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Vault Accounting 25


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Houston, TX


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Sarah Turcotte, People & Culture Recruiting Senior Manager,...

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Employee Reviews

  • “Best parts: WFH ability, we can use flex time if we want to, flexibility just in general, people respect when you are on PTO, culture team in our office promotes events/diversity, overall great atmosphere. Most challenging parts: hours can be tough, the best workers are often taken advantage of, it’s hard to not feel anxious when you aren't working.”

  • “I wouldn’t trade the people I work with for anything. The culture is amazing, even if the work is overwhelming. However, understaffing leaves employees feeling burnt out sooner, which is not the firm’s fault, as there is an understaffing problem amongst all public firms.”

  • “The flexibility is great! You can work at home as much as you want, which makes it easy to be around my husband and children more. I am still working too many hours, but at least I can pick up my kids from school, have dinner with them, and just be there when they need me instead of in the office. However, the total hours requirements are too high. This is driving people out of the company. Especially when the compensation doesn't match the effort. There is no analysis on whether or not there are enough people to work on all the clients we have, which leads to a lot of hours and stress at all levels. I am able to take vacation, but I have no one to back me up while I am out because I can't get consistent staff on my jobs. This leads to answering emails and phone calls on my vacation, which should not have to happen.”

  • “There are very busy periods each year as a CPA in tax that are difficult to plan around. It is a fact of the profession. While the firm is very good at promoting flex work arrangements, the hours can be a drag on morale. That said, flexibility is at BDO's core. Day-to-day flex is such a positive aspect of my job. I can shift my ‘start time’ or ‘end time’ to accommodate family needs or outside appointments, etc. I have a great deal of control over my schedule. I have also taken advantage of a formal flex arrangement (reduced work hours for four months/year).”

Why Work Here

BDO USA takes pride in hiring and developing people with exceptional skills and talent. The nature of our market makes it imperative that we hire and recruit individuals with impact, the kind of people who will make a difference the moment they arrive—and who flourish under our core values of competence, honesty and integrity, professionalism, dedication, responsibility and accountability. 

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm’s process is aggressive and very professional. The firm is seeking people with great morals, people who want to advance as part of a team, people who are smart, good business leaders, and area experts, as well as the best and brightest graduates.”

  • “I think the firm is actively looking for professionals every day. I can speak on the intern hiring process: There are multiple recruiting events that BDO attends throughout the year to recruit current students. The firm has in-office interviews where students get to meet multiple professionals and see the office and get to meet others in the office. From there, they are given offers within a few days and typically start their internship in January or May. The ideal candidate is someone that is a motivated team player willing to put forth hard work and lend a helping hand.”

  • “My interview process consisted of five interviews - first with an HR/recruiting manager, my potential new boss, leadership of the area I would be working in, and with colleagues that would be on my team. The firm’s communication was timely throughout the process, and they were proactive to keep the process moving and to call with me their decision within a few days of the last interview. The ideal candidate, other than the technical background needed for the position, has a positive attitude and the ability to work collaboratively in teams with many different types of people. BDO focuses on a team environment that helps people thrive every day.”

  • “I thought my firm took the most interest in me as a person. It felt like my firm actually recruited me. They got me through all my interviews within a week. After my first interview I was invited to the office within a day. I was given my formal offer less than 24 hours after my office visit. That is what really stuck out to me, out of all the firms I interviewed with, BDO USA seemed to genuinely want me. They were very responsive; unlike other firms, I got responses almost instantly. The ideal candidate that my firm is looking for is someone who has a desire to learn, and is goal-driven and positive.”

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