BKD is a “best of the best” CPA firm with Midwestern roots and values. When it comes to serving its clients and investing in its people, it leads with passion, respect, integrity, discipline, and excellence. Embedded into its culture are true inclusion, acceptance, and equality—the firm is committed to challenging unconscious biases and maintaining a safe and welcoming workplace.

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BKD is looking for smart, motivated, talented, and hardworking candidates. The firm offers its staff many career development opportunities, including good training and mentor programs. The culture at BKD is said to be collaborative and congenial, and a healthy work/life balance can be achieved. Compensation is fair, according to insiders, and with respect to diversity hiring, the firm's staff says there are many female partners. In general, insiders are satisfied with their jobs.

About the Company

Based in Missouri, the nearly 100-year old BKD brings old-fashioned Midwestern values to the world of big time accounting. BKD promises to go “beyond your numbers,” and give you a friendly face to talk to who will know you and your business inside and out. The firm’s approximately 2,000 employees are located throughout Arkansas, Indiana, Ohio, Colorado, Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Illinois. According to Accounting Today, BKD is the 14th largest accounting firm in the U.S. by annual revenues.

As for its clients, BKD services both individuals and corporations in a myriad of sectors, including health care, manufacturing, distribution, financial services, construction, and real estate. The firm’s divisions include forensics and dispute consulting, state, local a...

Employee Reviews

  • "I enjoy all the different challenges that I am given. I feel like the hours are manageable, and everybody pitches in if the work load is un-even."
  • "There is at least one night where we all go out together after dinner to socialize. Frequent Friday night happy hours are attended by managers and staff."
  • "As I get older, I value my personal time away from the job more. When you are young, you should expect to work longer hours."
  • "Our office promotes work/life balance and teamwork. Partners have an open-door policy and even eat in the lunch room with us."
  • "Public accounting demands 2,500+ total hours per year. The rewards are worth the effort."
  • "Compensation may be fair but on the low side. Young staff need cash, and we have lost several just to the fact that another firm will pay more."
  • "No bonuses, but I feel like I am very well compensated."
  • "BKD is a great place to work and to make a career. It is rewarding both professionally and financially."
  • "Good training, and mentor programs are strong but need improvement."
  • "Formal training every year, as well as monthly lunch and learns."
  • "Many women partners, and the firm seems to work with women on maternity leave. Mainly a Midwest firm, so there doesn't appear to be a lot of minorities, but that could because of the towns we're in. Have seen many women come back from maternity leave to work on a part-time schedule, and then jump back to full time when they’re ready."
  • "Actively pursue all qualified candidates without regard to race, gender, or sexual orientation."
  • "We are being pushed to find new business."
  • "Our industry focus seems to foster growth."

Getting Hired Here

  • "Looking for smart, motivated, talented, hardworking, open-minded, career-oriented students who have a good work ethic."

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