Accounting firm Moss Adams is looking for motivated self-starters with strong technical skills. The firm treats interns like full-time staff and allows them to learn alongside senior professionals. Career advisors and mentors help full-time staff navigate the beginning of their careers. Staff also get free Headspace subscriptions, gym memberships, and counseling.

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Accounting 25


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Seattle, WA


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Jennifer Burnett- Human Resources Manager

Firsthand Findings

Moss Adams looks for motivated, personable, intelligent, hardworking, positive team players who are eager to learn. For students, the firm runs an excellent internship program, providing interns with exposure to professionals at all levels, extensive professional development, and hands-on work experience. For its full-time staff, Moss Adams offers numerous growth opportunities, including mentoring, valuable trainings, clearly defined promotions, internal mobility options, and encouragement to find the best fit when it comes to department and industry.

Although work hours can be long and stressful at times, Moss Adams promotes having a healthy work/life balance, truly unplugging during PTO, and not working weekends and late nights when possible. Salaries are compe...

About the Company

Seattle-based Moss Adams is a professional services firm that provides accounting, consulting, and wealth management services. It’s been in business for nearly 110 years with more than 3,800 professionals across more than 30 locations, primarily in the Western United States. In addition to Washington State, Moss Adams has offices in Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado Utah, and Texas. The firm serves private and not-for-profit clients in more than 30 industries, including apparel; communications and media; construction; automotive and dealer services; financial services; agribusiness; forest products; wine, beer, and spirits; health care; life sciences; manufacturing and consumer products; not-for-profit; government services; real estate; hospitality; restaurants; technology; tribal and gaming; and power and utilities. <...

Employee Reviews

  • “The firm promotes that we are one firm and this has been seen across all offices. During these unprecedented times, the firm has taking the initiative to check in with employees and help in any way possible to regulate work and life balance. The tone at the top encourages everyone to use PTO. At the office level, everyone is checking in with their teams and making sure everyone is emotionally, mentally, and physically well and really do try to foster a family-like vibe.”

  • “They promote work/life balance, truly unplugging during PTO, and frown upon a culture of working weekends and late nights. The firm closes for a week, twice a year, and it's AMAZING to have zero expectations to work and you know you won't have a full inbox when you come back, because no one was working. Moss is working on this, but we need to rebalance some of our industry groups, as some are strained for people, and some have a surplus, which results in people in the stressed industry groups burning out faster, which leads to even less people in the already strained group.”

  • “Moss Adams is very flexible with how we split up our hours in a week, as long as we’re communicating to our team. It’s nice to take breaks throughout the day if needed. We get $20/month wellness fund reimbursement, as well as about five weeks of PTO. As a first-year staff, I haven't worked a weekend, which is nice compared to what I've heard from my friends at other firms. The people are probably my favorite part; everyone is so welcoming. The partners that I frequently see in the office knew me by name within my first couple weeks and invite me out to lunches. I love that the partners treat every level of employee the same.”

  • “Moss Adams does a good job of reminding employees of the importance of work/life balance. They have designated weeks during the year where everyone is required to ‘unplug’ and ‘recharge.’ It is helpful to know that I can take a week off knowing that there is no expectation to send or receive emails. One of the most difficult aspects of the overall quality of life is something that is inherent to the public accounting profession: deadlines will always be there. It's easy for any CPA firm to promote a quality life, but it is often difficult to do that in practice because of the nature of the industry. However, I believe Moss Adams does a good job of doing the best it can.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Moss Adams looks for people who are driven and full of integrity. Moss Adams has made great effort when it comes to onboarding and interviewing, and through this increased effort it’s clear that they have not lost the culture that I was originally drawn to (respectable, professional, full of integrity).”

  • “The ideal candidate will be truthful in all aspects—resume, answering questions about experience, and outlining personal needs. They will have an interest in learning and helping others to learn. They will be open to trying out new experiences and opportunities, and rolling up their sleeves to get the job done as needed. They will embody a non-judgmental mindset, focused on inclusion for all. They will be professional while also personable, and relaxed while motivated.”

  • “Each year, Moss Adams becomes more nimble in recruiting, with flexibility in the recruiting process to quickly communicate with candidates, connect candidates to the right team members to help them learn about the firm, and an efficient but personal interview process. Moss Adams is ethical with respect to campus recruiting, adhering to offer timeline parameters and not pressuring candidates with fast-expiring offers. The ideal candidate is collaborative, excited by the opportunity to really get to know our mid-tier client base, and looking for a firm that walks the walk on wellness and balance.”

  • “I believe the firm wants someone who is intelligent, qualified, hardworking, and positive. There are about three interviews to get hired, and it seemed they like to have them about one to two times a week. They also like to meet in person at least once where possible to see if the candidate seems like a good cultural fit.”

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