Lasting Lessons From the Recession

Published: Sep 15, 2009

We’ve all gotten schooled in some way by the recession. Maybe it was a shock to learn that your girlfriend loved your money more than she loved you. Perhaps the interest-only mortgage wasn’t as great a deal as it seemed. Or it might have been a good idea to have some savings in the bank, in case your job evaporated.<p>It’s been a hard education for some of us. But once we have new homes or new jobs, and our financial situations are back on track, will we remember what we learned<b> [Read more]</b> <p> <i><b>--Posted by Sara Clemence,</b></i> <p> The Recession Will End … When Trust is Restored in the Financial Industry <br> Repair or Replace: Which is Better? It Depends. <br> Recession Briefing 9.15: Sarkozy’s Happiness Indicator/a>