great programs and events that have happened, but there is still work to be done. The firm appears serious, as they have made being an anti-racist firm one of a handful of near-term goals.”
  • “Response was immediate and supported BLM. The firm also acknowledged existence of unconscious bias. The firm is looking for and implementing programs to make people aware of unconscious bias.”

Response to Covid-19

  • “Our firm has been fantastic with the pandemic. They moved quickly to switch us to remote, they kept communication very clear, and they reimbursed our work-from-home setups. They also sent out surveys asking how they could support us during the pandemic and ended up acting on the items we said we could most use help with. They also did minimal furloughs, brought most furloughed staff back, and retroactively restored any temporary pandemic pay cuts we experienced as soon as they had the funds to do so. (i.e. they returned our salary to its regular amount and paid us back pay to make up for the prior short pays).”
  • “There were no secrets. When it came time to furlough people, it was announced swiftly and to the firm via video directly from the CEO. Initially, we were allowed to purchase at-home equipment, and most of it was reimbursed quickly. After establishing the work-from-home environment, the firm made it easy to acquire equipment directly through them. The firm didn’t make us go to client sites at the beginning of the shutdown. Even now, I personally believe the firm is overly cautious (which is appreciated) when it comes to going back into the office, remaining consistent with city, county, and state occupancy requirements.”
  • “Moss Adams was very proactive in its reaction to COVID-19 and had us all work from home immediately. I can tell that leadership cares about our well-being in these times. We were provided office equipment to use at home, and there are check-ins from firm leadership to see how everything is going.”
  • “The firm instituted a work-from-home policy. They suspended all travel for the organization and are addressing this from a people-first standpoint. They have gone above and beyond to ensure that people have everything they need to work from home. They have shown how much they value their employees.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “We spend at least eight hours per day with our teams, so we definitely look for individuals that we wouldn’t mind being in a room with for that period of time. College graduates should know when they come to work, they’re not going to know almost anything about the work we do—but should come ready to learn with a positive and willing attitude. I went from the top five to 10 in my accounting classes to the bottom of the food chain. The first year was hard on my ego, but after learning from the best, I’m thriving.”
  • “We recruit at a variety of universities, in both the fall and spring cycles. After video interviews, students are contacted. We look for students who have high potential and possess the skills that we believe are critical to success.”
  • “Candidates are required to apply online and complete three rounds of interviews. The firm looks for self-starters focused on being productive and efficient.”
  • “Moss Adams is seeking candidates who bring technical skills to the group in tandem with top-notch client service skills. We need to feel confident including interfacing with clients on phone calls, emails, etc.”
  • “Why Moss Adams? Would this company benefit your work/life balance? Which types of clients are you interested in working with? How comfortable are you with Excel?”
  • “What was your least favorite class in college? Have you ever had to work on a group project? How would your classmates describe you? Describe an example of a time you went above and beyond to make something unique or add value?”
  • “What made you decide to apply to this firm? Talk about the work experience on your resume. What is ____ leadership experience on your resume? If I were to speak to your professor, what would they identify as your strengths? What is the one thing you need to improve on?”
  • “We ask behavioral questions to understand if you have the success skills based on group projects or other activities you have participated in.”

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