Palo Alto-based Frank, Rimerman + Co. specializes in providing accounting services to industry-leading firms, including many Silicon Valley pioneers. The firm embodies its clients’ entrepreneurial spirit, and offers its staff growth opportunities like soft skill training, technical training, and the ability to rotate through the firm's departments. The firm emphasizes staff wellbeing, and offers mindfulness workshops, busy season yoga and meals, and ergonomic workshops and tools.

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501-1,000 Employees


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Vault Accounting 25


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Business Tax


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Palo Alto, CA


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Patti Gower, Recruiting Director

Firsthand Findings

Frank, Rimerman is looking for hardworking, driven, personable, coachable candidates who are eager to learn. The firm runs an excellent rotational internship program for students, giving interns hands-on experience in various departments to get a strong understanding of the different services the firm offers. For full-time staff, there are many career development opportunities, including extensive hard and soft skill training and an outstanding mentoring program. Frank, Rimerman is very focused on the career growth of its staff.

Although hours can be long and demanding during the busy season (and it can be difficult to disconnect), the firm is invested in its people and goes to lengths to try to offer a healthy work/life balance. This includes providing flexible ...

About the Company

Frank, Rimerman + Co. LLP specializes in providing accounting services to clients considered to be leaders in their industries. This includes many pioneers in Silicon Valley, and according to Frank Rimerman, the firm embodies these pioneers’ “same entrepreneurial spirit.” The firm, whose motto is “passion works here,” has offices in San Jose, San Francisco, Palo Alto, and St. Helena, Calif. 

Tax planning services make up the biggest chunk of the firm's earnings, bringing in 62 percent of its more than $153 million in revenues; audit and assurance made up 34 percent, while advisory and other services contributed 4 percent. Most of Frank, Rimerman's corporate clients are involved in real estate, professional services, venture capital, distribution, and agriculture. Thanks to its presence in Silicon Valley, the ...

Employee Reviews

  • “I appreciate the firm culture and the level of support/feedback I get from supervisors. I did get thrown into the winter busy season with just bare basic preparation, and that was difficult to adjust to at first. However, now that I've gotten more informed and comfortable with preparing returns, I feel more comfortable for the upcoming spring busy season.”

  • “This firm gets it right. Enough people to back you up when you need to step away and the type of training that leaves you confident you can assist others in your department without worry. They make an investment in the office culture by having different committees, but these aren't just lip service committees that plan for the higher ups—their support staff are also included.”

  • “I think the firm has a great culture and really invests in the people that work here. They want what is best for everyone and try to make it a good experience for all. The worst aspect is the work/life balance. The hours are quite long the higher you move up because so many of the people at that level have left the firm. This is especially true at the senior associate level (three to five years). while the firm encourages vacation, it can be hard to take because you end up having to work a lot of overtime to make up for the time you are missing, which defeats the purpose of PTO.”

  • “Firm-wide holidays are very generous, and management makes an effort to plan them in order to enable people to tack on their own PTO to make for extra-long weekends. This was encouraged, and really let me and many others totally unplug from work and recharge with friends and family. That is really important in a demanding industry like public accounting.”

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Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm responds back to candidates quickly and on a timely basis. I was also given enough time to thoroughly think through my decision and explore other offers that were presented. The firm values individuals who are willing to learn and have a good attitude. The actual work can be learned, but candidates should be coachable and flexible in learning so much new information.”

  • “The firm was really quick with the recruiting process. Had a fast turnaround time for callbacks and follow-ups via email. I think our firm is seeking hardworking, driven people who are willing and want to learn and to develop as professionals.”

  • “Streamlined and friendly process designed to get to know the individual, not test them. Ideal candidates are eager to learn, self-aware, have strong written and oral communication skills, and act in a manner consistent with the firm’s standards for professionalism.”

  • “I had an initial interview with a recruiter and then a callback to a second interview. The second interview was four rounds with different levels of management individually, starting with a senior, leading on to levels of managers and a partner. For my position, they’re looking for someone who is ready to learn and can get along well with others.”

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