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7 Lessons for Alumni Software from the Failed Iowa Voting App

Software is eating the world. As Iowa's failed election app shows, that can sometimes be terrifying.

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Do students really want to be mentored?

I was at a conference for career services professionals when one of the presenters, a career office director, nearly had me choke on my coffee.

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What Can I Learn from Career Services and Alumni Relations Staff?

This week we look at the best advice that Career Services and Alumni Relations staff give to their students.

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How I “Defined The Relationship” With My First Job Out of College

It was 9:41pm on a Friday, but the daylight in Lillesand, Norway was not letting up.

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Key Factors in Successful Mentoring

This week we look at what makes a successful mentoring relationship work, at what you would learn after 23 failed interviews, and at what jobs pay well and provide meaning.

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Don’t Let Insecurity Hold Back Your Career

This week we look at how gamifying the interview process can help you find a job that's a better fit for you and simplify the hiring process.

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Why Is It So Hard to Get Mentoring Right?

This week we look at why companies struggle to master mentoring programs, at what the benefits of tough love with mentors are, and at what relationship there is between video games and unemployment rates.

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Make Your Career Chase You

This week we look at the power of female mentors in engineering, at when you should make your career chase you, and when to take a lower paying job offer.

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Hiring Season 101

This week we look at how to get a job at a tech giant, how to use social media wisely, and what jobs are most popular with new grads.

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It’s Not Who You Know. It’s Who You Get to Know.

This week we give tips to become well-connected, how to land a job when you have no connections, & what things new managers should do when they first get their promotions.

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