Entre école et succés

Published: May 14, 2009

Traditionally, career development departments at the university level are best at placing their charges in the fields of finance, marketing and consulting. Why not aim for all three (and more!) at the same time?<p>Out of the United Kingdom comes a new career path (of sorts) for the world's future entrepreneurs. Rajeeb Dey, Oxford grad and president of Oxford Entrepreneurs, has constructed Enternships.com, a web site with the mission of matching industrialists-in-training with small entrepreneurial businesses. The companies that announce positions can do everything -- including interviewing and choosing the right applicant -- through the site. (It's in its beta phase, but has already hosted 160 "enternship" postings.) <p>Dey thinks that candidates will benefit tremendously, gaining the skills required for launching a successful business by participating directly in a new enterprise fresh out of school. Who can argue with the idea that it helps to have start-up experience to launch a start-up? And anyway, larger, name-brand firms in a variety of industries aren't yet filling the thousands of jobs that were shed in the past six months. The downside is that, so far, the program's only for U.K. residents. <p><b><em>--Posted by Todd Obolsky, Vault Staff Writer</em></b>