… and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

Published: Apr 09, 2009

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RollOnFriday today published its list of the “best and worst law firm freebies” in the UK.

The importance of swag was spotlighted in Brian’s post from last year’s NALP conference (“Most law students have difficulty differentiating among firms and so a trinket, tchotchke or geegaw can have an outsized effect on perception.”). Maybe it follows that only those looking to climb up the ranks hand out iPod Nanos, while the No. 1 firm is secure enough in its reputation that it can distribute free pencils with a straight face.

Some of the other winners and losers in ROF’s battle of the baubles:

bottle of champagne vs can of red bull
bar of chocolate vs “disgusting pretzels”
leather document carrier vs plastic luggage tag
beach towel vs pair of flip flops
daffodil bulbs and grow kit vs “rubbish baseball”
“piss up in Paris” vs deadly travel adaptor
And then there is one Magic Circle firm’s magical misspelling mug.

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