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5,001-10,000 Employees


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Vault Accounting 25


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Madison, WI


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Ali Walsh, Senior Manager (Campus)

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Employee Reviews

  • “The firm is flexible with employees’ work schedules, their need to take time off for family emergencies, and taking time off for vacation, etc. But there are still busy seasons, which require a lot of extra hours.”

  • “I work from home the majority of time, so it allows me to be with my children and get things done around my house while working. When staff levels are adequate, I am able to exercise every day and still get all my work done and not feel over worked. But when we’ve been low on staff, I have spent an extreme number of hours working to make up for it, which leaves me with feelings of discontent and hopelessness.”

  • “There are disconnect days and essentially unlimited PTO. However, there are weeks where the hours can be unbearable and where we have more clients than audit members can handle (ratios are way off). Either we need to cut clients or hire more personnel.”

  • “I think the firm is vested in improving employee workload through reduction of hours and work/life balance. I hear the right partners involved in management of the firm saying the right things, and typically they are younger partners that recognize it’s an issue and can relate better to current managers and staff. But this is till public accounting, and there is an engrained mindset that from an hours perspective you need to really push the envelope to get work completed. I truly feel that wanting and talking about these changes isn't enough. If the firm is serious, we need to rip the band-aid off by figuring out a plan and putting in into place. I think the firm that pulls this off successfully will truly become an industry leader and pioneer and will have its pick of talented employees.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm is seeking driven and bright individuals. The interview and callback process was very fast and efficient. Within a few days of the interview I received an offer and debrief call with the recruiter.”

  • “They were so fast in calling back, and the initial intern interview was an in-depth process, but they took the time to bring me out to the office and pay for hotel and everything, which really made me feel valued. I think they are looking for easy going but hardworking candidates who share values with the company and are welcoming to all.”

  • “Incredibly quick. I met a recruiter at a ‘meet the firms’ event on campus. I turned in an online application and was called back within a week for an interview. I completed an initial interview with the same recruiter, and then had a series of interviews with different partners via Zoom. The firm is seeking innovative and intellectually active employees. The do hire a whole person and don't just want an over-glorified spreadsheet processor or data-entry associate. Conversations are dynamic and input is encouraged.”

  • “Interview and callback process is very organized and easy to follow. Baker Tilly is looking for passionate candidates that are looking to expand upon their accounting knowledge while working with and supporting the members of their team/coworkers.”

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