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Vault Accounting 25


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Lisa Fryer - Director Human Resources

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  • “The firm has made strides to promote a better work/life balance, especially given the work-from-home lifestyle everyone has had to adjust to. They encourage individuals to utilize time-off for vacation or reset days so that people aren't experiencing too much burnout. A big plus is the firm offers a great amount of PTO (20 to 25 days/year) and holiday time-off to every individual. On the flip side, as many companies have experienced, staffing has presented itself as an issue. During busier times of the year, it has caused more burnout amongst teams. Though this is no fault to any individual company, I feel as though it speaks to lowering of the overall quality of life for employees across the board.”

  • “We receive a significant amount of PTO and paid vacation days. But busy season is getting longer every year, and the non-busy times of the year are starting to be busier. Managers are having to perform multiple roles (senior, associate) due to turnover and lower quality of staff work.”

  • “Vacation policy is strong and allows for a substantial amount of time off. Also, there are opportunities for sabbaticals. However, work hours can be strenuous, especially when resources are insufficient.”

  • “KPMG has an extremely generous PTO policy and provides extreme flexibility throughout the day in terms of completing your job. I am extremely happy about my job.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm has switched to a national recruitment strategy where any student from any school in the country can get to know KPMG and apply for jobs. Looking for motived and tech-savvy individuals.”

  • “We are looking for personality and not necessarily smarts.”

  • “Ideal candidate = GPA over 3.5 and is involved on campus.”

  • “It was a pretty easy hiring process, as I was an experienced hire. Once I decided to apply, I was contacted within the week I submitted my application, and was having interviews with partners and managers the following week.”