Part of the prestigious Big 4, KPMG offers the ability to drive your own career. Development opportunities include strong training, the ability to move locations and change roles, and the ability to switch practice areas. Wellness offerings are extensive, and there are several valuable affinity groups that support women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

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  • “The best is the flexibility that this job allows. I left for two years and worked in industry, and in industry, if you don't have anything to work on, you still have to sit at your desk until 5 p.m. At KPMG, if I don't have anything to do for the afternoon, I can just take PTO and leave. Also, you get so much PTO in comparison to industry. I get six weeks vs my 20 days in industry. Worst is that, inherently with this job, you are sometimes tied to your computer or phone. We have strict deadlines, and sometimes this requires you to work crazy hours to complete.”
  • “Obviously we work a lot of hours. However, I feel encouraged and empowered to use all of my PTO, and I am not bothered with by calls and emails during PTO except for emergencies. Speaking to peers in other firms, I understand that the unlimited PTO strategies have created a culture that discourages disconnecting when on PTO, which I am happy to say is not the case at KPMG.”
  • “The best aspect is flexibility. We have outstanding technology that allows our work to be performed anywhere. The worst aspect is that our work revolves around client deadlines, which creates time periods where a significant amount of work needs to be done in a condensed period of time. KPMG has implemented numerous initiatives to reduce this concentration in an attempt to spread the work more evenly throughout the year. These initiatives have had a very favorable impact over the last 10 years. There are still time periods where our people ‘run hot,’ but these periods have been significantly reduced compared to 10 or 20 years ago.”
  • “My firm has made tremendous progress in work/life balance and quality of life—relative to clients and competitors, I don't believe we have any shortcomings. The worst aspect is that we work in a client service business with regulatory and client-imposed deadlines, which results in not being able to achieve optimal quality of life at all times during the year.”
  • “Best part of the firm's overall salary, benefits, and perks is that the summer months are super relaxed—shorter hours, earlier Friday afternoons, more leisurely pace. Also, PTO is amazing, almost too much to use!”
  • “I’m a working mother, and the maternity paid time off allowed me to take off six months, with the majority of the time fully paid for. This gave me a lot of time to adjust to being a new mother.”
  • “The best perks are the vacation time and flexible working hours. Due to the pandemic, the firm temporarily cut bonuses and merit increases, and reduced 401(k) match.”
  • “I absolutely recognize that there are positions outside of the CPA that offer potentially higher pay and/or better benefits, but the true reason I stay is because I value what I do and believe that what I have gained here from a project management, technical accounting background, and personal growth far outweighs better pay. I would also point out that I thought KPMG did right not to lay people off at onset of C pandemic.” 
  • “I have been able to really own my career/experiences. I’ve been with the firm for five years, and I’ve participated in a variety of unique rotations and experiences outside of my typical audit responsibilities. The firm really empowers its people to take advantage of the firm's resources and relationships to be the best leader possible.”
  • “The best feature of career development is that you can make it what you want. All you have to say is, ‘I want to work in another area, work on a certain risk profile company, work a rotation in a different group, or work in a different location,’ and the firm makes it happen. The opportunities are endless.”
  • “There are a wide variety of opportunities within KPMG that enable you to work in different capacities. There is opportunity to move locations and change roles within the audit practice, and there are also opportunities to change practices from audit to tax or advisory.”
  • “Promotion opportunities, geographic mobility, diversity/range of opportunities, and leadership development are strong positives. Transparency into the decision-making on promotions or leadership roles is sometimes lacking.”
  • “This year was the first year that I got to do the interviewing for internship/full-time offers, and I was amazed at how thoughtful the hiring approach was. My training was so focused on behavioral questions without ever violating gender, race, sex, or other protected classes. I think that is why my local office has such diversity in all aspects and leads to strong participation in diversity networks. In relation to philanthropic practices and corporate responsibility, I have seen and participated in events where KPMG was promoting education for those who are underprivileged.”
  • “The firm promotes and gives voices to groups supporting diversity (with respect to gender, race, ethnicity, LGBTQ+ individuals, etc.) and has created and sustained affinity networks focused on these various forms of diversity. KPMG can continue to improve its environmental and green practices—currently, it’s not a primary focus, and not a lot has been occurring to support this incredibly important initiative.”
  • “Diversity is being pushed hard and there are professional groups that support these individuals. The firm does a great job at hiring and mentoring women, but starting at the manager level, there is a significant drop off in women at the higher levels. They need to do a better job at trying to retain more of their female talent so that women have a greater desire to become partners.”
  • “I believe the firm started open enrollment for recruiting, which is great. That will help us recruit a more diverse population. The firm does a good job promoting its diversity and inclusion programs, events, and groups. Ideally, participation would be higher in those things, though.”
  • “It feels like our area is winning a lot of new work. Many of our clients are preparing for IPOs or growing enough to implement SOX for the first time. I’d say things look pretty good. My two concerns with all of this is having enough people to do all the work and keeping overtime at a reasonable level. We already have high utilization and are borrowing lots of resources from other parts of the country (or from other functions).”
  • “KPMG leadership has established a clear strategy that they've communicated to the firm partnership. All of their efforts underpin this strategy.”
  • “Given the pandemic, I think the business outlook is very uncertain, and my understanding is that this is factored into our budget.”
  • “As of last summer, we have a new leadership team. They are very motivated to grow the firm, and it is translating to wins in the marketplace.”
  • “I felt like I was treated as a part of the team even as an intern. I got to experience KPMG's culture firsthand with the activities and networking events they hosted. I believe we were trained well and I learned a lot about the industry, auditing, CPA exams, and how to transition to the firm during my internship.”
  • “The best aspect from my internship was the sincerity with which every employee talked to me. Everyone was very realistic with how many hours you work, how much work you would have, and the perks of the job. I had experiences talking with people from other firms, and they were hesitant to talk sincerely about these topics.”
  • “Great networking opportunity that allowed me to meet my future coworkers. It also gave me great insight into the culture of the various groups in the office so that I felt I was able to make an informed decision once I started full time.”
  • “Best parts: exposure, networking, professional skill building, and getting familiar with public accounting and the firm. One negative is the summer internship did not give the full picture of what it would look like when starting full time in terms of expectations, working hours, requirements, etc.”

Wellness Efforts

  •  “They offer a lot of initiatives and discounts specific to wellness. There are free counseling services, major discounts on virtual workouts, and classes on meditation. Each team I’m on has specific discussions about wellness and sets engagement-specific goals to make sure the team is staying healthy.”
  • “Top-notch employee assistance program (EAP) for all partners, employees, and members of our households. Leaders talking openly about mental health matters and inviting conversation, understanding that as humans we have mental health just as we have physical health, and we can best succeed as people and professionals when we properly tend to both. Panels with clients on the importance of mental health in the workplace and leaders authoring articles on this same subject. Workshops held locally and nationally on mental health (happiness, stress management, resiliency, suicide prevention, depression, anxiety, and more). Wellness challenges. Guided meditation. Recognition that all diversity groups have a different aspect of mental health that is important. Available and utilized LOAs and AWAs for mental health matters. The vision is that we will just as easily talk about mental health as we do physical health—and we’re getting closer to that every day!”
  • “One of the firm's affinity networks in the DC-metro area (that it's looking to reproduce nationally) is focused on holistic wellness, including physical exercise, meditation, nutrition education, meditation sessions, and others. Despite the pandemic, the firm has funded this group locally over other affinity networks and has continually been emphasized in the leadership's communication to the metro area teams. This group has events at least twice per week on various topics, including every other week morning yoga sessions, weekly meditation sessions, once a month cooking classes, a tax prep session in February, etc.”
  • “The firm offers a variety of support to our employees, including therapy, counseling, flexibility programs, discounts on workout classes, furniture, tone-at-the-top messaging to prioritize wellbeing, funds to support WFH needs, etc.”

Getting Hired Here


  • “We’re seeking someone motivated and willing to help out others. Although we do expect a certain level of accomplishments, your accomplishments aren’t necessarily as important as your work.”
  • “On top of the requisite experience in accounting and finance, we look for candidates with a demonstrated passion for and experience with resiliency, adaptability, patience, fortitude, empathy, and prioritization of health and well-being of oneself and others.”
  • “Ideal candidates are honest, have the right education and skillsets, are willing to learn, have a good attitude towards learning, don’t give up after failure, and are willing to put their best efforts in everything they do.”
  • “The firm has a highly competitive process to attract the hardest working and best candidates possible. Looking for smart, hardworking high achievers that are top in their class.”
  • “We use behavioral-based questions. We have a bank of questions that interviewers can choose from. Each person selected to be an interviewer must take several trainings.”
  • “Provide the most challenging situation you dealt with at your last workplace. Provide an example when you resolved a conflict at your workplace successfully and how you did it. What is the most effective learning style for you (self-study, online training, classroom training, shadowing another team member, on-the-job learning, etc.)?”
  • “All questions were behavioral. And I will point out that each candidate got the same questions so that the opportunities for each candidate were fair. Plus, we have more than one interviewer, and each interviewer covered different aspects of the behavioral questions.”
  • “All interviews are virtual now.”

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