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Want a Short Commute? Don't Live Here.

Published: Mar 16, 2016

When it comes to commuting, there's a growing body of research that suggests that less is more. Not only are they an incredible time-suck, long commutes are bad for you in any number of ways:

They're bad for your health.

They're bad for your marriage.

And they're worse for women than men

As someone who makes the daily schlep from Long Island to Manhattan via public transport, I can also attest that a 60+ minute one-way commute is bad for your ability to stay in bed in the morning, terrible for your wallet, and a constant source of existential angst (surely life is too short to spend so much of it in a metal tube crawling back and forth between work and home).

So if avoiding all of that seems like a good idea, you might want to cross the following locations off your job search list, courtesy of the folks at Statista:

Infographic: Which U.S. Cities Have The Longest Commutes | Statista

Bad news if you're looking to work in a major metro area in the US, I guess--quite a few of them have been ruled out, although Boston and Seattle are still viable options, along with almost anywhere not located on a coast.

Of course, maybe you're the sort of person who likes the time and space that commuting offers for thinking or other activities. In which case, feel free to treat the above list as a guide to the places where you'll get to spend most time reading, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and Instagramming pictures of people doing inappropriate personal grooming in public.

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