CLA is one of the 10 largest audit, tax, and consulting firms in the U.S. It has offices in more than 120 locations, and its staff are given a lot of responsibility, and access to extensive training and mentors. The culture is collegial and collaborative, and managers have an open-door policy. CLA really helps its people find careers that fit.

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  • "Wonderful place to work. It's a culture patterned around leadership and noticeably different client service. There is a real effort to help people find the career that fits them."
  • "We have an open-door policy, and every month there are group outings. Communication up and down is outstanding."
  • "My experience has always been good. I truly believe management believes that the people who work here are the best and want to keep them here. People are cared about here."
  • "Public accounting is a demanding profession, especially as you advance and take on additional responsibilities. The flexibility the firm provides allows me to get through the hour demands of the job."
  • "The hours can become an issue from time to time. The firm is open to different kinds of work schedules."
  • "The firm bases its salaries on industry information."
  • "I feel I’m compensated fairly."
  • "A great place to work. The job provides variety and a number of career opportunities."
  • "The firm moves me at a pace that is comfortable for me. The firm's learning programs are excellent."
  • "The firm has invested in providing extensive training to the staff. Many offices also have informal mentoring programs."
  • "Our greatest asset is our people. We invest in training and our time as owners to teach and mentor."
  • "I work with individuals that are driven to help clients succeed and also maintain a balance by giving back to their communities."
  • "The firm has always been a successful. I don't believe it’s have ever had a year in which it shrunk."

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  • "On-campus interviewing is generally used for new staff hires. A second interview is generally completed at an office of the firm. We seek candidates that have excellent technical knowledge, strong organizational skills with the ability to communicate with clients."
  • "We are seeking individuals that want to work at a noticeably different firm that have a passion for impacting and helping solve client needs."

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