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Jim Wallace

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Employee Reviews

  • “BPM allows for a lot of flexibility on hours, working remotely, part-time, etc., which makes handling tax seasons easier. However, tax accounting is very deadline-driven, and tax seasons are very demanding in terms of time.”

  • “Our leaders try to assist with balancing life and work, but with the nature of accounting and busy season, it’s hard to escape it. Tack on the pandemic obstacles and that women are facing burnout faster due to being a mom at home and trying to keep up with work at the same time, it’s hard to maintain balance.”

  • “BPM is very big on work/life balance, spending time with family, and taking a vacation. They offer a generous vacation policy, and my manager always asks how my workload is. It's a great culture.”

  • “I have supervisors who really care about me as a person and are willing to help when I need it. But we are a larger firm, which comes with greater demands/expectations to perform at an elevated level.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Interview and callback process was extremely quick for me. The firm moved quickly, provided great feedback, and gave me all the information I needed about how the process would go and where I stood at each step of that process. The firm is looking for consultative, entrepreneurial people who show initiative, creativity, and can contribute and clearly communicate good ideas up the ladder.”

  • “The firm's interview process is simple and quick. As an experience hire, there were three rounds with two directors and one partner. What these people and I agree on is that BPM searches for kind, hardworking individuals that have the willingness to learn.”

  • “They were on the ball when it came to my personal experience; the process is clear and organized for both the interviewee and the interviewer. We continue to get quality new hires so we must be doing something right.”

  • “Contrary to other interviews, I actually enjoyed mine. It was two hours long (through video call) with four interviewers in different levels of the company. I went in with questions and was prepared and felt like that helped a lot, but even with it being two hours long it didn't seem like a long interview. It was very personable. There was a phone interview with a recruiter first, which covered most of the normal interview questions. They were prompt with callbacks, and that was appreciated since I was interviewing with multiple companies.”