Big news! Firsthand has been acquired by Infobase/Vault, but it's still business as usual. Read more
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Firsthand Is Leveling Up and Joining Forces With Vault

I'm thrilled to announce that Firsthand is leveling up. We've been acquired and are joining forces with Vault, the leader in employer rankings and career guides.

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Say Hello to Firsthand Virtual Career Fairs

We’re proud to add Virtual Career Fairs to Firsthand's all-in-one Pay it Forward Platform. Learn how to give your community a leg up in the current job market here.

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Introducing a Better Path Forward

You can call it an engagement platform, but really it’s about delivering on the promise of higher education to give everyone a brighter future.

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The Consultation Page Just Got a Big Upgrade

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of the new Consultation Page on all Firsthand platforms!

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You Can Now Request Multiple Advisors at Once

We’re excited to launch a new feature that will help connect more students and alumni than ever before.

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New: Clearer Feedback and Personal Reference Letters from Advisors

This week we’re doing job-seekers on our platforms two big favors. First, we’re making feedback from advisors more structured and more consistent.

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The CAP Just Got a Whole Lot Better

We’re excited to be rolling out a big update to our Career Advisor Platform (CAP). Starting next week, CAP clients and advisees will see a lot more of our most experienced advisors on their platforms.

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Things I learned firsthand as an intern…at Firsthand

Stakes are high when you’re working in a small team. Whether it’s a missed deadline or a disappointed customer, one mistake can set the whole team behind.

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Introducing Firsthand

We’re excited to announce that, after five years under the Evisors brand, we’re changing our name to Firsthand and launching a new website.

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