Vault’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers and Law Students

Published: Dec 10, 2020

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The holiday season is here, and with it, the challenge of figuring out the perfect gift for the law student or lawyer in your life. Lawyers can certainly be a picky crowd, so you’re not alone if trying to figure out what to get them is causing you some seasonal stress. But worry no more, we’re here to help! Something on our gift guide below is sure to be just the ticket—from gifts that help alleviate stress (always necessary in this profession) to questionable fashion items sure to bring a laugh.

Stress-Relieving Necessities:

  • Weighted Blanket: Better sleep and reduced stress is exactly what the doctor ordered, but it’s hard to come by in such a high-stress profession. A weighted blanket can at least help a lawyer get the most out of sleep time. Try a beautiful chunky knit version like this Bearaby blanket, or start with this more budget-friendly version.
  • WoodWick Candle: With the realistic sounds of a cozy, crackling fire, a WoodWick candle will add calming winter vibes to your lawyer’s home, office, or home office. To really keep with the theme, choose the Fireside scent; or for maximum holiday cheer, I suggest the lovely Frasier Fir.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser: An essential oil diffuser provides relaxing scents that will help a busy law student or lawyer stay calm throughout a stressful day. There are tons of options to choose from, so you’ll want to consider their taste in décor. This pineapple one is cute for adding fun, tropical vibes to a work space. Or this one with colorful LED lights is a bit more professional with a hint of fun.
  • Shower Steamers: Most lawyers probably don’t have time for long, luxurious baths. Instead of bubble bath or bath bombs, give these shower steamers instead. This perfect stocking stuffer will turn an everyday shower into a quick but soothing aromatherapy session. 

Time-Saving Services:

  • Meal Delivery Service: When final exams are looming or clients are especially demanding, there isn’t much time to eat, let alone prepare a meal. A meal delivery service can save your lawyer from a diet of takeout and fast food. Meals that don’t require cooking, like Sprinly or Freshly, are great options—the meals are healthy and ready to go.
  • Cleaning Service: When there isn’t time to eat, there definitely isn’t time to clean—but living in squalor certainly compounds stress levels. The lawyer in your life will be thrilled with the gift of a cleaning service, whether you gift them a one-time deep clean or a reccuring cleaning.
  • Wine Delivery: If your favorite lawyer is an oenophile, or just enjoys a glass of wine after a long week of billables, bring the wine to their doorstep with a monthly wine delivery. There are tons of options out there—for starters, SommSelect, Kermit Lynch, and Firstleaf are worth checking out. Or you might consider supporting a local wine shop that offers a wine club.

Lawyerly Home Goods:

  • Lawyer-Themed Glasses: If you do go ahead with that wine subscription, appropriate glassware will be necessary. From the law student who needs to fill their glass to the top to the lawyer who will work for wine, you can find a cheesy-but-cute wine glass for any lawyer in your life.
  • Coffee Mug: Coffee is another beverage coveted by many a lawyer. For the lawyer in your life who brings a little extra sparkle everywhere they go, I suggest you give them the magic of this unicorn mug. Or for something a little more... intimidating, this mug of opposing counsel’s tears is the perfect beverage vessel to casually flash on screen during a Zoom hearing or meet-and-confer.
  • Instant Pot: If you know a lawyer who loves cooking but needs to cut down on time in the kitchen, an Instant Pot is life-saving. And if you really want to get fancy, this WiFi Instant Pot can be controlled by a phone app, so if the work day is running long, they won’t even have to get up to adjust the temperature setting.
  • Haikus: Who knew the law could be so poetic? Haikus for Lawyers is full of funny, relatable haikus and makes a lovely addition to a coffee table or office space. And given how busy lawyers are, haikus are probably the only poetry they have time to read.

Home Office Boosters:

  • Office Furniture: If your lawyer is still working from a makeshift home office, now is the perfect time to splurge for an upgrade. A customizable ergonomic chair paired with a standing desk can make a huge difference in everyday comfort, and given how much time law students and lawyers spend working, these are worthy investments.
  • Under-Desk Elliptical: While frustrating clients may cause a lawyer to sweat, let’s face it, the lawyering lifestyle is otherwise pretty sedentary. To help keep blood flowing during those long stretches of work or studying, an under-desk elliptical is the perfect gift.
  • Putting Green: Every lawyer should try to step away from their desk for a minute here and there throughout the day. This indoor putting green provides great incentive as a quick and fun activity to break up a busy day. With enough practice, soon they’ll be hitting a hole-in-one every time.
  • Home Office Bundle: Sometimes a simple office tweak, such as a cushion or two, makes a huge difference in comfort. Purple’s home office holiday bundle is an easy upgrade to help create a more ergonomic work space.

Fashionable Finds:

  • Law Socks: Keep their feet warm and represent a passion for the law? These scales of justice socks are just the ticket for the stylish lawyer in your life. Make sure to get one of both colors—the dark blue seems more office-appropriate, while the light blue is a little bit more fun than profesh.
  • Business Casual Attire: If the lady lawyer in your life is working from home but needs to make a polished, professional Zoom appearance, J. Crew’s sweater blazer is the perfect blend of comfort and fashion, and it comes in every color they could want. If they’re worried about their legs making an appearance too, might I also suggest a pair of dress pant yoga pants?
  • Litigator Hat: For the lawyer who appreciates a fashionable pun, look no further. This alligator litigator hat provides a punny hat trick that is sure to make people look twice.
  • Robe and Slippers: For those work-from-home days with no video calls required, why bother to dress up? This fuzzy teddy bear bathrobe is perfect for staying warm and cozy. Don’t forget the matching slippers!
  • Face Mask: This one is so 2020. A scales of justice face mask is the perfect pandemic find for lawyers and law students. After all, why let them settle for a boring mask when they could advertise their profession right on their face? 

Happy Holidays and Happy Gifting!