Chicago-based Baker Tilly is one of the oldest and largest CPA firms in the U.S. Its interns are treated like full-time staff, and get access to seniors and managers—who are very willing to help. Full-time staff get formal training, on-the-job training, mentoring, and internal mobility options. The firm is strongly focused on philanthropy and diversity, and has new initiatives in place around D&I. Recently, it’s made great strides when it comes to gender diversity.

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  • “Baker Tilly truly values work/life balance. I’ve worked with a Big 4 firm where work/life balance is nonexistent. I made the move to Baker Tilly because they offered me an opportunity to work on a flex schedule—and they made it possible for it to actually be flexible! I’m so happy I joined Baker Tilly and excited to continue my career with them.”
  • “The flexibility has been outstanding, especially during Covid. Vacation time and perks are great, and the work/life balance is respected by everyone. Number of hours worked can be challenging, which is standard for public accounting.”
  • “Seasonality of work provides extreme compression into a few weeks at multiple times of the year. This causes higher stress and low quality of life at those times. Firm is very flexible on when work is performed and open to flexible work arrangements.”
  • “I think there is just too much work to be done, and maybe not enough staff. So, our staff feel overwhelmed constantly. I’m feeling burnt out. I have been trying to study for my CPA and can never find any time to do so because billable work needs to come first. I’ve voiced my work schedule concerns with management, but it doesn't seem like we can figure out a doable schedule. There is some reason I still haven’t left, though. I love what I do. I love the people I work with. I want to make this job work, but I will say it doesn’t feel like my personal goals are cared about too much. But overall, I’m still here. I still love this company and don’t want to give up on it.”
  • “The firm is generous. If you want to make more money, you have to back it up with results and value. That’s fair. I’ve been pleased with how thoughtful the firm has been to find additional perks beyond base salary for folks (gym reimbursements, spot bonuses, misc. prizes, etc.). People often think the grass is greener at other places. In my experience, it is not. This firm really does seek and execute ways of demonstrating appreciation through salary and benefits.”
  • “They are fairly flexible regarding the hours you should be working, as long as most of them fall into normal business hours. I wish there was a higher 401(k) match, although the match that is offered is fair. My salary is good considering the cost of living in my area.”
  • “The company offers a lot of good perks, especially the unlimited PTO. It’s nice not having to accrue and plan around that for vacations. I believe based on the number hours we work and level of responsibility given—I’m currently senioring multiple jobs because we’re short-staffed yet not getting paid any senior type of rate—that our salary is inadequate.”
  • “Base pay is okay but lower than competitors. It would be nice to have an incentive bonus. Unlimited PTO is great as long as you get a chance to use it (expect to use it during off-season). Most benefits are average.”
  • “Baker Tilly does a great job of being flexible and working with you to meet your own personal career development goals. Monitoring is done regularly and is well documented. They also very easily accommodate for transition to a new team if requested.”
  • “The great thing about advancement is it’s not solely based on the amount of time you are with the firm but more on your performance. You truly are the only one who can limit your potential for advancement.”
  • “Baker Tilly provides many opportunities for advancement, both vertically and horizontally within the firm. The learning programs are strong and have continued to develop throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, focusing a lot on self-care and other soft skills.
  • “Baker Tilly does a great job of developing professionals in both formal training settings, as well as through on-the-job training and mentoring. I’ve found managers and partners I work with are always available to discuss complex issues and keep me in the loop on high level engagement discussions.”
  • “Baker Tilly is very flexible and wants you to stay at the firm, so they are willing to make adjustments in your location and team. I really appreciate that part of the company—I never felt like I would need to say in one place. I think some of the trainings that we have are not as efficient as they could be. I don’t feel like I learn too much from the group trainings. They could be better prepared.”
  • “Baker Tilly has a strong focus on diversity and philanthropy. We have had multiple charity events and sponsorships throughout the year, and we have a designated day for volunteering companywide every year. My team specifically has become more diverse over the past year, with our new hire class being more female than male (in a male-dominated industry). We have clubs that host events monthly focused on women’s growth, next generations, and racial diversity.”
  • “I really appreciate our firm’s culture that welcomes people from all backgrounds, walks of life, and a diversity of thought. As someone who has a lot of opinion and doesn’t mind voicing them, Baker Tilly has welcomed my voice and perspective. As someone who is gay, I appreciate I work at a place that does not give me any special treatment. That they allow my work speak for itself.”
  • “Very pleased and appreciative of Baker Tilly’s efforts, before and after BLM movement. Clearly, those events ratcheted up the recognition of cultural and diversity issues in the world and caused a deeper examination in our firm. I believe the firm has generally done a good job on recruitment, and is evolving efforts to enhance retention and advancement of diverse members in all areas of the firm.”
  • “Even though we have had women’s initiative and diversity and inclusion initiatives for a while, the results seemed to be a mixed bag and not truly moving the needle from our original demographics, particularly in executive level positions. But it now feels like we are being more pointed in our efforts to understand where we are falling short and why, so I think the firm is taking steps in the right direction. Our efforts to go paperless in many areas are also encouraging as ways to be more environmentally friendly.”
  • “I think the firm is well poised for ongoing success. My only concern is getting too big too fast. We continue to bring on new engagements prior to fully assessing whether we have enough resources to complete the work, which sometimes causes undue stress on the employees.”
  • “Despite the current economic environment, our firm has done well working virtually. Even when we were at the roughest part of Covid, partners took a pay cut to ensure that the rest of the employees wouldn’t have to. Employee morale has not faltered, and we have grown as a business enough to move up in ranks compared to our competitors.”
  • “The firm’s future is looking strong. We’ve had a strong financial performance throughout the pandemic, and have grown both in employee size and in terms of client work. Employee morale is definitely down, though, and there have been several departures in the last few months.”
  • “From a business and strategic standpoint, I see the firm doing very well. It’s expanding to new markets (California, etc.) and merging with new firms across the nation. I think the biggest challenge is employee morale, and making sure teams are staffed and supported to do the work that we currently have. Prostaff is helping with this assessment, but I think the most common complaint is that there aren’t enough people and the right levels to complete the current workload without working way over budget or feeling overwhelmed.”
  • “They treated me exactly like a staff, always challenged me to ensure I learned as much as I could during my internship, were always there for support whenever I needed help, and did a good job teaching me about the accounting industry and my service line’s industry. But it took me about a month to get used to the busy season hours.”
  • “Our internship program gives interns real responsibility, allowing them to gain experience and skills and preparing them for associate-level employment. As an intern, I learned a great deal about tax and felt like I was truly a part of the team, not just a temp employee.”
  • “You get the ability to interact with clients, and a variety of work to see both individual tax and business. You’re able to see what it was like to work in public accounting and experience busy season at a somewhat reduced intensity.”
  • “The best aspect of my internship experience at Baker Tilly was the open-door policy and kindness I received from everyone. I felt comfortable taking my questions to my senior or even the partner on the project. I never felt like I was cast aside as an intern, people treated me just as they would a new hire associate. I learned so much from the internship I was able to use afterwards, in my college classes, CPA exam studies, and my current associate level job.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “The firm provides counseling, exercise programs, and nutrition education, and especially emphasizes all of this during busy season. The firm also provides a generous and flexible gym reimbursement suitable for the lockdown environment.”
  • “The firm offers many opportunities for wellness, has recently expanded offerings, and encourages employees to take advantage of these opportunities. They expanded the exercise program to not only include gym memberships but also at-home equipment, showing that they are willing to modify programs to meet current needs based on external factors.”
  • “The firm holds functions on a regular basis to promote wellness—nutrition education, mental stability education, virtual yoga classes, and a ‘silver lineup’ initiative that focuses on providing digital events and articles on mind, body, and spirit wellness.”
  • “Baker Tilly has definitely shown its support for mental and physical well-being of employees. They have partnered with outside consultants for yoga, meditation, comedy and trivia nights, cooking classes, etc. They have also expanded the gym reimbursement policy for at-home equipment. They provided gift cards for at-home office supplies and have been transparent about measures taken by the company for Covid-related issues.”

Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “Baker Tilly was responsive and made us feel like they were aware of the situation and shared steps they continue to take to work towards more inclusiveness, including recruitment efforts and resources available to everyone.”
  • “One thing our firm did was to organize a series of Zoom meeting discussions, and highly encouraged all to join and listen to the perspectives of POC, a therapist, and some of our clients. Many participated, including myself, and it was enlightening for all involved. The discussions were started because of the movement, but the results were unique to our company, and I appreciated seeing all their efforts.”
  • “The firm was slow to respond. It also did not recognize Martin Luther King Jr. day at all in 2021. It was loosely linked to an event where they donated funds to charities, but there was no formal recognition of the day with a pointed email on Dr. King’s importance or a message about why we were open on a federal holiday.”
  • “I think the firm had an excellent response. They addressed the protests and the racial inequity that is in the U.S. They were very transparent in the steps they were taking, which included hiring a consulting firm to perform a review of our policies and recommendations on what to do in the future. I do not think the firm has a wide range of diversity when you look at the partners in my office, which tends to be dominated by white men. But I think the firm and managing partner are taking steps in the right direction to ensure that all groups are appropriately represented throughout the firm.”

Response to Covid-19

  • “Despite the current economic environment, our firm has done well working virtually. We completed a merger during this environment that allowed us to venture into a new market. Our firm allowed us to do whatever was necessary to adjust to a work-from-home environment. Most of our work was virtual already, so the shift wasn’t too severe. The toughest part for me is the lack of socialization. To compensate, our team holds bi-weekly virtual happy hours.”
  • “Baker Tilly immediately created a Covid-19 taskforce that works tirelessly to ensure all team members are kept informed and safe. Leadership made it very easy for more than 4,000 people to transition to working from home, and our client service capabilities did not suffer. If anyone needed specific technology to work from home and service clients, they got it. The firm also immediately provided a multitude of services to help people transition—resources for working remotely, mental health services, additional flexible work arrangements to help parents with children at home, childcare resources via Care.com, and more. To me, there isn’t anything the team hasn’t thought of to make sure they’re taking care of the people that take care of their clients.”
  • “Baker Tilly’s firm response to the Covid pandemic was excellent. The company set up a board specifically to deal with Covid issues and planning. The company was fluid enough to figure out how to operate with nearly all employees working from home for extended periods of time and gave employees the support to successfully do that. Employees have been working from home with no major issues. Company has a plan for transitioning back to offices at the appropriate time.”
  • “The firm responded well to the Covid-19 pandemic and acted fast; the firm has been doing its best. However, I think that, during this time, more of the focus should be on employee well-being than client satisfaction. But maybe that’s unrealistic given that public accounting’s focus will always be client satisfaction above all else.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “I applied to interview with the firm though my university’s on-campus interview program. I interviewed on campus with the firms’ people solutions team and received a call back between one and two weeks later to attend the company’s interview day. Interview day consisted of all the other candidates were considering for hire at that location (about 30 to 40 candidates). Interviewees spoke with other staff members during a short breakfast period, then there were rotating group interviews with different groups of staff, allowing staff to get a feel for the interviewees, and interviewees to get a feel for the culture of the firm. Lastly, each interviewee had two interviews with senior managers or partners in the area for which they were applying. I received call back about 10 days later with the job offer.”
  • “Interviews are conducted on-campus (not virtually) or during office visits. The interview team meets to debrief after the first interview, and callbacks are made for ideal candidates. I believe our firm is seeking people who are personable, hardworking, self-starters. We value a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality and are looking for people who expand on that culture by bringing new talents to our teams, while also bring a new fun perspective to our cultural dynamic.”
  • “I think the firm is taking an inside look on its hiring process to evaluate how to reduce bias with candidates. Currently, I think the mindset is to hire someone with the proper background and reasonable GPA and extracurriculars, but there is also a tendency to hire people who are similar to your team or others in the firm while possibly overlooking other qualified candidates who may have different personalities.”
  • “The ideal candidate is someone that fits the culture as opposed to has a certain educational background. We are truly looking for you to be cooperative with current staff and make connections with employees while you are going through the hiring process.”
  • “What are your strengths/weaknesses? Do you have any hobbies? What do you expect from this job? Where do you see yourself in five years? Why accounting/auditing/tax?
  • “We use a behavioral-based interview approach, asking the candidate to identify two to three recent accomplishments and then asking questions around that. Plus, we ask other questions that focus on past experiences of the candidate and how they handled them, why they chose the actions they did, what their thought processes were, how they interacted with others, why that was important to them, etc.”
  • “Tell me about the most complex project or engagement you were involved in the past two years. Describe a time when you found yourself in the situation where it was not possible to reach an agreement with others on a mutually acceptable resolution to a problem. How did you overcome the challenge and what was the outcome? Tell me when you have missed a deadline or were at risk of missing a critical deadline. What was situation and what did you do?”
  • “How do you collaborate with others? How do you deal with others who have a different opinion than you regarding a job issue? Tell me about yourself. What are your top three strengths and weaknesses. Why should we consider you as a candidate? Why did you choose accounting? What experience did you have before this? Would you be able to travel?”

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