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  • “The firm works hard to provide a good work/life balance, and continues to evaluate and enhance the benefits and approach to our team and their balance. The biggest challenges in this area arise in the different perspectives of leaders across offices relating to embracing the remote and/or hybrid work options. While most everyone is on board, a few holdouts still make it a challenge at times.”

  • “CBIZ is committed to the well-being of all employees and emphasizes work/life balance. CBIZ embraces family as a priority and allows workday flexibility. Busy season staff hours never exceed 60 per week. We are encouraged to take vacations and have a generous policy. However, public accounting is attracting fewer qualified individuals. The profession is also losing experienced skilled people to alternatives. The result is having to work more hours to cover the work.”

  • “Overall, I feel the firm does a decent job of trying to ensure individuals are able to balance their work and home lives. Leadership tries to take steps to limit hours worked and promotes a culture that is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive. I feel the firm could focus more on bringing people together and being transparent about hours expectations.”

  • “Flexibility is amazing here. As a manager and even as an experienced senior associate, if I didn't need to be on site at a client or in the office to supervise a staff/intern, I can choose where I want to work, and what time I want to start and end work (within reason). If I need to go to a doctor's appointment, I can just go without telling anyone as I am trusted to make up the time and get my work done. I am always able to take all of my PTO. However, despite the flexibility, the stress and workload are a drain on quality of life. Over the past several years, the traditional busy season has extended, such that there is very rarely a period where I feel like I have a chance to catch my breath and recharge; I am constantly under a tight deadline. I believe this is the main driver of turnover. However, I believe this to be an industry-wide problem and certainly not limited to my firm.”

Why Work Here

CBIZ is committed to making our company an amazing place for our team members to spend our working hours. The Great People, Great Place leaders in each location host a variety of activities to ensure our team members are getting together to deepen relationships and have some fun – whether in person or virtually!  

Learn about our Internship Programs: 

CBIZ MHM Internship and CBIZ Benefits and Insurance Internship

Getting Hired Here

  • “There are multiple ways for a candidate to enter the process, such as via the website, through a recruiter, or through a current employee. We work to be very responsive to potential candidates and arrange interviews with several practicing professionals at various levels within the organization to get different perspectives on a candidate. Our ideal candidate is someone who is a team player and looking to grow and learn.”

  • “The firm utilizes both an experienced in-house recruiting team and, on a limited basis, external recruiters. The process moves quickly. Ideal candidates show a passion for the business, a desire to succeed, and the ability to work well in teams.”

  • “I think the firm's interview process does a good job in making sure the candidate will be a good fit professionally and culturally by introducing the candidate to multiple employees and even the directors. I appreciate that the firm seeks candidates who are friendly, responsible, and have a good work ethic.”

  • “Our firm does a great job of recruiting top candidates. We receive assistance from our national office as well when it comes to recruiting, but our local office does a great job of bringing in new employees. Our ideal candidate is someone who is hardworking and dedicated to their job but also able to relax and have fun—our firm is known for working really hard but also having a lot of fun when we can.”

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