CBIZ is one of the most highly respected accounting, tax, and advisory firms in the U.S. Its interns get a lot of responsibility, guidance, and opportunities to meet directors and partners. Its full-time staff have access to training conferences, professional development programs, and internal mobility options. The firm routinely gets involved in service activities, and is diverse with respect to women and LGBTQ+ individuals.

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CBIZ MHM is ideally looking for hardworking, motivated, confident problem solvers who are eager to learn. The firm’s internship program offers students a lot of responsibility, treats them like full-time staff, and provides them guidance as needed. The firm also provides interns with plenty of opportunities to meet directors, partners, and other staff. For its full-time staff, CBIZ MHM offers many career development opportunities, including training conferences, professional development programs, and the ability to work in various groups and on different engagements.

Hours and workload can be demanding at times, especially during tax season, but CBIZ does a great job of providing staff with a good work/life balance, offering generous PTO and flexible schedules. S...

About the Company

With offices in most major metropolitan areas and suburban cities throughout the U.S., CBIZ, Inc. delivers financial services as well as benefits and insurance services through its two core divisions, CBIZ MHM, LLC and CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services, Inc., respectively. 

CBIZ MHM, LLC has a seamless working relationship with MHM (Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C.). Together, CBIZ and MHM are one of the 10 largest accounting service providers in the U.S. CBIZ provides outsourced business services such as accounting and tax as well as a wide range of consulting services. Included within CBIZ’s consulting services expertise are transaction and transition-focused financial, operational, and human capital solutions for private equity firms and their portfolio companies. 

MHM is a national, independent CPA...

Employee Reviews

  • “While work/life balance is hard, especially during busy season, it’s nothing that isn’t made clear in the firm’s expectations of you and your career. When I chose public accounting as a career, I was aware of the number of hours and work that's expected of you. Even though the time and effort is overwhelming at times, managers and directors try to reward you for your hard work, and I feel that my work and time is being appreciated/acknowledged.”
  • “Public accounting is a demanding industry; there is no getting around that. But CBIZ does a great job of trying its best to provide a good work/life balance, with generous PTO and additional flex/bank time benefits. The most challenging thing affecting work/life balance is having the right headcount in place. There are times when we simply don’t have enough people, which leads to the people that we do have having to work additional hours to get the work done.”
  • “The office tries to have a work/life balance and make sure everyone gets their time off. I always get my vacations approved. We have a fitness/health initiative to encourage fitness. Working in the tax area, we still work overtime half the year and sometimes have stress on the last days before our deadlines. We try to get the client information in plenty of time.”
  • “The firm has a competitive PTO time and typically allows you to take the time whenever you want to as long as it is outside of busy season. They give us great opportunities to network and wind down with coworkers as often as possible (pre-Covid). They are flexible on your hours depending on your level at the firm. Sometimes we end up understaffed, and it leaves us working longer hours in busy season. They try to prevent this at all costs.”
  • “CBIZ keeps their salaries for their employees in line with the industry average or slightly above. Their medical plans are comprehensive, and their company 401(k) matching policy is generous. The base vacation days for associates are lower than other industry levels, but the amount of time may be standard for the public accounting industry. I appreciate the meals offered to us during busy season. This makes the longer hours much more bearable. Also, the holiday parties are always very fun and well thought out.”
  • “I think that the salaries and benefits are competitive with other firms. I like that the office isn’t very strict with their hours. We are given the freedom to have flexible schedules as long as we complete our jobs timely. Regarding improvements, it would be nice if CBIZ had a bigger educational reimbursement since the cost of higher education has increased significantly in recent years.”
  • “The firm actively encourages vacation time and frequently reminds team members of offered benefits so they can be utilized as much as possible. Maternity/paternity could be improved (it was expanded this year, but more improvement could still be made), matching of charitable contributions could be offered, 100 percent medical coverage would be welcome.”
  • “The best things our office offers are the flexible work arrangements and telecommuting options for our employees, and the specific activities offered locally to show appreciation for the staff such as free meals, massage therapists, and various activities like busy season bingo and hump day happy hours. Our office also works hard at compensating top employees appropriately. The health insurance isn’t as robust as our competitors.”
  • “The great thing about CBIZ is that if I want to get experience with something or have an interest in something, all I have to do is ask to work on a client that has a particular accounting issue or is in a particular industry, and the firm will make it happen for me. Additionally, if I need additional training on a particular area, I know that anyone will happily meet with me to train me. The annual training conferences are also very helpful, and I always take something away from them to apply to my engagements.”
  • “Speaking for the audit department, I believe our firm has significant development opportunities. We have associate and senior associate professional development programs that give us more of the soft skills when it comes to your career. If you put in the effort and work, you can move up in the department pretty easily. I started full-time as an associate at CBIZ MHM a little over two years ago and was promoted to senior associate after passing my CPA exam, before my second anniversary. I feel like everyone I’ve worked with is invested in helping their peers and developing the staff.”
  • “The best aspect of working at CBIZ is the ability to take control of your career in public accounting. They are very open to their employees being well versed in all aspects of the desired group, which is beneficial to each employee’s career. You have the ability to work in various groups and different engagements, while maintaining a specialty instead of just focus on a niche expertise. One thing CBIZ can do better is implementing new technologies.”
  • “The best aspect is the opportunity to be promoted and get raises based on your performance instead of a set timeline. It encourages you to work hard and earn your promotion/raise rather than skating through your job and expecting these things. The firm is also great about promoting you when you have reached the acceptable skill level, regardless of whether or someone is leaving, so there is always room for upward movement.”
  • “CBIZ does well with gender and LGBTQ+ diversity at the associate through manager levels. CBIZ is welcoming to military veterans and persons with disabilities. CBIZ is lacking regarding diversity in race and ethnicity. CBIZ actively encourages green practices and philanthropic activities.”
  • “We stay very engaged in the community and routinely get involved in service activities. The current diversity practices seem limited to policies that go unseen. I look forward to these being more visible and regularly communicated going forward. There are good green programs in place nationally, but our local office needs to better embrace them. Our recycling program still creates a lot of waste and doesn’t capture large, easily recycled items.”
  • “CBIZ MHM really promotes women in business, and ethnicity and LGBTQ+ communities at work. We have groups for each, with employees in many offices that spearhead projects to improve these issues both internally and in the community.”
  • “CBIZ does a great job with planning charity/community outreach events. Every year, CBIZ pairs with a local food bank for our food drive. Also, every year CBIZ participates in a program that provided kids with presents they couldn’t normally get. Before Covid and all the shutdowns, CBIZ would do charity events that the entire office would participate in. During one event, we packed food for kids in countries with high starvation rates. With respect to LGBTQ+ individuals, I have not seen much outreach to them. CBIZ has many efforts in place to support green and philanthropic practices along with diversity in the workplace.”
  • “The national office keeps us in the know about the successes of the firm, mergers finalized, and all the resources available to us and our clients. The firm is financially strong and did not lay off anyone during the pandemic.”
  • “Our firm’s leadership continues to make headway in expanding our retirement and business services sector. Along with this, our local office is constantly working to retain and grow our client portfolios. It is discussed with us at every department meeting in the tax department to keep us informed on how our business is going.”
  • “CBIZ executives are very competitive and want to make CBIZ the accounting firm of choice by increasing brand awareness and bringing innovative solutions to our clients. Being a publicly traded company has a lot of pressure on our executives to perform well, which trickles down the organization and is often times stressful.”
  • “Employee morale ebbs and flows, as can be expected. This is not unusual for the profession. However, the firm is focused on hiring more people to service our current clients and bringing in more clients to provide growth opportunities for all employees.”
  • “The firm treats their interns just like they are full-time staff, giving them a decent level of responsibility while providing guidance as needed. The firm also provides for many activities to meet directors/partners and other employees at the firm, as well as events for the interns to get to know each other. The firm also lets interns work in both audit and tax to see both sides.”
  • “I felt like, even as an intern, my seniors made it a point to make me feel included as a part of the team, even though I was brand new and knew very little. Being included in the room for discussions with controllers and CFOs was very helpful in my development, as I eventually started having those conversations myself as my career progressed. I cannot think of any negative aspects of my internship experience.”
  • “As an intern at CBIZ MHM, I was presented with the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the busy season atmosphere and got a great sense of what a full-time position with the firm would be like. I had ample support from my team, who treated me as an associate, giving me the same responsibilities a new audit associate would be given. The only downfall of my internship was the length—I wish it could have been longer. But given that I had classes two hours away, five days a week, that wasn’t possible.”
  • “Best part was getting to learn the basics of audit. I had my internship before I had taken the audit class in college, so I came into CBIZ MHM not really knowing anything. Everyone I worked with was extremely open to explaining things, helping me learn. My internship was during the summer, which is a slower time for the audit department, so in the beginning there was a lot of down time.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “We have wellness Wednesdays. There are nutritional and mental wellness programs. There is access to counseling. The medical programs reward you for taking the right actions. There are wellness coaches.”
  • “CBIZ offers and encourages participation in wellness programs for counseling, exercise programs, meditation, nutrition education, stress relief, etc. As we are working from home due to coronavirus, the firm has offered new programs to deal with mental health, issues related to child care and education, and other aspects of related to being in quarantine.”
  • “During the pandemic, one of the team members in another department who is a certified yoga instructor led yoga classes twice a week during lunch via our office Teams channel.”
  • “CBIZ sends out a monthly wellness letter with tips and tricks for staying healthy. CBIZ also provide resources for mental health support.”

Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “Although the firm was already promoting diversity, the recent BLM movement has made us re-examine our commitment to diversity. The firm has begun a new program to ensure diversity and inclusion becomes part of our corporate culture.”
  • “They are making great efforts to respond to recent anti-racist protests and the BLM movement, which I suppose is the politically correct response. I know they take the issue very seriously, but I personally never felt that our firm (at least not locally) had issues with these topics. We have a very diverse workforce, with people of all backgrounds. All are welcome and accepted.”
  • “Our firm’s president put out a statement regarding the protests and movement that was very surface level but appreciated. Our firm also released an additional diversity and inclusion training webinar.”
  • “The firm made generic statements during the events of 2020 and implemented changes to a diversity and inclusion program. Based on the statements made, I believe that the approach taken was to acknowledge but not take a solid position based on the sensitivity of the matter and potential impacts to client relationships.”

Response to Covid-19

  • “The firm immediately took action and required people to start working from home. Initially, the message was that we would do not furlough anyone or reduce anyone’s salary due to the pandemic. As the pandemic lasted longer than people initially expected, our firm, like many others, needed to make adjustments.”
  • “We started wearing masks in the office. We took our computers and monitors home when the state received the stay-at-home orders. IT assisted everyone so we could work efficiently. They kept us informed throughout the year with national emails. Some people were allowed to go back to the office if they could not work efficiently at home.”
  • “Communication, strategy, and return to work has been extremely fantastic throughout. Transitioning to 100 percent remote and the subsequent processes put in place to ensure a safe work environment was fantastic in my location. Numerous professionals have said they feel safer at work than in the community.”
  • “Internships were limited over the summer, but they are back up and running again. The firm communicates updates with the whole firm bi-weekly to keep us up to date on plans and procedures to keep us safe. They are respectful of our needs/ability to come into the office or work at home, and work diligently to make sure proper protocols are in place to limit exposure for those that need to be in the office to do their jobs.”

Why Work Here

CBIZ is committed to making our company an amazing place for our team members to spend our working hours. The Great People, Great Place leaders in each location host a variety of activities to ensure our team members are getting together to deepen relationships and have some fun – whether in person or virtually!  

Getting Hired Here

  • “The ideal candidate is eager to learn and self-motivated, and has good foundational accounting knowledge and strong communication skills. Generally, phone interviews are handled by our recruiters, and then 30-minute in-person interviews are set up with two to four people within the firm. Afterwards, the interviewers provide feedback to the recruiters and department head so that a decision can be made regarding an offer.”
  • “In the Covid-19 climate, all interviews are handled remotely, but our national recruiting team does a good job of staying in touch with candidates and ensuring that all questions/concerns are addressed in the process. Our ideal candidate would be an experienced staff who is hardworking and isn’t afraid to ask questions, and has confidence to work on the engagements assigned to them without our having to hold their hand.”
  • “We’re seeking individuals who want to take responsibility for the success of their careers and the company, and individuals who want to learn and work hard to make a difference in their company and community.”
  • “Fairly straightforward interview process. Ideal candidate is dedicated, willing to learn, a problem solver, an independent thinker, able to work cooperatively. Someone gets who along well with people as culture is a big deal here.”
  • “Describe a situation where you worked in a team and had to pick up the slack for someone else. Describe a situation where you were asked to do something you thought was unethical or came close to the line.”
  • “Tell me about a time where things did not go as you thought they would. Tell me about a time when a team was not functioning well. Give me an example of something you did because it was the right thing to do.”
  • “Most of my interview was very personable, just communicating about expectations, firm culture, the industry, etc. But they did ask a few of these questions in my final interview: Why do you want to work for our firm? What are your three best and worst qualities? What was your previous experience like and how did it prepare you for a job in public accounting?”
  • “Interview questions usually include the typical questions regarding experience and background, along with a few behavioral questions like asking about a time you overcame a challenge, balanced competing priorities or deadlines, etc.”

Perks & Benefits