This week we’re doing job-seekers on our platforms two big favors. First, we’re making feedback from advisors more structured and more consistent. Next and more significantly, we’re letting advisors personally vouch for candidates. These changes are part of our new advisee feedback feature which goes live for advisees and advisors on AMPs and CAPs this week and on this fall. No action is required on the part of admins, advisors, or advisees other than for advisors to formally submit the feedback they’ve probably already been sharing informally.

We now ask advisors for feedback after every consultation

Advisors will now have to submit feedback on advisees before they can see what advisees have said about them. To keep the feedback unbiased, we’ve made the process double-blind. Advisees won’t be able to see the feedback on them until they’ve submitted feedback on their advisors

Part 1: Private Consultation Specific Advice

The consultation specific section of our new feedback form plays on existing behavior. Most consultations already end with an advisor listing things their advisee could improve on or follow-up with. Before, advisors either had to communicate this on the call or in a message afterwards. Now, there’s a dedicated channel for it.

We’re hoping this will encourage more advisors to leave structured feedback. Also, by collecting feedback in one place and in one format, we can give advisees one place to access all their feedback (by logging into their profiles and going to “My Consultations”). Advisees and advisors should know that consultation specific feedback stays private. It won’t be visible to other advisors, administrators, or the public

Part 2: A Shareable Assessment (a.k.a. the “Mini-Referral”)

Tactical, how-to-land-the-job advice is great, but the bigger question is whether a job-seeker is pursuing the right job to begin with. And if it is the right job, what more can be done to help a job-seeker succeed? Enter the Assessment section.

First, we have advisors rate job-seekers on the only three interview questions that matter: Can they do the job?; Do they want the job?; and Would they fit in? Then we take it a step further with the question most job-seekers want to ask, but are too afraid to: Would you recommend me for the job in question?

Advisors who don’t feel like they have enough information can select “Unclear.” Most advisors however tell us that they have a good sense from just one consultation whether an advisee would be a good fit.

Of course, no job-seeker wants to hear that they’re a bad fit, but there’s tremendous economic value in this feedback and we’ve made sure that there’s no downside. Unless an advisee explicitly choses to share their assessment, it stays private and no one but the advisee sees it. Besides, if one advisor doesn’t think you’re a fit for a job, you should probably seek a second opinion. If several advisors think you’re a poor fit for the job, your time is probably better spent pursuing another job.

Advisees have little to fear however. When we asked nearly 2,500 advisors this spring, what share of advisees they’ve met with that they would recommend for the job, advisors said they would personally vouch for 48% of the advisees. Advisors considered only one in seven advisees to be bad fits. Interestingly, 14% of advisors reported having already recommended or hired an advisee for a job.

Our goal is to increase that 14%. Advisors can now personally vouch for advisees they meet. We believe this can go a long way in helping job-seekers get their foot in the door and in helping employers discover diamonds in the rough. With every advisor having signed off on their assessment being shared, advisees should look at positive assessments as mini reference letters they can share with employers. Advisees can either attach print-outs of these mini-referrals to their job applications, or they can elect to have Firsthand share them with relevant employers for relevant job opportunities. On the latter option, the Firsthand team is just getting started with building relationships with employers. As these relationships expand, we’ll be sharing more assessments with relevant employers, connecting more great candidates with great jobs, which is why we built Firsthand in the first place.

If you have questions about this release, please post them below or email your Customer Success Rep.